How much does a BMW Door Replacement Cost?

The doors of the cars are made with similar materials as the entire body. And they’re costly enough in pricing too. Whenever they get affected or damaged, they bring out some handsome amount from the owner’s pocket. And when it’s a BMW, the pricing requires no bounding. BMW door replacement cost is still unknown for some interested ones.

Stay connected with us till the end. Know the costing and some related factors.

So basically, the cost of the door is ranged from $300 to $1000. And the maximum installation cost is around $300 to $1000. The pricing comes in changes depending on some valid factors.

BMW Door Replacement Cost
BMW Door Replacement

Door Replacement of BMW

Replacing or changing the doors of a car is a common thing. No matter whether it’s a cheap or a luxurious model, uncertain issues let the door change or switch with a new one. BMW also comes under a similar process. Most of the time, replacement occurs whenever the door is dented, scratched, faded, or faces any other complications.

Having any of these issues on the road is a common thing. And they result in as good damage on the doors. Higher collision makes higher damage to the car as well as doors.

Frequently done collisions mostly affect the driver or passenger door. Minor impacts might be avoided by fixing the door. But any major issue comes with the only solution of replacing or changing the door.

Cars for BMW follow a similar thing too.

Costing of BMW door replacement

BMW is a luxurious car. So the replacement cost is a little bit more than any other car model. They come with individual costing for each model.

A pricing chart will make it easy to know about the doors and their cost.

Model  Pricing
One and 2nd series  $300 to $350
Series 3rd, 4th and 5th  $400 to $480
6th and 7th series  $550 to $700
Series 8 (X1, X3, X4, X5, X7)$800+

These are estimated pricing for all the series of BMW. And the pricing is based on the model, design, and version.

The starting price of the door comes in the 1st and 2nd series. And it remains between 300 to 350 dollars. That’s the lowest price of BMW car doors.

Coming down to the second pricing, it is available for 3, 4, and 5 series models. Starts at $400 and lasts till $480 or $500.

The 6th and 7th series are the leading ones and highest-selling variants. They come at a higher price for the doors too. $550 to $700 is the price limitation. It sometimes gets increased or decreased too.

Lastly, the highest-priced door is available for the Series 8 aka X series. All these models come in almost similar and close price ranges for their similarities. Starting price is $800, which is limited to $1000 or more.

Things that affect the costing

Although the doors come with an accurate costing, some facts make a good effect on pricing. Doors can cost higher or even lower to replace, depending on those facts. And here they are:

  • Aftermarket Purchase
  • Repairing charge
  • Availability

Aftermarket Purchase

BMW comes with a wide service point for its users. They contain plenty of expert hands to make the rides feel better and perfect. Though they have a fixed pricing policy, aftermarket shops don’t follow the thing.

As a result, the aftermarket users make a good transactions with the riders. Sometimes, the pricing can even get double or triple as there is no authentication.

Repairing Charge

Whenever it’s a replacement, it must have to go through labor costs. The company on its own makes a good deal with the customers for the repairing. Sometimes it gets higher, sometimes lower.

The pricing gets affected because of the lack of mechanics or skilled workers. It depends on the door condition too. Major scratches or damages need good expense, whereas the minor ones come with simple costing.


A properly available door in the market will definitely cost low. But the pricing will be maximized whenever there are not enough resources available in the market.

Having a shortage of items in the market can be another great reason for the high price. Although BMW comes with enough availability, sometimes it creates an issue to choose or go for.

Reasons behind Replacement

Replacing the door is not an everyday thing. It simply relates to the major task of the car. Some valid reasons let the replacement get done for the car. Major damages are the most common reasons.

Besides that, minor or major dents and long-term usage weakness are some common facts that let the replacement done. Air or water leakage into the internal area is another great necessity for the replacement of the door.

2022 Door Replacement Cost

The latest time costing doesn’t have any changes than the previous times. As all the models remain in similar pricing, it will cost the same too.

Except for the updated models that have been launched in this recent year. They are still unknown from pricing as they are not enough available in the markets. So the replacement cost for 2022 is similar enough to the previous models.

Replacement under Policy

Sometimes, replacement doesn’t require any transaction. Insurance companies let the thing done through their policy. For that reason, it is not actually the price you let measure.

But the replacement policy follows some conditions too.

Opposite car hitting

The most common insurance policy to consider. Whenever the car gets hit by other vehicles, the company will give the compensation by investing in the issue.

Hitting by Yourself: You can get compensation even if you come under a collision. For that reason, collision insurance is essential to follow. So whenever the car gets crashed, it will make a replacement for the entire things except for the door.

Nature action

Although the insurance companies don’t act for nature calls, sometimes they claim to give a refund. And it will help to pay the compensation against any nature calls.

Fixing the Door

Replacing the door sometimes doesn’t appear enough necessary. A perfectly fixing can be done instead of replacing it. For that reason, the door has to go through some serious observation.

First of all, check out the entire door from its connecting area if there’s any detachment. If the door makes any sound from opening or closing, it requires fixing from that area.

But the fixing on its own is a little bit difficult thing to perform. The best way of replacing the door is to consult with experts. It will not only get the task perfectly done but also make a good fitment with the body. No chance of having any issues at all.

Our latest discussion has made some positive vibes among the readers. Don’t wait. Go and check out BMW 335i Run Flat Tire Cost. You’ll be perfectly clarified if there are any doubts.

Final Verdict

So the BMW door replacement cost is affordable and easy to get by the users. Now there’s no necessity of worrying about the pricing even if your ride gets collapses. The door can be replaced anytime at a budget-friendly cost for sure.

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