What size are BMW 335i tires and wheels Size?

You are one of those fortunate users that own the BMW 335i model. But now, it requires tire changes for having longer usage. But do you have any idea about the size of the tires? If not, don’t go anywhere. You’re at the right place to find out the answer. Stay till the end as there will be a discussion about the BMW 335i tire size.

So the basic sizes of the tires come with differences depending on their model and year. And the standard sizing is 225-50/17 with 17 inches rim combination.

Another one is 225-45/18 with 18 inches rims combination. Some other sizes are available too. And they contain a lot of differences from the typical ones.

Sizes of BMW 335i Tire

Sizes of BMW 335i Tire

Tires in the rides make a great effort. They deliver the superior effort of running with friendly performance. While BMW left no compromise in performance and quality, the tires get counted under that performance. The 335i from BMW has been available in different models from 2007 to 2016.

During these years, all the models have contained different tire sizes. Besides being different, the sizes are known as the alternative ones too. Wheel diameter is the only thing that makes the difference in the tires.

Following all the charts below will help you know about the tire sizes. They have been placed perfectly according to their model and year.

2007 335i Tire size

Standard sizing  225-40/18Front side
Standard sizing  255-35/18Rear side

2007 335i model comes with 18-inch sized rim. It has a smaller-sized tire for the front-sided wheels. Comparatively bigger sized ones in the rear

Make a good combination of the tires.

2008 335i Tire Size

Sedan, convertible, and coupe)225-45/17Both front and rare sides
Sports packaged convertible coupe and sedan225-40/18Front side
Sports packaged convertible coupe and sedan255-35/18Rear side
Coupe  225-35/19Front side
Coupe  255-30/19Rear side

As the 2008 edition 335i comes with different models, they have a separate type of tires too. All three of the rim sizes are available for the 2008 model. Each of these models contains different tire sizes with perfect accuracy.

The basic sedan and coupe versions come with the same tires for front and rear. Later of that, it contains the changes in wheel diameter. Where the previous one is known as the 17 inches, it gets transformed into 18 inches. Lastly, the tire sizing has the maximum sized rim. Nineteen inched one makes a great collaboration with the tire and vehicle.

2009 335i Tire size

Convertible, sedan, and coupe225-45/17Both front and rare side
Coupe, convertible, and sedan(sports package)225-40/18Front side wheels
Coupe, sedan, convertible(sports package)255-35/18Rear sided wheels
Sports package coupe225-35/19Front sided wheels
Sports package coupe225-30/19Rear sided wheels

335i from 2009 follows the same tire pattern as its previous one. All three of the rim sizes have been used in this model too. The smallest tire with rim size has been used for both front and rear sides.

Secondly, smaller tires are combined with bigger tires in front and rare areas. This time, the wheel size gets converted into 18 inches. And the maximum wheel size of 19 inches formed up with smaller sized tires on the front side and rear side. But still, it’s the maximum one for the 2009 model.

2010 335i tire size

Sedan, coupe, and convertible225-45/17Both front and rare side
Sedan, coupe, and convertible(sports package)225-40/18 225-35/18Front side Rear side
Coupe225-35/19 255-35/19Front side Rear side

Here it shows the smallest tire size with wheel diameter for the front and rear sides. Next, it has a smaller tire size with a larger rim for the front part and a rare part.

Nineteen inched wheel sizes for the coupe remain to the last. And it is also applicable for front and rear area wheels. The front one holds small sizing, whereas the rear one contains higher ones. This perfect combination makes the rides perfect for braking and handling.

335i tire size 2011

Sedan, coupe, and convertible225/45-17For the front and rear side
Sedan, coupe, and convertible sports package225/40-18 255/35-18Front side Rear side
Coupe and sedan225/35-19 255/30-19Front side Rear side

There are a few changes in the 2011 tire size. Although it contains the previous size pattern, the 19 inched wheel diameters are available for the sedan and coupe. Apart from that, the similar wheel size ratio of the bigger one with the smaller one makes an outstanding fitment for the ride

2012 335i Tire Size

Coupe and convertible225/45-17For both front and rear
Coupe and convertible sports package225/40-18 255/35-18Front side Rear side
Sedan and sports package225/45-18 255/40-18Front side Rear side
Coupe225/35-19 255/30-19Front side Rear side
Sedan225/40-19 255/35-19Front side Rear side

Just like the previous model, the 2012 versioned 335i model holds individual tire sizes. As the previous tire sizes come with larger wheel sizes, it is available for sedans and coupes. As a matter of fact, they have good differences too. These changes make good changes in the ride with comfort.

2013 335i tire size

Convertible and coupe225/45-17Both front and rear part
Coupe and convertible sports225/40-18 255/35-18Front Rear
Sports package coupe225/35-19 255/30-19Front Rear

These are three different tire sizes that are available in the 2013 335i model. The minimum range starts from 17 inches rim that lasts for 19 inches. Apart from that, it has individual tire sizes available according to their differences too.

2014 335i size:

The 2014 variant contains two different models. One of them is the GT XDrive. And the other one is xDrive. The following chart shows the tire size of GT xDrive.

GT XDrive:

M Sport225/50-18 255/45-18Front side Rear side
M Sport and Sports line225/45-19 255/40-19Front side Rear side

Two different sizes along with rim patterns are available for the 2014 GT xDrive model. 18 and 19 inches rims make a good combination with the rides and look perfect too.

XDrive Tire size:

M sport225/45-18 255/40-18Front side  Rear side
Luxury, M sport, sports line225/40-19 255/35-19Front side Rear side

xDrive follows a similar pattern too. And it comes with efficient and friendly performance through the wheels. In short, these are similar to the GT XDrive model.

2015 335i Tire size:

GT Xdrive:

M sport225/50-18 255/45-18Front side Rear side
M sport, sports line, and luxury line225/45-19 255/40-19Front side Rear side
Luxury line and sports line225/45-19Front and rear side

All three of these tire patterns look similar and accurate. And they are built with proper usage of the 335i model. Each of these tire sizes performs efficiently against any kind of surface.

2016 model 335i tire size

Standard size225/55-17Both front and rear sides
Standard size225/50-18 255/45-18Front side Rear side
Standard size225/45-19 255/40-19Front side Rear side

The best part comes from the 2016 335i models. They come with universal fitment. And it helps the tires to easily adjust with any model under with great purpose. Apart from that, these tires make a good deal with the other models too.

Knowing the accurate tire size. Essential or not

Whenever it’s about the tires, BMW doesn’t leave any lacking in performance or measurement. Moreover, having proper knowledge about sizing is essential too.

Using the perfect sized tire will allow a stable and comfortable riding pattern. Besides, there is less chance of mileage drop that can hamper the ride.

For all those great reasons, a perfect and clear idea about the tire size is essential to know.

Subaru WRX vs. BMW 328i has started a great debate between them. Follow all those factors and leave a comment on behalf of your thinking.

Final words

So now you’re perfectly known about the BMW 335i Tire size. No matter if your tires are now done to replace, it can be done easily. We, from our great researchers, believe that there should be no compromise about changing the tires on time.

Once it starts to get bad, they must have to change as early as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of standard graded tire models available on the market. It now depends on you which one you’ll go for. Happy driving.

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