BMW Hub Size, is it necessary to get the fixed size?

BMW Hub Size will determine the rim and the wheel size of the car. Over time, BMW has launched a tremendous number of cars with different features and looks. However, one will not get so much variation in the hub size of the wheel. Almost every wheel has the same hub size from series one to last.

However, the X series BMW is different than others in almost every perspective as well as in terms of hub size. Moreover, one must look for more details below.

BMW Hub Size

Hub is a crucial part of the wheel system of the car. One will find this metallic cast between the vehicle suspension and the wheel. This important part will connect the axle with the wheel and allow it to spin as much as possible. Here the bearing will help the hub to spin the wheel.

This hub will ensure the smooth running of the car. If this is not in good health or has any issues, one will experience rough driving even on the smoothest road. Well, the size of the hub for BMW has gotten quite a change over time. If one gets confused about the size of the hub, one can look over the center bore and its pattern. Specifically, the measurement of those things for some specific series are,

BMW ModelBolt PatternCenter Bore
4-lug (2002 E21, E30 non-M)4×100 (3.93″)57.1mm (2.24″)
5-lug E-Chassis except E395×120 (4.72″)72.56mm (2.86″)
E39 5-series  1997-20035×120 (4.72″)74.1mm (2.92″)
G-Chassis  G01, G30, etc.5×112 (4.41″)66.56mm (2.62″)

The table above shows that the wheel of 4 lugs has a different bolt pattern and center bore than the other. Specifically, those different numbers determine the different sizes of the hub. Let’s know more specific sizing for a different model.

NamePCDCenter Bore/ HubBolt Thread
1 Series E81/82/87/885×12072.5mmM12x1.5
3 Series E214×10057.0mmM12x1.5
3 Series E304×10057.0mmM12x1.5
3 Series E365×12072.5mmM12x1.5
3 Series E465×12072.5mmM12x1.5
3 Series E90/91/92/935×12072.5mmM12x1.5
5 Series E285×12072.5mmM12x1.5
6 Series E63/645×12072.5mmM12x1.5
7 Series E385×12072.5mmM12x1.5
8 Series E315×12072.5mmM12x1.5
X3 E835×12072.5mmM14x1.5
X5 E705×12074.0mmM14x1.25
X6 E715×120REAR 72.5mm FRONT 74.0mmM14x1.5
Z1 E30Z4×10057.0mmM12x1.5
Z3 E365×12072.5mmM12x1.5

One can see the changes the hub of the BMW gets over time. Whatever the size or diameter, the main purpose was to provide the most secure and fast driving experience even in the worst road condition.

One has to remember that a wheel’s wheel hub has a critical relation to the BDS and the TCS. So, it is a must to determine the perfect size of hub for their BMW. Even a bit small or big can make huge differences.

How do you determine the BMW hub size?

Determining the hub size of BMW is not anything hard to do. Simply, one will have to measure the center of the wheel where the lug nuts are. One has to remember lug nuts have attached to the wheel with the hub, and the hub has attached to the wheel with the axle.

One can use any scale to measure the size of the hub. However, a specific measurement instrument that is for a round surface will be better.

Are all BMWs have the same Bolt thread size?

No, not all the BMWs have the same bolt thread size. However, the majority of the series has the same bolt thread size, which is M12x1.5. Specifically, series one to six has the same bolt thread and same PCD size. However, in some other models, the size will be different.

A mentionable fact is that only the Xseries of BMW has a different size of bolt thread. Without it, almost every series have a similar size in the thread.

What are the bolt patterns of BMW?

In the old BMW, one will notice a four-lug nut pattern. At the beginning of their journey, they designed their wheel with that four-lug nut pattern. However, after some time, they have moved to the five-lug pattern fully. Now in all the modern BMW, one will notice five lug nuts pattern.

What will happen if one drives the BMW with a broken hub-centric ring?

The hub of the BMW, as well as any vehicle, is important so does every mechanism related to it. If one tries to drive their BMW with the broken hub centric ring, all the weight and pressure of the car will be on the lug nuts of the wheel. Unluckily, those nuts are not that strong to withstand that heavyweight and speed. As a result, the nuts will break and cause a serious accident.


It may seem frustrating to people that they have to putt attention to the simplest things of a car. Driving a car is fun, and this fun comes with care, responsibility, and attention. One will have to look at the wheel system of their BMW, which involves the hub size.

The size of the hub will determine the rim as well as the wheel size. Any miscalculation in those things will lead to the worst fit and overwork. Hopefully, one has understood the points on BMW Hub Size.

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