BMW F30 Brake Light Bulb Size and cost, What to know?

BMW F30 Brake Light Bulb Sizes are important to know mainly at replacement time. Because one cannot install any size but the exact size of the existing bulb. Users can change the level of lumen and visibility of the Light. However, the size of the bulb needs to be exact in any way.

Otherwise, the Light will not fit in the port, and it will not get enough power to Light. It happens because of the pin distribution in the port, which is different for a different size. Hopefully, one will have their answers from the discussion below.

BMW F30 Brake Light Bulb Size

BMW F30 Brake Light Bulb Size

In BMW and every vehicle out on the road, the brake light is one of the most crucial safety measurements of the car. Without the brake light, the drivers behind will never know that the front driver is slowing down or taking any turn.

As a result, the driver behind will hit the front car if it suddenly slows down without the pre-notice because the second driver will still be at his speed where the front one slowed down. Brake lights are rare lights. Those will be in the back part of the car so that the drivers behind can notice it.

BMW also has its brake lights in the back of the car. Moreover, one will need to know the size of their brake light. Luckily BMW uses the same type of Light for their brake, and those are the most high-quality ones. Normally, they use LED or Halogen in their brake lights. Those lights have high visibility that can attract the attention of the drivers behind the car.

Specifically, in F30, they have used P21W, and H21W sized blub. Those will have 1141k, 1156k, and 7506k light options. One can choose any of the options from those for their BMW F30. While replacing the existing bulb, one will have to be certain about the size of the existing and the new one. Because of the fit of the bulb, it is important that both of the bulbs have the same size and same pin pattern.

Is it possible to replace the BMW F30 brake light at home?

Changing the brake light of BMW is not anything complex to do. One will need no expertise knowledge for that. , brought the new bulb the same size as the existing one. After that, one will need to remove the plastic cover, and the bad blub from the car.

Then install the new bulb and reinstall all the covers. For this job, one will not need any extreme tools. A simple wrench will be fine to remove and tighten the nuts.

How much will the BMW F30 brake light cost?

The brakes lights of the BMW F30 means the P21W and H21W bulbs. Those are not anything expensive. From any shop, one will find the brand new brake bulbs for around $7 to $9. Those are available both online and offline. Users can bring those from any shop without worrying about the quality.


Hopefully, one has got all their answers from the discussion above. The article has discussed all the possible points on BMW F30 brake light bulb size. Checking and double-checking the brake bulb size is important for the best fit.

Moreover, one must check whether they have P21W or H21W in their car. After checking and finding the size option, they can change the visibility level by fixing up the Light size. Therefore, the users must know that any carelessness in brake light can lead to an accident.

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