What will be the BMW Axle Replacement Cost?

BMW Axle Replacement Cost will be different for the rear and front-wheel axle. Normally, BMW’s front-wheel axle replacement costs more than the rear axle. Also, the cost will vary on the model of the car as well as the year.

Besides, not every workshop will quote the replacement price in the same way. Moreover, one will have to pay the most expensive replacement cost for the BMW axle to BMW. However, one can always choose some experts from local. Furthermore, one may look below and read thoroughly to know more information.

BMW Axle Replacement Cost

In BMW or any other car, the axel is a shaft that connects the rear and front wheel of the car. Specifically, the axel retains both wheels in the same position and takes power from the motor to keep the wheel spinning. The engine will deliver the power to the axle, and the axle will deliver it to the wheel to keep the car running.

All the rear wheel and front-wheel drive BMWs use the CV axle. Here the CV means the constant velocity of the power. The CV axle, which is an iron rod, has two endpoints, one is connected to the transmission, and the other end is connected to the wheel. The axles continued working hard as long as one kept running the car. Once it is gone bad, one must have to change or replace the axel of their BMW.

Because keep running or driving a car with broken or faulty axel will cause serious issues. Sometimes one may get into a deadly accident because they ignored the fault in the axel. Moreover, the replacement cost will vary according to the model and year of the BMW. Most of the time state or country of the user has a great impact on the overall price of the axel replacement.

Specifically, the front axle replacement cost will be more than the rear replacement cost because the front axle goes through so much more than the rear one. So, the replacement cost of the BMW front axle will be around $1250 to $1425. On the other hand, the rear axle replacement cost will be around $1120 to $1280.

Elaborately, for the front wheel, the axel and the cost of the parts will be around $650 to $750, and the labor cost will be $600 to $675. On the other hand, the rear wheel, the axel, and the cost of the parts will be around $500 to $650, and the labor cost will be $620 to $630. In some cases, the labor cost of replacing the axel goes higher, even to $1000. In case one chooses to do the work from BMW, the cost will be a lot.

BMW Axle Replacement CostAreaServiceMinimumMaximum
BMW front axleLabor$750$775
BMW rear axleLabor$640$730
Table: BMW Axle Replacement Cost

Figure-1: BMW front axle replacement cost

BMW front axle replacement cost

Figure-2: BMW rear axle replacement cost

BMW rear axle replacement cost

What are the symptoms of a broken axle in BMW?

The bad axle or broken axle of BMW will show many symptoms. One will clearly understand and can separate the problem caused by the axle from the other problems. Moreover, the symptoms of a BMW broken axle are,


One of the common symptoms of a broken axle of BMW is vibration. The drivers will feel the vibration while touching the steering wheel. Sometimes the vibration is less that it is hard to notice. Sometimes the vibration is too much that one feels uncomfortable holding the steering wheel and driving the car.

Also, the drivers will feel the vibration in maximum range while taking a turn. Driving the car on an uneven road will feel nightmare because of a bad axle because the car will bounce too much on an uneven road with a bad axle.


The main principle of a healthy car is that it will never make a weird sound. If one hears any weird sound, that means the car has an issue. As for the bad axle, it will make a clicking or clunking sound. Mostly, when one tries to take a turn, the sound will be much more to ignore. Also, one will hear the sound while wanting acceleration for the car.

This happens because of the unnecessary friction of the axle with other parts of the car. Also, they get that sound from the friction between the transmission and the wheel.

Fluid leak

We all know that parts like axles need lubrication, and that’s why those places have fluid. If the axel has some issue that has harmed the fluid pipe, one will see black fluid leaking from the axle or the wheels.


When the situation gets worse with the axel, one will feel unstable while driving the car. Because the wheels will feel like loosened from the car. Also, one will not get enough response and friction from the car. In this situation, sometimes the wheel does get detached from the car.

Is it okay to drive the BMW with a bad axle?

Well, driving the BMW with any issue for a long time will cause permanent damage. Specifically, one can drive their BMW with a broken or bad axel for some time. However, if one continues driving the car with a broken axle, it will cause permanent damage.

One must not drive more than a few miles with a broken axle. As soon as they realize they are having an issue with the axle, they should appropriately check the axle. After that, they will need to run to an expert workshop to solve the issue. Repairing or replacing the axle will cost a bit of money. However, it will be totally worth it once one drives the car with the new axle.

How do the experts replace axles in BMW?

The experts always follow a pattern when it is to repairing or replacing any automobile parts. It is also true for the axles of BMW. They will set a pattern for the job, and they will follow it. Firstly, they will check the axle shat to see whether it is the one having an issue. After confirming the bad in the axle, they will remove the wheels of the faulty axel. Then they will remove the broken or faulty axel from the system.

Now they will attach the new axel and then attach the wheel with the axle properly. At this point, they will check the torque and fluid of the axel. After checking and ensuring that the tire pressure is all okay, they will give it a road test before handing it to the owners.

How much time will it take to replace the BMW axel?

Replacing the BMW axle is quite a complicated job. One will have to open the whole wheel system to replace the axle, which takes time. Normally, it will take 2.5 to 4 hours to replace one axel. Moreover, it will be double the mentioned time if one is about to replace both of the wheels.


The axles of not only BMW but also every car are one of the crucial parts of the car. Without the axles, the wheels will not get the power from the engine to keep going. One can say without the axle, the mechanism of a car is incomplete and dead.

Specifically, the axles worked a lot and took all the load off the car. That’s why it needs to be strong, and also, it gets damaged easily. As for the replacement of a faulty axle in BMW, one has already get enough information from the discussion above on BMW Axle Replacement Cost.

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