What will be the BMW I3 Maintenance Cost for five years?

BMW I3 Maintenance Cost will depend on the decision of the owner. Moreover, most of the expensive costs will be covered by the warranty. But the criteria which the warranty will not cover, the maintenance will be.

However, to minimize the maintenance cost, one can take the BMW care plus service at different times. That service will provide a different option at a different price. One will find low to high-priced options. Moreover, the maintenance of the i3 is mandatory, and one cannot run away from it. Furthermore, please have a look below for detailed information.

BMW I3 Maintenance Cost

Officially, BMW manufactured and launched the i3 version of their electric vehicle back in 2013 in Munich. After that, they launched the car in the USA back in 2014. Finally, in March 2018, they launched that wonderful vehicle in more than 74 countries. Amazingly, in every country, this model of the electric vehicle of BMW has gained tremendous popularity.

Unlike other electric vehicles, this one will provide reliability on the road like a gas-powered vehicle. The extremely powerful battery of lithium-ion will cover a long road in one charge. Moreover, the battery consists of a newly developed powertrain with a 130-kilowatt electric motor. With the 37.9 kW battery, this car can run to 235 km.

Moreover, the main concern of the buyers is the expensive maintenance cost of electric vehicles. Well, this i3 of BMW is not anything different. The owners will have to keep the car on regular maintenance. Otherwise, the battery, motors, and other crucial parts of the car will die on time. This will cause expensive repair costs.

Surprisingly, the maintenance cost of BMW EV is less than that of BMW gasoline cars. Because the regular i3 model does not have multi-speed transmission, combustion engines, and radiators, along with those absent parts, the i3 does not need an air filter, engine oils, oil filter, transmission fluid, or coolants. Those minimize the maintenance cost of the car.

Moreover, the i3 will come with four years or a 50,000-mile warranty and also have CBS or Condition Based Service system. The car will need to go for that service every 10,000 miles. In addition, let’s look into the maintenance cost of the BMW i3 from the day one buys the car to five years.

Table: Bmw I3 Maintenance Cost

ServiceYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total
Tax Credit$0$0$0$0$0$0
Taxes & Fees$1,196$73$73$73$73$1,488
Maintenance Cost to Own$10,653$7,391$6,335$8,028$7,567$39,974

The estimated maintenance cost of the BMW i3 will be around $39,974 for five years. Since the car will come with a 4-year warranty, it is supposed that the car will not need any expensive repairing costs. In case it does require any expensive repair cost, the maintenance cost will increase rapidly.

Moreover, the owners will have to take the BMW care plus service for the warranty period. The care plus service of BMW will cover a lot of service of the car. It will also help the owner save a good amount of money.

Table: BMW care plus maintenance cost.

BMW Care plus ScheduleBMW i3 SedanTotal Years CoveredTotal Mileage Covered
BMW Ultimate Care+$600450,000
BMW Ultimate Care+1$799450,000
BMW Ultimate Care+2$1,599575,000
BMW Ultimate Care+3$2,3996100,000
BMW Ultimate Care+4$3,1497125,000

For the BMW i3, they will have five different options in care plus. The car+ will cost the minimum, which will be around $600. This service will last for four years or 50,000 miles. With the same warranty, there will be another option, Care+1, which will cost around $799. Moreover, the two last options will be Care+3 and Care+4, which will cost around $2399 and $3149, respectively.

These two will last for 6 and 7 years, or 100,000 miles and 125,000 miles, respectively. One can pick any of the options. Whichever they feel is right for them. In case one is a regular traveler and planning to drive many miles with the car, it is better they should take the Care+3 or Care+4 service.

With those care services, the owner will get the service below,

BMW Care+Vehicle check and inspection      Brake Fluid          Cabin Micro Filter             Remote Control/Key Battery      Battery Check Wiper blade inspection Tire rotation Engine Oil Engine Filter And so on.

With the BMW care+ service, the owners will get to inspect their car every time. The experts will check the whole i3 to find any possible issues. After that, they will notify the owner about the health of the car. If the car has any issues, they will suggest possible solutions and costs. Hopefully, one will take the right decision on the maintenance of their car.

What are the differences between a BMW warranty and maintenance coverage?

BMW warranty will cover the area which the maintenance will not. Mainly, the big and crucial parts of the car, such as the battery, motor, engine, etc., will fall into the warranty criteria. Those expensive repairing will be covered by the BMW warranty.

However, BMW maintenance will cover all the factory-recommended maintenance schedules. In the maintenance schedule, one will find the different options in a different price range, which will cover it for a different time. Those are BMW Ultimate Care, BMW Ultimate Care+, and BMW Ultimate Care+1, 2, 3, 4. This service will cover the area or parts of the car which require regular maintenance, as the tier or battery.

Moreover, that service will stay for a limited time. If one wants to take the service again after the end of the period, they will need to take it again by paying the recommended charge.

How to find out the maintenance schedule for the BMW i3?

To find out the maintenance schedule for the BMW i3, one will have to go to the service required option on the screen if there is a green OK sign in each maintenance category, which means maintenance will not require for that time.

Moreover, if one notices a yellow triangle sign with or without a ‘!’sign, one will need to contact the BMW care center for an appointment because that sign indicates that the maintenance schedule deadline is near.

One will have to act immediately for a red triangle sign because this sign means emergency maintenance requires. One would get signs if any maintenance category crossed the deadline on that page. In that case, they will have to contact the service center for a possible solution.

How long will the BMW i3 battery last?

The battery BMW used in their i3 model is known for its tremendous power and durability. Normally, the battery has eight years or 100,000 miles of warranty on paper. However, the battery will last for a minimum of 10 years. The battery will live a long time and serve perfectly with proper maintenance.


Any vehicle owner will have to take care of their car like a newborn baby. Buying is not the only responsibility of the owner of any car. Specifically, the BMW i3 will require proper maintenance but is less expensive than the other gasoline cars.

BMW i3 owners will have to pay a healthy amount per year. This will be below if they took the BMW care+ service of several lifetimes. Hopefully, from the above discussion, one has got all their answers on BMW i3 Maintenance Cost.

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