BMW F30 Brake Light Bulb Size, type and volt

The brake is the principal thing that lets the car stop. And it gets fulfilled with the brake light. Just like other typical cars, BMW also comes with brake lights for their backsides. But the size of the BMW F30 brake light bulb is hardly known by the users.

Stay till the end of this discussion. You’ll surely be clarified.

BMW F30 Brake Light Bulb

Brake Light Bulb

The brake light can also be named the tail light. It comes at the backside of a car. Whenever the driver hits the braking paddle, it blinks up in red and stays until the paddle gets removed.

Glowing the red light makes a warning or indication against other vehicles. Almost all brake light bulbs contain red colors as it is known for danger. Brake light appears too much essential during night times. So that opposite riders can have a clear indication about the braking.

So basically, these bulbs come in two different types. The halogen is one, and the LED is another. Some BMW models are available in the halogen bulb, whereas others contain LED.

F30 Brake Light Size

The sizing of the brake lights differs according to the model of the car. As F30 belongs to the third generation BMW, it also comes with different brake light sizes. And the sizing mainly describes the type and pattern of the Bulb.

Here the chart below shows the sizing of the Bulb. Only the F30 model from BMW has been placed in it.

Pattern  Sizing(Type)Bulb TypeVolt
Rear Brake LightP21WSingle filament bulb12V
Rear Back up LightH21WHalogen12V

The chart shows that the F30 model comes with two different types of brake light bulbs. The first one comes as the P21W edition which means, it’s a single filament bulb.

Not the halogen one, but more than it. Perhaps, it may get known as the Halogen one. 12voltage is the maximum power of this Bulb.

In addition, the backup light also holds a different bulb. It’s the H21W version bulb, and that is halogen. In terms of performance, halogen works slightly lower or faded than the single filament one.

Still, it works great as the backup light. Just like the other one, it comes in 12v of power to light it up.

This is the bulb sizing and pattern of F30 sedan cars. Other models under the F30 come with differences too.

Replacing or changing Bulb

In general, replacing the Bulb is not a tough job to perform. It’s an easy thing. Moreover, any beginner can easily make the task done. Yet, some procedure or sequence must have to follow. They will lead to a properly replaced bulb for your car.

  • First of all, remove the brake light cover from the backside. For that, the trunk has to open up.
  • Keep in mind that the rear light assembly must have been removed to remove for changing the outer Bulb
  • Loosen up the screws from the internal trunk part. They will help to pull out the brake light.
  • When the cover is removed, two nuts get seen from the inside. Make them loose till they completely bring out.
  • It’s done, and the rear light assembly is ready to pull out
  • Detach all the wiring from the bulb holder for changing the Bulb
  • Now detach the entire bulb holder completely from the light assembly
  • When the Bulb is completely detached from the holder, it’s now perfect for the changes
  • The Bulb is done to attach. Use a similar method to the previous time to put back the complete light assembly at the place. The ride is now done with a functional and new brake light bulb.

So this is the process to replace the Bulb. However, it can be done as a DIY (Do it yourself) process. Or else, a similar thing can be done in a repair shop. Having a low costing replacement is the best choice instead of going to a repair shop.

Brake Light Bulb Failure

A disabled bulb can be considered a bulb failure too. LED brake light bulbs may have better durability and performance. Halogen ones are not enough great to perform or last longer.

Defected brake light bulb is a common factor to observe. Furthermore, it can be damaged for some valid reasons.

Wiring issues: The first and most common reason for bulb defection is wiring problems. BMW is never known for having any wiring issues at all. Being the best in class, the Company has always delivered superior hospitality to its users.

Still, wiring issues may get seen in the rides at an uncertain time. As a result, the brake light assembly might come under system failure. Changing the wiring assembly as well as the brake light bulb is the only option to go for.

Lack of maintenance: Although these are premium car models. A low amount of maintenance can make a great effect on them too.

Generally, a regular checkup of the ride within a periodic time is good enough. But the ignorance costs nothing but systematic failure. Brake light bulbs also don’t get excluded from it. Sometimes, a long time of usage with no maintenance can be the main reason for entire brake light assembly changes.

Customized brake light

Using something different in exchange for the built-in one looks quite innovative. In addition, it can be named customization too.

Since these bulbs are halogen ones, they don’t require any complexity to change. Whereas the LED bulbs need an instrumental process, halogen ones play as the plug and play mode.

That is why; the customized brake lights get seen in a great variety and models. Except for that, they literally make great visibility and blinking than the other ones.

Luckily, the F30 model from BMW comes under the same functionality. Plus, the brake light bulb can be changed too. For this customization, a well-known brand gets recommended by the users. That’s the automobile lighting from JDMToy. This great functional light has a better blinking and flashing ability than any other one.

Apart from that, it has a very simple and effortless installation system too. As they are LED, they make the visibility far better than any other. Making any customization in rear lights, this one is the best choice to go for.

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Final Statement

You will probably not need to worry about the BMW F30 Brake light bulb size. No matter when or how they get fused or stop working. Read out this whole article, go to the nearest shop, and find out the right size you are looking for. Spending a few bucks for the Bulb will be a great decision. Believe that.

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