BMW Oyster Interior, what to know before making the decision?

BMW Oyster Interior is one of the popular interiors. With the authentic Italian oyster leather and white shade, it will stand up to all desires of their customer. With a tremendous amount of features, high quality, and comfort, anyone will fall in love with this specific interior of BMW.

Besides, users will feel extremely easy to clean and maintain the interior. Indeed it will get dirty easily, but cleaning is also easier. Moreover, one may have a look below to know more about the interior.

BMW Oyster Interior

BMW offers many interiors in their vehicles, such as Canberra Beige/Black, Black, and Black with blue contrast stitching, ivory, and more. One of the best interiors is the Oyster interior among all the interiors. One may as what makes it so best? The unique white color and matching black side panel make the car look like something out of the regular world.

Another interesting fact about the oyster interior is the oyster lather. Not everyone has the idea that oyster lather is a special kind of lather. It is crafted and manufactured in Italy by a fifth-generation tannery. They have been making this leather for decades or a century.

Specifically, this full grain aniline leather features an extremely soft and comfortable feel inside the car. One will not believe they are seating over or lying over leather because of the softness and smoothness of the material. With the oyster interior of BMW, one will get many useful features.

Oyster Interior Features

BMW is a luxurious vehicle that includes a luxurious and comfortable interior. Specifically, with the oyster interior, one will get every feature like the other interior of the same model. Well, the oyster interior is common in the X series.

So, with the oyster interior, one will get advanced features like Vehicle & Key Memory, 10-way power front sport seats, an extreme sound system, and many more. Below one will find all the possible features of the oyster interior.

Oyster Interior Features1. Advanced Vehicle & Key Memory
2. 40/20/40 split fold-down through-load rear seats
3. Apple Car Play  Compatibility
4. Live Cockpit Plus featuring Navigation with iDrive 6.0
5. Automatic 3-zone climate control
6. 5.7-inch analog instrument cluster
7. 10.25-inch central touchscreen display with a 12.3-inch upgrade available
8. HiFi Sound System with 12-speakers10-way power front sport seats
9. Engine Start/Stop button
10. Automatic-dimming interior rear-view mirror3-spoke leather-wrapped sport steering wheel
11. SensaTec Upholstery, Dark Oak Wood trim, and an Anthracite Headliner

Oyster Interior Quality

One will not have any questions about the quality of the oyster interior of BMW. The buyers will get the best possible quality interior with comfort and reliability. Moreover, the oyster interior includes,

Oyster Interior Quality  Door lock and unlock buttons on both driver and front passenger door. The entire transmission tunnel is covered in leather. The boot lip has a metal skid plate.No hard plastic surrounding the window switches in the backseat door cards are more solid

Will the BMW Oyster Interior get dirty quickly?

The oyster interior of BMW is a white interior. Normally, the white interior gets dirty easily so does the oyster interior. It will even absorb the dye of blue and black jeans. Moreover, children will also get the interior of the car too dirty.

However, the best thing about this interior or the oyster leather is one can easily clean the scars or dirt. Whatever the dirt or substance, one can easily clean the interior with a good leather cleaner. In addition, one must not use any water-based substance or any water to clean the oyster interior of BMW.


If one has already decided that they will buy BMW, they must have to decide on the interior. One will have to choose one from many options. Moreover, if one is looking for a dim and white interior, then the oyster is the best option. One may concern about keeping the interior clean. For them, the oyster is a special kind of leather that allows easy cleaning in an easy way.

Moreover, this interior will have many more features with high-quality leather. Also, one will feel extremely comfortable using this interior. Hopefully, one has understood all the points on BMW Oyster Interior.

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