Subaru WRX vs. BMW 328i: What is the main difference?

A sedan can only get compared with another sedan. And whenever it’s a BMW, so many critics bring out the comparison between Mercedes or Audi. Subaru doesn’t get excluded from the listing too. Today you guys will know some unknown and interesting things about Subaru WRX vs BMW 328i. Brace yourself because the discussion is here to begin.

While talking about the key distinctions, the 328i comes with better features and performance delivery than the Subaru. Besides, it has better handling with more speed.

Higher fuel economy is another great plus point of this ride. WRX holds some great capabilities too. But they are not as much efficient as the BMW.

Subaru WRX vs. BMW 328i

Since both come under the automobile segment, they hold individual specifications. Check them out from below as they have been placed in a chart.

Subaru WRX          FactsBMW 328i
Sedan  Body TypeSedan
Flat-4 Turbo PremiumEngine TypeInline 4 Intercooled premium Turbo
265hp @6000RPMMaximum Power245hp @5000RPM
350nm @4000RPMMaximum Torque350nm @5000 RPM
240+kmphMaximum Speed250kmph
Gasoline  Fuel TypeGasoline
20-22Average mileage (City and Highway)26-28
15.9Fuel tank Capacity15.8
6.3 secondsAcceleration (0 to 60)6 seconds
AWD(All-wheel Drive)Drivetrain patternRWD (Rear wheel drive)
Double WishboneSuspension Type (front and rare)Multi-Link
Five seater  Seating typeFive seater
Ranged between 30k to 40k(for every year models)       PriceRanged between 40k to 50k(for every year models)

These are some actual and legit factors that make differences between both these models. Having a deep observation, the BMW 328i has better performance with handling. Plus, it can deliver friendly fuel economy along with suitable higher speed. Entire functions are valid to describe this model as the proper sedan.

The Subaru WRX, on the other hand, got better power under the hood. The higher power with speed ratio makes it a roaring machine on the road. Although it doesn’t have sufficient fuel economy, the maximum power level is great and perfect for this machine.

Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX
Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX, also known as Subaru Impreza, belongs to JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). It is known as the drifting machine too. This great machine has been ruling in the market since 1992 to still.

All these models come with individual upgrades for each year. Talking about the design, it holds a sporty and sleek shape from front to rear area. Standard sized spoiler, in addition, might not work effectively. Still, looks great and gives a sporty feel to the ride.

Moreover, the engine performs great and standard from its level and makes the ride feel great with better handling. A roaring exhaust note will let the riders feel better and more charming during the whole ride.

There’s not even any objection about performance too. Four-wheel driving mode powers all the wheels at the same time and make it faster at any choice. Apart from all, higher-performing ability with a sporty look surely doesn’t make it a sedan. Still, it gets used and granted under this segment.

Advantages and Drawbacks

Although they are formed with great things, some legit objects find out the positive and negative sides. Explaining the advantages first,

  • The dual AWD mode
  • Powerful four-cylinder engine
  • Smoother transmission system
  • Aggressive sporty look

And if the drawbacks are given,

  • Lacking in performance based on the features
  • Cost higher fuel rate
  • Higher windy noise during driving
  • Lengthy usage consumes more fueling

BMW 328i

BMW 328i
BMW 328i

This luxurious-looking sedan belongs to BMW Series-3. Awesome performance with next-level comfort is the nature of this ride. BMW believes in supremacy. That is why; this car model holds all those great features necessary for a sedan.

4-door pattern with a minimalistic design can easily attract any eyesight from the road. In addition, BMW’s typical front grill with standard color grading allows it to deliver a much more premium vibe and rich feel.

Performance has not been compromised, just like the design. This is undoubtedly a great choice for a perfectly packed sedan.

Advantages and drawbacks

Even if the features are positive, some downsides can get seen too. Let’s look at the positive sides first.

  • Standard and highly graded internal area
  • A larger room with better cargo space delivers maximum seating comfort
  • Superior handling ability
  • Powerful and greatly performing engine

On the other hand, the drawbacks are:

  • The exhaust note is not enough aggressive or beautiful
  • Rear sided seats are less comfortable comparing the front ones
  • Fussy interior trims
  • Lower ground clearance

Terms that matter in choosing

Some efficient and valid reasons always make issues for choosing a proper model. Here they get seen in these two car models too. Follow those terms below and gain the idea.

Better fuel economy

Both these models come under the sedan segment. That is why having a friendly fuel outcome is essential. BMW is as a concerned as the other factors about the fuel efficiency. Therefore, it gives better city and highway feedback. Lower fuel consumption means lower costing.

And that is why BMW has a muss demand among the users. WRX performs great too. But it doesn’t deliver enough fuel levels like the 328i.

More Reliability

The majority of the sedan lovers remain searching for a higher reliable ride. They demand a model that can last longer even after lengthy usage. BMW, at that point, didn’t compromise for their rides.

In fact, series three is known as the most reliable variant from BMW. Luckily, the 328i comes under the counting too. So it doesn’t leave to know that the 328i is the best one for better reliability.

Design and Appearance

Despite being a sedan car, Subaru WRX holds a sporty look and design. Cool rear spoiler with the front hood design delivers a better looking than being the sedan.

Furthermore, the rich color format gives an extra vibe as well as lets a sports car riding feel. Considering the preference, WRX will surely get chosen by the majority of the users. Looks and design are the main reasons behind it.

328i is a luxury sedan. So it will surely contain some rich and manly vibe. Not all users will love to go for it. But still, it doesn’t make any changes in their demand or popularity in the market.

More Power

Power and performance vary from user to user. You may not require a 200+kmph driving speed all the time. But still, higher speed matters for some users. In that case, both these models remain almost closer to each other.

As the 328i can make 250 of top speed, the WRX almost remains closer to it. Still, 328i can be chosen for having a little bit better speed and performance.


This can be a major or minor factor to observe. But luckily, both these models come in an affordable and friendly range.

Subaru WRX comes with less purchasing cost. Judging the pricing, all the features are good and accurate to find out in this ride. Pricing is suitable enough with the performance combination.

Whereas the Subaru costs low, BMW has a higher purchasing cost. Being a true luxurious model with maximum features, the pricing is great enough to go for. Even if the cost is higher, it probably delivers a higher level of standard and rich vibe than the Subaru.

WRX or 328i. The best choice to go for

Whenever two different entities belong to similar functions, it becomes tough to find out the individual one.

WRX from Subaru has great functions, lower cost, louder exhaust note, and design. Friendly and affordable pricing makes a great deal too.

328i, on the other hand, is greatly known for better reliability from design and engine. Except for it, this is the best example of luxuriousness. Although it costs higher, these models deliver some great things that are beyond imagination.

Both these models that are why can be considered the best ones. For better fuel economy, brand value, and high-tech features, 328i is the good one to go for. And the WRX is best for a sportier look with louder exhaust sound.

The BMW vehicle check cost is limited and budget-friendly. And it can make the ride feel like new too. Don’t wait any further. Have a look at it.

Final Expression

While making the comparison between Subaru WRX vs. BMW 328i, personal preference is the only thing that comes out to choose. Almost all the functions and features appear very similar in both these models. Pricing remains nearby too.

The German-made masterpiece versus the Japanese drifting machine is now only dependable on users and their budgets. None of them will disappoint you from the next level of performance. Perhaps, it’s now only up to your choice, budget, and requirement.

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