1998 Mercedes ML320 Problems and solutions

Everyone has an attraction to cars. Especially when it’s a Mercedes, the level of devotion is beyond imagination. Fortunately, you’re one of those lucky people willing to buy a Mercedes ML320 model. But hold on a second, the 1998 Mercedes ML320 got some problems. Assure to have a proper idea about all those issues throughout this article.

If the problems are explained simply, they are some minor ones to observe. The majority of them are related to interior functions or the engine compartment. Apart from that, they don’t get seen all the time. They occur as a systematic failure of the entire vehicle. And sometimes, the condition can go even Acritical too.

For better understanding and clarification, all the problems will be explained individually. And these are the common issues for the ML320 model.

Mercedes ML320
Mercedes ML320

Mercedes ML320

This is an SUV model back from the old times. ML320 comes with a production time of 1998 to 2005. It was a true success by the company as a family car. Affordable pricing, better fuel economy, and perfect internal space are the main reason for having this model.

Talking about reliability, the ML320 model is best for reliability. In fact, it is known as one of the highest-selling models Mercedes. Except for some systematic problems, this model is probably the best one to go for.

Problems of ML320

Talking about the issues of ML320, it has lots of problems to find out. Almost all the issues and problems of this model have been given in the following.

Gear collision with a transmission

The most common type of problem that gets seen in ML320 is the collision between transmission and gear. It follows the limp mode for the gear. But unfortunately, the gear gets stuck with the drivetrain system.

Dashboard light blinking

ETS/ESP and ABS are all the signal lights that blink up in this vehicle. Even though the systems work perfectly, the lights blink up unnecessarily. This may not create any problems. But the indicator light is simply annoying.

Rear light low visibility

Long time usage of the ride may decrease the visibility. ML320 follows the same issue too. After a yearly usage, the majority of the models require light changes due to low visibility. Moreover, this problem sometimes gets seen in some fresh editions too.

Default door actuators

The actuators of the doors create some major issues. Properly locking ability gets hampered and affected for them as they are full of issues. And whenever the problems get arise, the doors become critical to open up or shut down.

Damaged power steering

Smooth and easy driving ability is possible to get from the power steering. But unfortunately, the ML320 creates some disturbance in it. A faulty pump of the power steering is the only reason behind it. Replacement is the only way to solve this issue.

Low graded trim

Plastic is the main material that has been used for the trim of the ML320 model. Therefore, they have a good chance of breaking down within a simple usage. For some users, this is a huge problem to observe. Nobody will surely love to have a broken trim in their new car.

Fuel pump issues

When the fuel pump stops working, the car almost becomes useless. A faulty fuel pump will hardly do any supply from the tank. And thus, the vehicle will make tacky sounds and stop working. Apparently, the fuel pump doesn’t follow any accurate time or condition to go bad. It is either seen in a new unit, or the older used one too.

Wiper and AC blender motor

Both these motors of the vehicle come under changes at some different times. They mainly stop working for having inappropriate usage or less amount usage.

As a result, both these motors face individual issues and needed changes. However, the wiper motor sometimes appears quite good. All it needs is the replacement of the AC blender motor.

Operational failure of the power window

The power window gets controlled through the main switch. But sometimes, it gets worse without any reason. And it’s a typical issue faced by a good number of users. While facing this critical problem, there is nothing but repairing or replacement is the only solution.

Less engine performance

A longer-run vehicle probably shows disturbance from the engine. But in the case of the ML320, it’s different. The engine may face problems of having a faulty crankshaft position. Sensor failure is the main reason behind this issue.

While facing this problem, changing the crankshaft along with the cam is the only way to avoid them. In opposite, both the camshaft and cam may stay perfect and out of any problems. In that case, changing the piston sensor can easily solve the problem.

Remote entry system

Although it’s an old model, the company has applied some futuristic features to it. The keyless ignition and entry system is one of those cool features. Despite being smart, it appears as a problematic one. Sometimes, the remote goes out of battery. Besides, there is no availability of alternative keys. That can create huge issues as the car becomes tough to access.

Above all, it contains a valid and authorized remote system. Therefore, the car will not start up if the authorized key system is perfectly done to use.

Engine backfires

Misfire or the backfire is one of the most common problems of cars. Anyways, the ML320 follows this issue more than any other model. Defected or faulty catalytic converter is the main reason behind these misfire issues.

Indifference, the misfire can also occur from low-quality or old spark plugs.

Rusted body

If the engine makes any issue, it can be solved. But a rusted body is hardly possible to fit perfectly. Nonetheless, some of the users are facing these issues in their rides. As long as the vehicle gets used, it starts to become rusted and old from the performance. Coating with a protective layer is the only way to avoid this factor. But it only can be done during the perfect condition of the ride.

Low radio frequency

Some users claim it is a great problem. ML320 comes with a nice-looking radio system. But it doesn’t perform well enough at all. Furthermore, they become unable to catch the nearby frequency too.

But the main thing is, it all depends on luck. Some users have never faced any problems related to radio, whereas some others have experienced it.

Problems to face. New vs Used one

While talking about the problems, most of them get seen in the used ML models. However, it’s hard enough to find out any of these issues in a new unit. Since the company has discontinued manufacturing them, it’s tough to explain whether they are problematic or not.

Coming to the used ones, they definitely have one of these facts available. ML320 models with 50-60k mile running times are probably found out of almost all these issues.

So all that means, a used one will surely deliver and come with more problems. Although a brand new and fresh unit is hard to get, the best decision is to find out a used unit in fresh condition.

What precautions can be followed for avoiding these issues?

When there is a problem, there is a cure too. The ML320 model surely has some major or minor problems. Still, all of them can be successfully avoided.

And the beginning and most critical step to follow is a proper level of maintenance. Following all the terms and factors, most of them require timely maintenance. A perfectly observed problem at the correct time can easily keep the problems away.

Consulting some professional mechanics is the way to sort out these problems. Moreover, very few of these issues cost higher pricing. The rest of the other ones require both short processes as well as less expensive.

These are the legitimate steps for following and solving the problems.

Besides knowing about the ML320 model, have a look at the discussion about the beautiful Mercedes W126. Its specs, features, and engine performance will surely amaze you.

Final Statement

Not only the 1998 Mercedes ML320 problems the regular ones. Even the finest Mercedes model will behave badly without proper maintenance and caring.

And it’s even a normal thing to observe that some ML320 models are running for almost 2, 00,000 to 3 00,000 miles. Perfect maintenance is the only reason for being the perfect machine. There’s probably no doubt about the statement.

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