Mercedes Benz C43 Vs C63, what is there to distinguish?

C43 Vs C63, distinguishing these two trim of Mercedes Benz seems hard because of the extreme price difference. Specifically, the C63 will be way more expensive than the C43 trim. So, one can predict that the C63 will offer so much more here.

One will get more power, addictive sound quality, an impressive driving experience, and extreme safety feature. On the other hand, the C43 will offer performance along with comfort compared to the other one. Still confused and looking for more? Then have a look below into the details.

Mercedes Benz C43
Mercedes Benz C43

C43 Vs C63

Both of the trims belong to the Mercedes Benz W205 which is the fourth generation of the Mercedes C-class. The production year of this generation is from 2014 to 2018. For this time being, they have produced different trims of C43 and C63. Moreover, one will find a coupe body style with four seating capacities in both cars. Since they belong to the same class and same generation, they will share some similarities yet some major differences.

It is important to know the differences they share if one is keen to buy one of these two. Even if they belong to the same generation and production year, the manufacturer has put a lot of differences which will help the buyers to select a specific one. well, one may look into the table below and read the details to sort out one specific trim.

Table: C43 Vs C63

Mercedes C43Mercedes C63
Features 3.0L Twin-Turbo 24V V6It features a 4.0L Twin-Turbo 32V V8
Base engine type is GasBase engine type is Gas
Base engine size is 3.0 LBase engine size is 4.0 L
Cylinders type is a Twin-turbo V6Cylinders type is a twin-turbo V8
Maximum horsepower is 385 HP at 6,100 RPMMaximum horsepower is 503 HP at 5500 RPM
Maximum torque is 384 lb-ft at 2500 RPMMaximum torque is 516 lb-ft at 2000 RPM
9-speed automatic transmission9-speed automatic
All-wheel drive drivetrainRear-wheel drive drivetrain
Fuel type is regular unleadedFuel type is regular unleaded
Fuel tank capacity is 17.4 gallonsFuel tank capacity is 17.4 gallons
Fuel economy in the city is 19 MPGFuel economy in the city is 17 MPG
Fuel economy on the highway is 28 MPGFuel economy on the highway is 26 MPG
Fuel economy combined is 22 MPGFuel economy combined is 20 MPG
The driving range in the city is 330.6 milesThe driving range in the city is 295.8 miles
Driving range on the highway is 487.2 milesDriving range on the highway is 452.4 miles
CO2 Emissions rate is 8.0 Tons per yearCO2 Emissions rate is 8.8 Tons per year
Length  of the car is 184.8 inches.Length  of the car is 187.1 inches.
Overall Width Without Mirrors is 71.3 inches.Overall Width Without Mirrors is 73.9 inches.
Height   of the car is 55.3 inches.Height   of the car is 55.2 inches.
Wheelbase of the car is 111.8 inchesWheelbase of the car is 111.8 inches
Ground Clearance 3.6 inchesGround clearance is 4 inches.
Curb weight is 3913 lbs.Curb weight is 4134 lbs.
Original MSRP is $60, 500Original MSRP is $78, 250

The first difference one will notice is the price difference they share because it is huge. Specifically, the 63 trim is around $18,000 more than the C43. If we assume one can buy a mid-range affordable car with this money. So, what is the reason that this trim is so expensive as the other one?

Well, if one notices, the C43 features 3.0L Twin-Turbo 24V V6 while C63 has a 4.0L Twin-Turbo 32V V8. That means the engine of the C63 will have more to provide than the other one. specifically, this one will provide a maximum horsepower of 385 HP at 6,100 RPM and maximum torque of 516 lb-ft at 2000 RPM. Meanwhile, the C43 will provide a maximum horsepower of 503 HP at 5500 RPM and maximum torque of 384 lb-ft at 2500 RPM.

One can tell by this how much powerful and performative the engine of the C63 is. This one will produce so much more power at lower RPM which is the dream of the owner to have. Because even if the engine is providing tremendous power, it will not get erosion sooner means the engine will last longer.

However, the bad side of the C63 may cause a choice of destruction. Because of the higher carbon emission and lower driving range compared to C63.

Mercedes Benz C63
Mercedes Benz C63

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Equipment of the C63 that increase the price range

The benefits of C63-Optional AIRMATIC continuously Adaptive
-Damping System Plus -Nine airbags as standard
-ESP Dynamic Cornering Assist
-Traffic Sign Assist with Speed Limit Assist
-Collision Prevention Assist Plus
-Attention Assist, Adaptive Brake
-DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist
-Brake Assist system BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist
-NECK-PRO crash-responsive head restraints -Pre-Safe Brake, Pre-Safe with pedestrian detection and City Brake function
-Active bonnet, Active Lane Keeping Assist
-Full-LED headlamps with Intelligent Light System and Adaptive High beam Assist PLUS -Head-up display, COMAND Online with Touchpad
-Active Parking Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist
-Backup camera -Electric parking brake with emergency braking function

Overall, the decision is on the users or buyers to make deciding the needs of their and their families. Almost all the safety features and benefits of these two trims are similar. One will specifically get many technical differences in these two trims which justify the extreme price range. So, one needs to decide whether they want those or not or whether they have the budget to buy the C63 trim.


Overall, if one does not have a budget limitation, we will suggest going for the C63 trim. Because it has so much to offer than the other one. however, for a most reasonable and performative and of course easy to maintain the option, C43 is the right choice.

Hopefully, we have illustrated all the information on C43 Vs C63 readers were looking for. Now, it is one of them to make the right choice for themselves and their family.

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