What is the Mercedes Hub Size?

A perfectly adjusted wheel always delivers proper running ability. That’s the eternal nature of the wheels. Mercedes hub sizes also follow a similar sequence and way to perform. But they are not enough known by everyone.

Keeping an idea about the hub size can often bring some usefulness. Mainly when you or your near ones own a Mercedes model, this discussion will be enough benefit for them.

Stick with this broadly described article till the end to know more.

In general, the hub sizes come with some differences. Moreover, the majority of them are set between 65.6mm to 66.6mm. They are all the available hub sizes of Mercedes. Differences in the sizing come from different models from them.

Mercedes Hub Size
Mercedes Hub Size

What is the hub really?

Before knowing about the Size, it’s good to have an idea about the hub. You must have seen the “hub” named thing every time the car gets cleaned or observed.

This is mainly related to the wheels that work as an adjuster. Center bore is another name for describing the hub. As for the location, it is placed behind the center of the wheel.

The wheel perfectly adjusts with all the axles of the vehicle through this hub. In terms of numbers, there is a total of four driving axles available, along with a hub for each of the wheels.

Size of the Hubs

As Mercedes has been a great ruling company for a long time, lots of models are available to them. But all of them are not available in similar hub sizes. They follow some differences according to some factors.

For better understanding, have a look at the sizing chart given below. You will have a proper idea about it.

Models  Hub size
Mercedes(1985 to 2000)65.6mm
Mercedes(2001 to still)66.6mm

Here the chart from above shows some simple things. All the models from Mercedes come with only two different hub sizes.

The beginning models started with 65.6mm of hub size. This Size was used in the models till the 20th century. At that time, the sizing easily got fitted with the axles and made no issues.

Later in that period, the company has thought about some changes. And therefore, old shaped wheels get replaced with the new ones. Apart from that, the sizing of the hub followed some differences too. It has been upgraded by 1mm more than the previous time. Having updated wheel sizes has made these changes. So the 66.6mm sizing appears like the bigger one. And it’s still getting used in the latest models under Mercedes.

Center bore of hub bore

Don’t live in doubt about these two names. They might sound different, but apparently, they are the similar thing to go for.

Usually, the middle hole area of the wheel is connected with the diameter of the hub. Wheel’s backside is the main area where it remains connected.

Whenever the car hub goes into connection, it assures better fitment. Luckily, the majority of the Mercedes models are available with a simple connection. Nevertheless, they follow the plug-and-play facility for better adjustment and connection. S-class and E-class are the variants that come with similar hub sizes and patterns.

While observing the correction, they both appear the same. There’s no difference between them in nature and efficiency.

How much important a properly sized hub is?

 Well, that’s probably not a deniable thing. Some unconcern Mercedes users don’t have any headaches about the wheels. Even if the threads are gone or damaged, they still get used by them.

However, tires can still make a run on the road, even if they’re stable or not. But an unstable hub size will never make perfection during the movement. If it gets clarified in a better way,

An unstable hub will create friction between the wheels and axle. In consequence, the axle will either create sparks or annoying sounds. Although cars from Mercedes are made from high-quality material, a higher speed running time can easily create some issues.

Secondly, a smaller-sized hub will never create a proper adjustment. In fact, there will be a complete failure to make a connection between the wheel and hub.

If an example is given, a 65.6mm hub can’t be replaced for the 66.6 sized one. There will be some distinctions remain between them. That is why; it will appear riskier than being adjusted.

A smaller-sized hub may provide some good running ability. Still, they live with a great tendency of slipping off at higher speeds.

2004 Mercedes Hub bore Size

Although the sizes are similar, some classic model users still appear with doubts. Better and legit clarification is the only way to know about them.

 2004 model from Mercedes comes with a similar hub size as before. All that means is it follows the same hub sizing of 66.6mm along with the 75mm sized centre cover. And here’s why the confusion gets seen.

Even though the hub size diameter is similar to other models, it follows some differences in sizing from the wheel covering part.

The individuality of the covers gets seen for different wheel sizes. But still, the Size of the hub remains similar and accurate in all.

2009 E350 Hub Size

The E-Class E350 back from 2009 was a great success for the Mercedes Company. And that is why they come with a necessity of knowing the Size. Anyways, there are no changes get found in the hub size of this model too.

They work on external and internal changes. But the functional wheels, such as wheels and the power of the lights, hardly follow the transformations. So do the E350, which comes with 66.6-sized hubs like others.

Measuring the Hub size

Finding out a perfect hub size is only possible by measuring it. Practically, it’s a piece of cake task to perform. Calculating the centre wheel hub through a measurement scale is the way of finding out the Size.

Apart from that, the total number of bolts for the hub is another way of calculating the hub size. And thus, the measurement gets done easily and simply.

Center bore and offset. Connection between them

Wheels can’t be used if they don’t match the vehicle. Even though they look similar, bookish specs describe better and more accurate sizing.

Center bore and offset are the main things that determine the better fitment of the wheel. Nonetheless, the pattern of the bolt is another important element considered too.

Additionally, they’re connected mechanically. In short, all of them are linked with each other.

Offset works as the major thing for the wheel. And it determines the distance between the wheel surface and centerline. Hubs mainly make an attachment with them.

Center bore in a wheel

If your ride requires the finest level of safety, the center bore for the wheel is crucial. The center bore in a wheel perfectly centers the bolts with the wheel and works as a covering.

For that reason, the wheels will not make any additional vibrations or annoying sounds at all. Above all, they will look beautiful and standard in appearance too.

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Final Statement

There will hardly be anyone left with accurate knowledge about Mercedes hub size. And that is only possible to come through reading out this entire topic.

Assure yourself that not a single thing gets missed to know about the sizing. Later of the time, it may appear as a worthy one for determining the sizing.

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