What will be the Mercedes B1 Service Cost?

Mercedes B1 service cost will be fixed for a time limit, and one can renew the service by paying the charge. However, if it meets the miles of service C, then one can no longer take service B1. If one thinks about the overall cost of the maintenance, it will cost a fortune if one tries to do the things separately from any workshop.

Moreover, one will have to pay little compared to the maintenance cost separately. One of the excellent things about this service is that they will get expert maintenance from Mercedes at a low price. Furthermore, one will have to look below to know more.

Mercedes B1 Service Cost

It is not an unknown fact that Mercedes is one of the most luxurious and excellent vehicles. Many car manufacturers have already been in the industry with pride, and many will come, but no one can beat the popularity and luxuriousness of the Mercedes.

One of the reasons behind this popularity is the structured maintenances schedule of the Mercedes at a low price. The manufacturer will provide a plan to the buyers or the users on when and what they should do for the welfare of their car.

As for their B1 service or B service, it comes after the A service. Mercedes will notify the user right after they cross 10,000 miles with their car. This service will cover the much more deep maintenance of the car to ensure the good health and long run of the car.

Any Mercedes users can take the offer in this range. However, they will have to have a new car that has not crossed 100,000 miles and not less than 10,000 miles. If the car is still within the minimum mile’s range, then it will fall in the A service, which will cost less than the B1.

Moreover, let’s see what type of service the B1 service will cover with that price range.

Vehicle Passenger Compartment Function CheckWarning lights, illumination, and interior lightingWindshield wipers, windshield washer system headlamp cleaning system check seat belts for damage and proper function reset the Flexible Service System counter in the instrument cluster
Brakes & TiresInspect the brake pads for lining thickness Rare and front brake disc inspection. Check tires for damage and conditions correct tire inflation pressure including spareMeasure and record tread depth
Engine Compartment Visual CheckCheck for leakage in the engine, brake fluid, coolant, and every possible area. Check for chafe marks, line routing, componentsInspect condition of front axle ball joints and rubber boots, steering mechanical components, and boots
Underbody Visual CheckEngine oil and filter change aspect and correct fluid levels for the brake system, power steering, windshield washer system, and battery acid level check battery condition check catch, safety catch, and hinges on engine hood for proper operation

These are the most important service a car will require after crossing its first 10,000 miles. Luckily Mercedes will provide an expert solution to these problems under service B1 at a low cost. In case one goes for the maintenance separately from outside they will have to pay a fortune. Any Mercedes user under this criteria can have these benefits and save money.

What are the expected repair costs of Mercedes that can add to service B1?

The possibility of getting a repair when one is going through the service B1 of Mercedes is not common. However, depending on the driving area and driver one may face different repairing costs during the time. Below one will get the pricing information on possible repair costs without parts.

However, this cost will vary according to the car model and place of the owner. One may have to pay less or a little more than the described range.

Water pump replacement$779 to $866
Wheel hub replacement$257 to $292
Brake pad replacement for$338 to $368
Hybrid battery cable replacement$295 to $356
Replace spark plugs$360 to $487

Is it important to get the Mercedes B1 service?

Whatever the brand a car belongs to maintenance is a mandatory process. For example, if one does not change the oil filter of their car within the recommended time it will develop sludge. The worst part will be these things will ruin the engine and the main mechanism of the car. Resulting in a dead car within a few weeks.

As for Mercedes, the buyers will have to get through the Service A1 maintenance of Mercedes. After that, once the car cross 10,000 miles, it will have to go through the service B1. They will have to remember that the service is important because it will cover a wide range of maintenance of the car. In case one goes through the criteria separately they miss something and need to pay a lot more than they have imagined.

Overall, choosing the service B1 of Mercedes is the wisest decision. This will allow an expert inspection at a low cost.


The maintenance cost of Mercedes is as high as its original parts. In case one have to repair anything on the car the cost becomes higher and people start having a nightmare about it. However, the easiest and most affordable option of the Mercedes is taking their official service which they offer according to mileage.

First, they offer one service and after crossing more than 10k miles they will offer service B1 for every Mercedes. Under this service, one will get every possible checkup at one time low cost. Hopefully, one has got proper information on Mercedes B1 service cost.

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