What’s the difference with a Mercedes C63 and C63S?

Mercedes is a top-class brand that can’t be compared with any typical or simple model. It doesn’t matter whether they’re coupe, sedan, or cabriolet; they relatively appear as the higher ones in every way. C63 vs C63s are two tough rivals with some great performing ability.

Hope you guys have understood what the discussion is about. It will bring out some comparisons between these two models. Let’s start from the beginning without making any further delay.

So the C63 and C63s have some major and minor differences. Engine power along with maximum speed level is some main distinctions that are available in them.

The C63 can reach from 0 to 60mph in less than 3.9 seconds. On the other hand, the C63s require less than 3.6 seconds to perform the same. Being an updated version, the C63s holds more power and torque in the engine.

Key functions that differ between both models Mercedes C63 vs C63s

C63 and C63s probably have some great features. But they got some differences too. For those, these models can have an individual identification. A comparison chart in the following will be more helpful to find out the separation between them.

C63Facts  C63s
2016 to 2022Manufacturing Year2016 to 2022
4.0L Handcrafted AMG V8 BiturboEngine type4.0L Handcrafted AMG V8 Biturbo
469HpMaximum power503Hp
516nmMaximum Torque480nm
155mphTop speed  180mph+
Sedan and coupeVehicle typeSedan, cabriolet, and coupe
Rear-wheel driveDrivetrain typeRear Wheel drive
9-speed automaticTransmission type9-speed automatic

These are the major introductions of C63s and C63s. Since the C63s is an updated model, it comes with some additional and higher features.

Talking about their manufactured times first, both of them have been launched and estimated for the same times. Whereas the C63 is available in sedan and coupe, the C63s offer an additional one with it. Cabriolet is the additional one.

Apart from all the facts, the main differences get seen in power and performance. Talking about the engine, they come with a similar handicraft 4.0-liter V8 engine. Even though the engines are the same, the C63s has a detuned engine with more power and acceleration. That is why; it can bring out 503hp with a maximum of 480nm of torque.

Higher engine performance will make faster speed. That is why; it can make a top speed of 180mph+. C63 has a lower performing ability than it. RWD drivetrain system in both these models also keeps them nearby from being similar.

Extra added specs

Being an updated variant, the C63s got some additional things too. Apparently, these are the internal upgrades that get seen in this model. C63 follows the typical and old-shaped suspension. But the C63s come with high performing AMG ride-controlled suspension system along with adaptive dampers.

Apart from that, all the C63s variants come with dynamic engine mounts too. For that reason, handling feels more amazing and accurate than in the previous version.

In addition to controlling, the braking system seems extremely great and perfect. The company has also provided high-performing summer tires. A braking system that is why never faces any lacking or faults at all. No matter where it makes the go, the steering will still feel comfortable in the hands.

The internal area  

Talking about the c63 first, it comes with microfiber and faux leather combined interior material. Wooden and aluminum-built accents deliver a stylish and premium feel to both the rider and passenger. As matter of fact, the instrument cluster delivers a great design combined with it.

C63s on the other hand follow a similar material accent. But instead of having microfiber, the C63s come with high-quality leather. That means, it will definitely perform greater in quality and appearance than the other one. Besides being premium, the seats have a ventilation system too. So there is no compromise between comfort and luxuriousness at all.

Cargo space and storage

Both models follow differences in this sector too. C63 has a perfect and standard 12.5 cubic foot trunk. Being a sedan is the only reason for this bigger sizing. But the C63s on the other hand contain a smaller-sized one. This is the reason its coupe pattern.

In general, Sedans can make more rooms and spaces than the coupes. However, the cabriolet comes up with the smallest trunk size. And that holds only 8.6 cubic feet of cargo sizing. Though it sounds smaller, it can easily adjust some great amount of goods in it.

Fuel economy with practical result

Fuel consumption level is different in both these models. Upgraded engines with more power for the C63s are the main reasons behind it. C63 Sedan can deliver a mileage of 19 for cities and 28 for highways.

But on the other hand, C63s coupe delivers 17 on average for the city and 26 for the highway. Even if it is supposed to have a bigger engine with higher power, the fuel level is surprisingly nearby to each other.


You’ll definitely go for a ride that is affordable and within your budget. As a matter of fact, costing creates a major effect on pricing either to select or not.

Usually, a standard C63 Sedan costs around $60k to $62k. And the pricing is limited on it. However, this costing is available for the older variants. The latest 2021 edition C63 costs are higher than the previous ones. And it costs around $70k on-road price.

C63s on the other hand costs higher for being the updated model. According to the features, pricing is good enough and accurate.

The old versioned C63s model prices around $70k to $72k. But the 2021 latest edition cost higher. It has the base price starting from $77k to $79k. Since it’s the price range for a sedan, the coupe and cabriolet cost more. They can even make pricing of more than $85k per unit!

Luxuriousness with higher-level performance and additional features are the main reason for this higher price.

C63 vs C63s. The track performance

A car in track shows its maximum and overall capability. That’s a statement from some professional car riders. However, both these models have been run in tracks to unleash the performance.

After the practical usage, the C63 has delivered a good speed with sober control and braking. Its aerodynamic design perfectly cut the wind and delivers maximum power with speed. All that means the c63 has made a good performance on road with all positive sides.

But whenever it’s about C63s, the performance is relatively higher than the previous one. The updated version with better engine power and torque makes no compromise to turn on this beast. While the C63 makes a sober engine sound, the C63s come with a raw exhaust note with pure aggressiveness.

Keeping the performance aside, it feels more comfortable and handy to ride the C63s on-road rather than the previous model. Highly responsive suspension with an adaptive damper system turns the wheels according to the steering.

So on, the practical observation probably keeps the C63s in the leading line.

C63 and c63s. Are they the worthy ones?

There should be no objection or doubt about Mercedes. All their models are done with the best and higher quality items. Moreover, any of their models are worthy and best to go for.

Furthermore, if the statement takes place between these models, C63s is surely the worthy one to choose. Spending some extra bucks can be a good decision. And it will bring a better performer, speedier and more luxurious model.

Considering pricing with features, the C63s provides more than enough facilities. For that reason, there’s no doubt or objection about this model being the worthy one. C63 in opposite also enough worthy to choose and go for.

Mercedes W213 has a higher market value than the other models. If you have any fascination with this model, click on the link to know more.

Final Verdict

Gladly, the entire comparison of C63s vs C63s has come to an ending. It’s not a rocket science task to find out the proper and accurate car model. Both these are great in their level of performance and features.

Lower budget ones will likely go for the C63 model with little power and performance. Inversely, high-performance recommenders will go for the upgraded C63s indeed.

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