Is W126 a good car? Cost, Speed, and everything

Out of some luxurious and premium brands, Mercedes belongs to the next level. It’s also known as the Gentlemen’s car. Premium features, eye-catchy design, and superior comfort level do not choose by choosing their rides. Mercedes W126 is another outstanding model back from the previous time.

Considering the great necessity, this article will help you to know about this model elaborately.

The W126 from Mercedes is a second-generation S-class variant. Both the sedan and coupe variants are available in it. S-Class versioned W126 is the most successful and sold model from Mercedes.

 W126 a good car
W126 a good car

Key specification of Mercedes W126

Production Year1979-1991 for sedan 1981-1992 for Coupe
Assembled in  Sindelfingen, Germany
Car Type  Sedan
Level  Luxury Grand Tourer
Car pattern4 door sedan 2 door coupe
Transmission4 speed automatic 4-speed manual 5-speed manual
EngineThree different types of engines are available Straight 5 Straight 6 and V8
Total width71.8 inches  
Height56.5 inches for SE 280 56.8 inches for SEL 300 55.5 inches for SEC 420 55 inches for Coupe
Total curb weight1560kg for 280 SE 1656kg for 500 SEL 1660kg for 500 SEC

W126 comes with three different engine variants. Even though they belong to the 20th century, their engines were powerful for their performance. The V8, Turbo Diesel, and straight-6 are the modes that get found in the coupe and sedan.

Since the sedan was ruling in the market since 1979, the company launched an upgraded Coupe model in 1981. That means the W126 is made for both family purposes and premium vibes.

The W116 sedan and C107 coupe are the predecessor models of the W126. Compared with them, the W126 comes with better performance, higher fuel efficiency, and a powerful engine. Moreover, these are the main reason behind its higher sales and great demand on the market.


The beginning of W126 has been done with a 2.8 liter DOHC Six-cylinder engine. And it was the year 1979. The similar engine of W116 has been just detuned with better performance and refinement.

V8 is the next engine variant with better power and performance. It has two different 3.8 liters and 5 liters engines that get used for a similar body and model.

The 3.8-liter V8 engine, contains a single timing chain system. 5-liter engine comes with a dual timing chain system. That is why it seems better in performance with more engine capacity.

Luckily, both these engine models are available in coupe and sedan. That is why; they both can perform almost similarly on the road.

Talking about the performance, almost all the variants come with a similar maximum speed. The W126 model can bring out a higher speed of almost 190kmph. Similar power and speed get seen in every engine variant in this segment. Having a premium and luxurious design, the engine performs higher too.

Transmission system

If it gets explained, an automatic transmission system is available with a four-speed direct driven mode. And it lasts from 1979 to 1991. Even though the manual transmission system seemed great for them, the automatic one gained some great demands too.

Coming to the second series, it has ruled from 1985 to 1991. From the previous version, it has been attached with Economy and Standard mode as an addition. Both the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic versions are available in the updated variant.

Whereas the previous model was great with a manual transmission system, it has been changed to automatic for the later times.

Entire Design

Since there were some previous models available too, W126 followed the same path along with a similar design. Making a comparison to W116, it offers a better aerodynamic shape with a sleek design and a low-profile look. In addition, the low profile look let the car feel lower on the ground and more beautiful.

If a unique thing to say, the W126 has been deprived of having a chrome bumper for the front side. High-quality deformable bumpers made from polyurethane have been used for this ride. For this, the bumper has beautifully aligned with the body and looks beautiful.

The interior

While it’s about inner part and design, Mercedes never make any compromise. Starting from the doors, they got pleated leather that looks awesome. Both the dashboard and middle console hold wooden trims. For that, the interior looks amazing and standard.

Just like the appearance, it performs great too. All the functional buttons have been placed accordingly in the sequence. So the driver will feel more comfortable and easy to go for any necessary one.

Drivetrain Function

Both these variants have made an improved and great drivetrain technology. Coming to the coupe, it was available with the factory-built rear leveling suspension system. In terms of performance, it can easily go through any road or area with better performing ability.

The 5-speed automatic function follows a topographic sensor for measuring the position of the ride. Along with that, it handles the gas pedal area too. That means the vehicle makes an accurate move through simple pushing.

On the other hand, the transmission system featured limp home mode. For that reason, it will never make any engine failure in the initial gear. Nevertheless, it can be easily started up by shifting in the second.

That’s probably a ‘value for purchase’ thing. And this is another great reason for having higher selling.

Having higher and standard level suspension from W116 is another great reason for the performance. Since the previous versions have made good demand in the market through those shock absorbers, the upgraded version has come with that.

Basically, the W126 sedan comes with two different suspension versions. Rear-sided are the hydraulic ones with dual nitrogen ballast. For that, the ride by itself made a good balance on road. On the opposite, the four-wheel hydraulic leveling system is the other one. It comes with adjusting ability in three different positions.

Additional features

Although being an old model, the W126 comes with some great things and performance. All these things have made the ride feel better to feel and use.

The very first feature of W126 is, that it comes with a restraint supplemental airbag system. That means the company has made no compromise about safety at all.

Secondly, it delivers standard and high-performing seatbelts. The driver along with the passenger will not have to face any risky moves during the riding at all. Perfectly placed seatbelts will not provide loosens even if the car brakes hard.

All these were for the inner safety of the rider. But the finest and most efficient feature of this ride is, that it has the traction control mode! That’s true. You guys will definitely find this thing legit and worthy for the ride.

Having the traction control mode, it can easily make balance and friction on any road or area. Apart from that, there will be no chance of losing the grips on any kind of road for having this great feature.

That was an ultimate quality to observe from that time.

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Final Verdict

Now you may understand why the Mercedes W126 is called a gentleman’s car. Sedan for the higher classed users and the coupe for the posh ones.

 Eventually, Mercedes created a superb market value and customer demand across the whole world. This model has played a great contribution role behind it.

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