How much Does BMW Timing Chain Replacement Cost?

A timing chain is a crucial object for the engine. So having any problem in it means the entire engine will face some risks. Your beloved BMW model is making some noises while running. If it is happening from the timing chain, but you’re unknown, you have surprisingly stepped in the right direction. Let’s scroll down till the end and know more about BMW timing chain replacement cost.

In general, the timing chain replacement cost is ranged from $700 to $1200. Reasons behind the pricing variability are different working areas and individual labor costing. And this is the estimated pricing for the replacement.

BMW Timing Chain Replacement Cost
BMW Timing Chain Replacement Cost

About timing chain

A timing chain is an efficient object that remains in the car’s engine. It helps to move different engine parts so that they can perform together. In simple words, the timing chain allows easy movement between crankshaft and camshaft. The entire timing chain is made from metal linked in small pieces. For this design, it can easily adjust with the various wheels and gears.

The cost of replacement

As an estimated cost has been given earlier, it is now time to elaborate it in a better way. For more clarity, look at the chart that shows individual pricing.

Objects  Costing
Timing chain and other parts$250 to $350
Labor cost$500 to $850  

The pricing chart above shows that the timing chain, along with other related parts, costs low. All it requires is the service cost or labor charge. This is the approximate replacement cost for almost all the BMW models. Some high-tech and premium models come with a higher price for the parts along with extra service costs too.

Replacement under dealership

No matter what the model is, BMW always recommends their customers to have services under their authorized points. Being the luxurious and expensive models, this is probably a great thing to have a consultation with experts.

An authorized dealership point can surely be the best place for replacing the timing chain. The best thing about dealership servicing is that they have expert and skilled workers.

Since the third-party shops work upon individual car models, the servicing points of BMW have trained workers for their exclusive ones. For that reason, they probably have better work finishing with proper accuracy. Therefore, replacement under dealership point is preferable to any other servicing areas.

DIY replacement process

If the thing is perfectly known, a replacement can easily be done independently. Nevertheless, BMW comes with a little bit of complicated engine pattern. And as the timing chain relates to the engine, it becomes harder to change it.

Moreover, replacing the timing chain by own often lives with an objection. Either it is properly done or not. For being a critical internal part, the DIY process may not appear worthy enough for the replacement unless the user is perfectly known.

Dealership point vs. DIY process vs. third-party shops. The perfect one for the replacement

Even if they both perform similarly, there’s a great distinction between them. That’s none other than pricing.

In the DIY process, all it needs is the cost of the parts. There are no other charges available. The owner does the replacement on their own by using essential tools.

Lengthy replacing time is the only thing that gets seen for most. Above all, the quality and level of work might be the major thing of concern in this replacement method.

On the other hand, dealership points get the work done most finely. There are hardly any problems get seen in their works. Expert and professional hands finely adjust. Users have a satisfied and perfect replacement under them.

But the dealer servicing points cost too much. They sometimes cost three times more expensive than other replacement areas. Although the pricing of the parts remains similar, they have higher labor charges.

Being a premium brand and quick responsive services, they cost higher service charges. Dealership servicing points are ideal for those who don’t think about the expense and require the finest work.

Third-party shops are probably the great ones for replacement. Back in the previous times, there were very few technicians available for BMW models. Nowadays, almost all the repair shops have trained and skilled technicians for the replacement.

They not only price low but also ensure better working and performance. For that, both pricing and work seem perfect and affordable.

Judging three of them in the described way, the third party replacement is probably the best one to achieve.

BMW 328i timing chain replacement cost

Costing is not fixed at all. It comes under changes depending on the model and the engine pattern. Among some known and highly demanded models, the 328i faces frequent timing chain issues. And the replacement costs around $850 to $970 in total. Both the parts and labor costs are included in this range. The cost can change depending on the working area or place.

The durability of the BMW Timing chain

Well, that’s a great thing for which BMW users show their curiosity. The timing chains of BMW are mainly made for outlasting the engine.

Although the replacement is a great lengthy process to perform, sometimes luck doesn’t favor it. But the company claims to have timing chain validity for around 50,000 to 1 00,000 miles.

The consequence of defected timing chain

Defected or damaged timing chain should be replaced as soon as possible. That is what some professional BMW mechanics advise. Apparently, the statement is totally legitimate and worthy to follow.

As the timing chain adjusts with the engine, a damaged one can hamper the efficiency. Using it for a long time brings out an annoying sound from the engine and later breaks down some internal parts.

In addition, there will be some major performance drops too. Apart from that, the fuel economy level will face a good drawback too. Altogether, a damaged timing chain is mandatory and essential to change to have a stable and proper using condition of the vehicle.

Signs of falling timing chain

Some signs get seen whenever the timing chain falls during usage. Please have a look at them so that there should be no confusion remaining to observe.

  • Disturbance in engine
  • Annoying engine sound
  • Blinking light on dashboard(engine malfunction sign)
  • The engine will stop performing and won’t start

Whenever any of these issues are seen, it relates to the timing chain problem and requires immediate replacement.

Timing chain replacement is almost related to the BMW drivetrain malfunction replacement cost. In fact, it’s a hot topic granted by some interested readers. Why you’re waiting, gather some good ideas through it.

Final Verdict

Timing chains work great until they don’t fall. So following the BMW timing chain replacement cost is a life-saving role to play. In a single word, the cost is reasonable and perfect to achieve.

In conclusion, the timing chain must have to go through an attentive and serious replacement because a perfectly replaced timing chain will assure the best durability and performance.

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