Is Can-Am American Made?

Is Can-Am American Made, this question is common in America since they have manufacturing points in the USA. Since the first launch of their off-road dirt bike in 1972, they have gained tremendous popularity. Following their success, they have extended their business to many countries and established industrial points in countries including the USA under the name CAN-AM.

CAN-AM stands for Canada and America which holds the main manufacturer and sub-manufacturer country. Originally, Canada is the manufacturing country, and the main company has wings in America. For further information, one will have to read the details below.

Is Can-Am American Made?

Can-Am is one of the most popular vehicles that giving service to the off-road industry for more than 50 years. They are spreading their service to more than 100 different countries with their ATV, UTV, and SSV. They have gained popularity in the market since their first launch. The unique design, speed, control, comfortable performance, and all the other good features are the reason.

However, there has been a controversy about the origin of these vehicles. Many people think that they are the product of American manufacturers. Well, that’s not true and the manufacturer is not even close to America. It is also not like American companies buy the raw material or parts from the main manufacturer and assembled it in America.

Mainly, the Can-Am is a Canadian manufacturer’s product. Specifically, Bombardier Recreational Products or BRP a Canadian manufacturer is the company that designed and made these vehicles. They have started their manufacturing of Can-Am more than fifty years ago. In 1942, they have first entered into the business. However, they start manufacturing off-road vehicles in 1972 and gained popularity ever since.

In 1972, when they entered the market within the off-road automobile option, they came with a dirt bike. That was a stylish bike that become one of the main focuses of adventure lovers. Because of the size, speed, control, and overall performance one will be able to drive it to the mountain. People of all ages could be able to drive the bike.

Even it was perfect for driving in the city for regular use. In simple words, it was a multi-purpose vehicle option that gained people’s love. Another amazing fact was its user-friendly feature of it. People having the least driving experience can drive that vehicle. Also, it was possible to learn to drive this within a few hours.

After the huge success and popularity, the manufacturer continued with its off-road vehicle options. Still, they are manufacturing the best Can-AM ATV, UTV, and STV. However, they did have not any ATV until 1998. Before that, they were only producing dirt bikes. Maybe they were making the best possible design for the best possible result.

Rewarding their dedication and hard work, in 1999 their ATV get the highest vote to be the best ATV in that time. After that, they continued with their journey and then launched a two-seater off-road vehicle option. Until 2007 they have keep the name BRP but they changed it to CAN-AM and launched a new manufacturer point in Mexico.

Continuing their amazing production they came with different variations in model and engine type. With huge success, they have expanded their manufacturing plant to a different country. Those plants are in Mexico, Austria, Finland, and as well as in America. If one is having confusion that CAN-AM has an industry in America so their origin is the USA, it is not that.

What is the meaning of the CAN-AM name?

The name CAN-AM is coming from two country names. The original manufacturer has used Canada and American country name short form in the main name of their company. Before that name, the name was BRP stands for Bombardier Recreational Products.

After their manufacturing point in America, they have decided to change the original name to CAN-AM. Now, they have a manufacturing facility in Canada and America.

Is CAN-AM a good brand?

By the fact that they gained popularity as soon as they launched their first vehicle and continued with it, one can guess the quality of their products. All of their vehicles are off-road beasts offering tremendous adventure.

All of their variations have a heavy-duty body made with the best quality material. Whatever the road, the construction of the bike will always please the user. Another most important feature of any off-road vehicle is the engine. The CAN-AM engine will provide great potentiality in the off-roads.

Amazingly, people of all ages even with little knowledge of driving can easily and comfortably drive it. Both off-road and on-road the bikes will provide an excellent experience. Luckily, these excellent and adventurous bikes have a moderate and affordable price range.

Are the CAN-AMs fast?

Speed is necessary while driving the bikes off-road. However, along with speed, control is also important. As for the CAN-AMs, one will get 80 MPH to 82 MPH factory speed with great control. Users will have a great experience with that speed in off-road driving.

Is American-made ATVs are better for off-road performance?

The truth is finding ATV of the USA manufactured is hard. Many of the vehicles have the tag of made in the USA but they are actually assembled in the USA. Most of the vehicle companies have that policy, they assembled their product in the place they will sell it.

So, the point of the off-road ATV having better performance off-road is not logical. One will have to look for the construction details, engine power, and some other features that have an impact on the performance.


The question Is Can-Am American Made arise in most of the people who know about the company. Initially, they are a Canadian manufacturer and the name of the manufacturer is Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. after the launches of their first dirt bike in 1997 they gained popularity and expanded their business to America.

In America, they have the name CAN-AM. However, all their product is mainly coming from the main manufacturing point. Hopefully, one has got all their answers from the detailed discussion above.

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