Nova Vs Chevelle car, Which One to go for?

Nova Vs Chevelle, these differences will illustrate the best two-vehicle options of Chevrolet of American based manufacturer. Specifically, one is compact and the other one is a mid-sized car with a beasty engine and a stylish look. One may confuse these two as cars of the same model at first glance, but they share a completely different purpose.

Mainly, the Chevelle will give more options in engines and body style than the Nova. Moreover, the Chevelle will be more comfortable at some point. For more information, have a look below.

Nova Vs Chevelle car

Nova Vs Chevelle

One can identify the Nova and Chevelle as two of the amazing vintage car of Chevrolet. One of the widely known American affordable automotive manufacturers Chevrolet did quite a wonderful job in their Nova and Chevelle back in the manufacturing period. Back in the time, people used to address these two cars as muscular cars with powerful engines and stylish looks.

If one saw these two iconic cars of America, one will assume them as similar. However, they share a pretty major difference that makes them two different choices for a different group. Specifically, the term Nova refers to two small which comes to the market back in 1962. moreover, the manufacturer designed and manufactured this model to compete with another highly popular model Falcon of the famous manufacturer Ford.

On the other hand, Chevrolet starts manufacturing the Chevelle to fill up the gap between Impala and Nova. Likewise, this model was designed to compete with another phenomenon of Ford namely Fairlane. The launch of this model starts in the year 1964 after the Nova and till 1977.

Now let’s see some major differences between Nova and Chevelle in an organized table.

Table:Nova Vs Chevelle

Get introduced to the world back in 1962 by Chevrolet.Get introduced to the world back in 1964 by Chevrolet.
Design to compete with Falcon of Ford.Designed to compete with Fairlane of Ford.
It has five generations.It has three generations.
The successor model is Chevrolet CitationThe successor model is Chevrolet Malibu
Class of the series is Compact and SubcompactThe class of the series is a mid-size car.
The platform is X-body.Platform is A-body
Body styles are 2-door coupe, 3-door hatchback, and 4-door sedanBody styles are 2-door hardtop, 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible, 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan, 4-door hardtop, 4-door station wagon, and 2-door station wagon
Engine types are I4, I6, and V8Engine types are Chevrolet I6, Small block – V8, and big-block – V8
Wheelbases are 110 inches. (1st Gen) 111 inches. (2nd& 3rd Gen.) 95.7 inches. (5th Gen.)Wheelbases are 115 inches. (1st Gen) 112 inches & 116 inches (2nd& 3rd Gen.)

Nova Vs Chevelle in terms of Engine and Transmission for a different generation

We all know that both Nova and Chevelle were designed and manufactured to compete for two different purposes. So, we can assume that both of them will have major differences in engines and transmissions. Let’s justify the truth from the table below.

1st Generation-153 cu in (2.5 L) Chevrolet 153 I4
-194 cu in (3.18 L) I6 -230 cu in (3.8 L) I6
-283 cu in (4.64 L) V8 -327 cu in (5.36 L) V8
{-194 cu in (3.2 L) -230 cu in (3.8 L)
-250 cu in (4.1 L)}
– Turbo-Thrift I6 {-283 cu in (4.6 L)
-327 cu in (5.4 L)}
– Small-Block V8
-396 cu in (6.5 L) Big-Block V8
>3/4-speed manual
>2-speed Powerglide automatic
>3-speed manual
>4-speed manual
>2-speed automatic
>3-speed automatic
2nd Generation{-230 cu in (3.8 L)
-250 cu in (4.1 L)}- Turbo-Thrift I6 {-307 cu in (5.0 L) –
-327 cu in (5.4 L) 350 cu in (5.7 L) -400 cu in (6.6 L)}
– Small-Block V8 {-396 cu in (6.5 L)
-402 cu in (6.6 L)
-427 cu in (7.0 L)
-454 cu in (7.4 L)}
– Big-Block V8
3rd Generation-153ci (2.5L) I4 -194ci (3.1L) I6 -230ci (3.8L) I6 -250ci (4.1L) I6 -307ci (5.0L) V8 -327ci (5.4L) V8 -350ci (5.7L) V8 -396ci (6.5L) V8
-402ci (6.6L) V8
-250 cu in (4.1 L) Turbo-Thrift I6 {-305 cu in (5.0 L)
-307 cu in (5.0 L)
-350 cu in (5.7 L) -400 cu in (6.6 L)}- Small-Block V8
-454 cu in (7.4 L) Big-Block V8
>4-speed M-20 manual
>4-speed M-21 manual
>4-speed M-22 manual
>4-speed Borg-Warner T-10 manual
>3-speed manual “Saginaw”
>3-speed THM350 automatic
>3-speed THM400 automatic
>2-speed Powerglide automatic
>2-speed Torque-Drive semi-automatic
>3-speed manual
>4-speed manual
>3-speed automatic
4th Generation-151 cu in (2.5 L) Iron Duke I4 -230 cu in (3.8 L) V6 -250 cu in (4.1 L) I6 -262 cu in (4.3 L) V8 -305 cu in (5.0 L) V8 -350 cu in (5.7 L) V8 >3-speed manual
>4-speed M-21 manual
>4-speed M-22 manual >4-speed Borg-Warner T-50 manual
>3-speed THM350 automatic
>3-speed THM400 automatic
5th Generation-1.6 L 4A-C (LC9) I4 (gasoline) -1.6 L 4A-GE (LW0) I4 (gasoline) >5-speed manual >3-speed automatic 4-speed automatic 

We can see that the Chevelle has more variation in transmission and engine than the Nova. Even though Chevelle came late in the production, one will find more options here than Nova.

Which one to buy Nova or Chevelle?

Specifically, both of the options are good to go with the stylish look and affordable price. Also, one will get an engine and performance like a beast with both their Nova and Chevelle option. However, one will go for the Chevelle option to be on the safe side. Because they will get more options in the engine, body style, as well as transmission which is limited for the Nova.

That means, at almost the same price one will get more options with Chevelle than Nova. If one is having a hard time choosing, they can look for the models and body styles of both of the series to be more selective.


If one looks for the best American automotive manufacturer they will fall into the Chevrolet. This one is known for its beast size power and stylish body. Specifically, the Nova and Chevelleare two of the popular option designed and manufactured to compete with two of the popular series of another popular manufacturer.

Hopefully, the readers have gathered all the important and necessary information from the discussion on Nova Vs Chevelle above. We have illustrated every possible information regarding the topic above, which is supposed to be enough to choose the one between these two.

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