Porsche 928 Vs 944, which one of them is worth it?

Porsche 928 Vs 944, this discussion is only valid if one is planning on nothing but random. Because both of the cards are manufactured with a different aim, the performance to body style will be different for these two cars.

Specifically, the Porsche 928 is a Grand tourer classed, and the 944 is a Sports car classed. T at means the area and the performance will be different for them. B sides, two different groups of engineer-designed these cars to replace two series, one is most popular, and the other one is most controversial. W nt to know more? P ease has a look below.

Porsche 928 Vs 944

Porsche 928 Vs 944

The production history of the 928 was easy, but it was not the same for the 944 of Porsche. T is 944 has a great dramatic history of being in the world. T is a result of great controversy, losses, cancellation of a big deal between two manufacturers, and whatnot. In short, this is a replacement for 924, which was a partnership design with Audi that had no so satisfactory performance.

Though Porsche tried to enhance the performance of the 924 models, it was so costly that they decided to terminate the production and stop manufacturing. O  the other hand, Porsche decided to design the 928 as a replacement for the iconic 911.  ey had made the decision because the world was moving forward to more powerful sports cars. S, they launched a new series instead of altering the most popular and iconic series.

As for the differences between these two series and the models, there are plenty of them. B causes both of the series to have different histories and manufacturing years. An l know that Porsche always makes improvement and bring something new if they launch any new series or even model in the same series. Therefore, let’s find out what the differences between the 928 and 944 shares.

Table: Porsche 928 Vs 944

Porsche 928Porsche 944
Manufactured as a replacement for Porsche 911.Manufactured as Porsche 924.
The manufacturer has manufactured the model from 1978 to 1995.The manufacturer has manufactured the model from 1982 to 1991.
It has eight different models in the whole production period.It also has eight different models in the whole production period.
The total production of all the models is 61056 in the period.Porsche produced 163192 cars of this model in the time frame.
The designer of the series was Wolfgang Möbius and Anatole LapineThe designer of the series was Harm Lagaay.
It is a Grand tourer classed series.It is a Sports car classed series.
A perfect combination of luxury and performance.An excellent option for performance.
The mid-range and more affordable option.Expensive than the 928
Prices start from around $28,000.Starting price is around $36, 000.

Porsche 928 vs 944 in terms of Engine

Both of the series have different models and different engines. An l of the engines were designed with the aim of tremendous power and durability. Both of the series were to target the consumer of sports car enthusiasts. They tried to manufacture the cars with the most performative engines.

In the series of 928, the strongest and most performative model was the GTS with a 5.4L engine that can provide 257 kW power for the drive. Conversely, the most performative car of 944 was 1989, with a 2.1L engine that could produce 212kW power.

Clearly, the 928 series has the most energetic Engine if we compare it from the overall perspective. B cause the engines of this series provide much more power than the others.

Table: Porsche 928 vs 944 in terms of Engine

Porsche 9281979 to 19789284.5L177 kW
1978 to 1982928169 kW
1980 to 1983928177 kW
1980 to 1983928 S4.7L221 kW
1980 to 19849284.5L170 kW
1983 to 1986928 S4.7L178 kW
1984 to 1986928228 kW
1986 to 1991928 S202 kW
1978 to 1989928 S45.0L221 kW
1987 to 1991928 S4 Club Sport235 kW
1978 to 1982928 S (S3)215 kW
1980, 1981, 1982928 GT243 kW
1980 to 1983928 GTS5.4L257 kW
Porsche 9441982 To 19879442.5 L M44/40 I4120 kW and 110 kW
1988944 118 kW
1987 To 1989944 S 140 kW
19899442.7 L M44/12 I4121 kW
1989 to 1991944 S23.0 L M44/41 I4155 kW
1985 to 1988944 Turbo2.5 L M44/51 turbocharged I4162 kW
1988944 Turbo S2.5 L M44/52 turbocharged I4184 kW
1989 to 1991944 Turbo2.5 L M44/40 I4184 kW

Porsche 928 vs 944 in terms of number of production

They share different production years as well as numbers. S specifically, Porsche start with the 928 back in 1978 and manufactured it till 1995. W thin this time frame, they have manufactured 61056 pieces of different models in this series.

On the other hand, Porsche 944 was first launched in 1982, and the manufacturer ended the production back in 1991 with 163,192 pieces of the car in total. S, the 928 was in production for 17 years, and the 944 was only for nine years. U ultimately, the 944 was the most produced series between these two, and we all can assume the reason.

Table: Porsche 928 vs 944 in terms of number of production

Porsche 928ModelModel yearsNumbers madePorsche 944ModelModel YearsNumbers made
9281978–8217,6699441982 to 1989113,070
928 S 1980–838,315944 Turbo1985 to 199125,245
928 S/S21984–8614,347944 S1987 to 198812,936
1987–9115,682944 S21989 to 199114,071
928 CS1988–89½19944 S2 Cabriolet1989 to 19915,656
928 SE198842Total1982 to 1991163,192
928 GT 1989½–912,078
928 GTS 1992–95

Porsche 928 Vs 944, which one to buy?

To be honest, both of the cars are manufactured for completely two different reasons. S  making the differences or asking for the differences does not make sense that much. However, if one wants to make any verdict to buy one, then the 928 Porsche will be a great choice over the 944. W is saying this because of the power and performance it will provide in its lifetime.

In case one is looking for a mid-range, highly performative sports car, then they should go for the 928 series over any series of any manufacturer.


Overall, both Porsche 928 and 944 are two of the amazing production series Porsche had offered back in the 19’s. With an affordable price and perfect performance, they have gained popularity all over the world. With different production numbers of thousands, they had been at the top of the selling list.

Moreover, the 928 will be more performance-oriented than the 944. It is because of the design of the body and the Engine of the car. H hopefully, one has got all the answers on Porsche 928 Vs 944 from the above discussion.

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