What to know about the Lr41 Battery?

Lr41 Battery is the button cell battery. These are the smallest size containing the lowest voltage level among all the battery options. However, those are the most common and popular battery types. This is because people use these batteries in their regular life, unlike many other batteries.

Having the smallest size and lowest amount of voltage, these non-rechargeable batteries last for quite a long time. One has to choose the proper manufacturer inthe first place. To know more details about the battery type, one should read the whole article.

Lr41 Battery                        

Batteries are the storehouse of electricity. People store electricity in batteries in the form of chemicals to use in their portable devices. Without them, the devices will not work. Batteries come in many sizes and shapes according to the device size.

One will find a big-size battery for cars, less small for significant electronic devices, size of a few shot glasses. Also, the batteries are available in size of a small button. People may have used electronic devices of small size like hand watch, pencil light, etc.

In that type of device, one cannot use big batteries or AA or AAA batteries. So, the manufacturer designed button cell alkane batteries. Those batteries look like a button but store an impressive amount of energy.

In technical terms, people know these batteries as LR41. The name came from the alkaline chemical component used in these batteries. If we demonstrate the title, the L refers to the alkaline chemical Lithium. Besides, the R indicates the battery’s shape, which is Round.

Those button batteries or LR41 batteries are primary batteries. That means one cannot reuse the batteries by recharging them. So those non-rechargeable batteries require replacement if they are dead. However, it is not time-consuming or costly to replace LR41 batteries.

One can use a watch for at least 6 to 7 months with a single or two batteries. Sometimes the lifespan of the battery can be more than 4 to 5 years. Depending on the device and use rate, the batteries run for a long time.

As for the technical feature of the LR41, those have a standard voltage of 1.5v. With an operating temperature of 00C to 600C, one can easily use those batteries. If the temperature is lower or higher than the range, the performance can be poor or zero.

As for the dimension of the battery, the standard size is 7.9mm in diameter with a height of 3.6mm. These are the most common size and commonly used batteries. Most of our regular used devices use this battery for power.

Table: Technical specifications of LR41 Battery

LR41 Battery Nominal Voltage1.50 Volts
Capacity  25-32mAh
Operating Temperature0°C – 60°C 
ChemistryAlkaline (similarly sized variants in silver oxide)

These button cell batteries are some of the most user-friendly non-rechargeable batteries. One does not have to replace them often. Also, the replacement process is straightforward. It does not require any technical knowledge or any tools.

To install the battery in the device, one has to first search for the battery placement. Normally, it is below the toy. For watches, it is also in the back of the watch. If one is not finding the place, they can read the manual of the device.

After fining the place, now it’s time to open it. For toys, it is just unclipping. However, for a watch, in some cases, one may have to unscrew some small screw. If it feels complicated, they can go to a nearby watch shop.

Now it’s time to find the positive and negative terminal of the battery. In most alkaline batteries, the flat side is the positive one. Probably there will be a ‘+’ sign on the side. The opposite side will be the negative one.

Since one has known the positive and negative sides of the battery, now it’s time to place the battery in the device. Some of the devices have a metallic surface for connecting the battery. One has to make sure they do not touch that surface during the installation or replacement because a small touch or scars can ruin the device completely.

That’s all with the LR41 battery. Undoubtedly, one can choose these batteries for their devices according to their size. Moreover, whatever the size, the voltage will be 1.5v for all the button cell batteries.

What is the different model of button cell alkaline battery?

Along with the LR41 button cell battery, there are some other models of button cell. The voltage of these batteries isthe same, but they differ in size. It is because the electronic devices we use requires different size battery in other devices. The options are,

Button cell BatteryLengthDiameterVoltage
LR1120 Battery2.05mm11.6mm1.5V
LR1130 Battery3.1mm11.6mm1.5V
LR41 Battery3.6mm7.9mm1.5 V
LR43 Battery4.2mm11.6mm1.5 V
LR44 Battery5.4mm11.6mm1.5 V

What batteries are the replacement of the LR41 battery?

Some may want to replace the LR41 battery with another type. As a replacement for these batteries, the new one has to be of the same size and same voltage. Whatever the size and usage of the battery, when one wants to replace a type of battery with another type, the size and the voltage need to be equal.

As for LR41 batteries, the name code says that the replacement size of the battery will be round. Also, the voltage needs to be 1.5v, which is equal to LR41. The letter L stands for Lithium. So the replacement can be of the replacement of chemical.

One will find three types of alternativesto LR41. Those are Alkaline, Silver Oxide, and Zinc-air.


In the electric device world or button cell batteries, zinc-air is the lesser use battery. People mostly use this battery in their hearing aid. It is valid for the LR41 alternative too. Usually, humans do not use zinc-air batteries as a replacement for LR41.

Though the size of the zinc-air is identical to the LR41, the other specifications are different. As for the voltage of it, one will fin 1.4v to 1.45v, which is less than the LR41. Also, the capacity of the zinc-air battery is not too good.

However, the options one can try as an alternative of LR41 from zinc-air are,

LR41 alternativeOptions
  Zinc-Air312 PR41 P312 ZA312  

Silver- Oxide

One of the suitable options which are almost similar to the alkaline options is the silver oxide button cell can be an excellent alternative to LR41. The size is identical; however, the voltage is 1.55v which is a little higher. But it will not create a problem. However, the capacity of the battery is quite impressive.

A significant side of the silver oxide batteries is it retains a consistent voltage output the time they are dying. It will save the health of the devices which are highly vulnerable to battery voltage.

So, the suitable alternative of LR41 in silver oxide can be,

LR41 alternativeOptions
        Silver-OxideSR41 SR41W SR736 SG3 392 384 D392 V392 (547) SB-B1


The alkaline button cells batteries are the closest and most suitable alternative to LR41. With the same size, voltage, and chemistry, they will be the perfect replacement. Moreover, the significant advantage of this type is the reasonable cost.

The Alkaline alternative of LR41 can be,

LR41 alternativeOptions
        AlkalineV36A LR736 L736 AG3 192 RW87 SB-B1 V3GA  

Those eight different models of Alkaline will prove as a perfect replacement for LR41. They consist of the same size, voltage, chemical properties as the Lr41 battery.

Which battery has the most extended lifespan, silver oxide or Lithium?

Silver oxide and lithium batteries are two completely different types of batteries. In some cases, the lithium batteries can be recharged, but silver oxide is always non-rechargeable. Moreover, the price of silver oxide is a lot more than lithium batteries.

So, one can predict that silver oxide has the longest lifespan. Yes, it odes. Among Lithium and silver oxide, silver oxide have a life span of 3 to 5 years, which is more than Lithium. Even if one uses the battery 24/7, it will run for 4 to 5 years.

Usually, people use silver oxide batteries in low electric devices like watches. This is because this device requires too little energy to operate, which is suitable for a silver oxide battery.

However, Lithium is used in heavy-duty electronic devices like mobile phones. If the battery is high quality, it will run for 24 hours to 48 hours on heavy use after that. One can recharge the device.

Therefore, two of the battery have a completely different scenario. In that case, one cannot technically compare these two or conclude the lifespan. However, in a non-technicalway, silver oxide has the most extended lifespan.

What type of devices use LR41 button cell batteries?

LR41 batteries have a vast user device. Almost 35% of our used machines use button cell batteries of different sizes in our regular life. As for the LR41 button cell battery, the devices are,

Battery TypeDevices
        LR41Digital Thermometer Calculator Laser Pen Flashlight Security System Panel Wrist Watches Medical Devices and Instruments ( hearing aid) Memory Backup Battery Pack Application 3GA  

From where can one buy an LR41 battery?

Luckily, the LR41 batteries are extremely common and widespread. In any super shop or hardware shop, one will find these batteries. Even in the local or nearby shop, these will be available. Since many manufacturers are manufacturing these batteries, a good option will be available there.

However, one can buy the battery from any renowned online retailer. Moreover, some manufacturers have their online shop on those online platforms. So in there, people can directly purchase the batteries from the manufacturer.

While buying the batteries, one has to keep in mind they have to choose the quality battery. A low-priced less quality battery will damage the device.


The Lr41 Battery type is the most common and famous in the electronic device industry. Knowingly or unknowingly, all of us use this type in our regular life. However, most of us ask what to know about the lr41 battery.

LR41 is the most straightforward battery with no complexity. Moreover, these are non-rechargeable batteries that will last for 3 to 4 years. Depending on the use rate, the time frame can be six months to 1 year. Therefore, one can use this battery without any worry.

However, they need to choose the brand or the manufacturer wisely. Because not all the manufacturers manufactured quality batteries.

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