Can-Am Spyder Vs. Motorcycle, which one is the safest?

Can-Am Spyder Vs. Motorcycle, in this discussion, people will be arguing between a three-wheeler and a two-wheeler. Can-Am Spyder, being a three-wheeler, will provide more stability, towing capacity, and, most of all, safety. On the other hand, the Motorcycle will be less safe and capable of less towing capacity.

However, the Motorcycle will provide maximum performance in the situation it is made for. On-road or off-road, one will get the maximum speed and driving experience with it. Furthermore, one will have to read through the article for more details.

Can-Am Spyder Vs. Motorcycle

The distinction between Can-Am Spyder and any motorcycle will lead one to the path of safety. Well, in physical appearance, they are completely two different things. Seeing the Spyder, anyone will say that this is something like a golf cart or a snow bike. However, a motorcycle will still look like a motorcycle. So, what’s the point of making a difference?

Many people tend to love both of the vehicles and want to buy any of the ones according to their circumstances. That’s why we need to stand the differences between this two to help the seeker find their best fit between this two.

First of all, the Can-Am Spyder is a three-wheel vehicle. If one looks into the bike, one will see a rare wheel and two front wheels supporting the steering. The body of the bike will look more like any branded expensive motorcycle. However, the mechanism and three wheels make it quite different from a motorcycle.

On the other hand, a motorcycle is a two wheels vehicle. This one will have one rear wheel and one front wheel supporting the steering. The body design will look more like the other, but they have vast differences in design and material selection. Let’s know more deep, detailed differences between these two.

Table:Can-Am Spyder Vs. Motorcycle

CAN-AM SpyderMotorcycle
It is a three-wheeled vehicle.This is a two-wheeler vehicle.
The engine is 1300cc.The engine is 847cc
Maximum power will be 115 HP or 85.8 kW at 7,250 RPMMaximum power will be 115 HP at 10,000 pm
Maximum torque will be 96 lb-ft. or 130.1 Nm at 5,000 RPMMaximum torque will be the torque of 87.5 Nm at 8500 pm
6-speed semi-automatic transmission.6-speed constant mesh transmission
The capacity of the fuel tank is 26.5LThe capacity of the fuel tank is 18L
Maximum fuel economy is 34 mpg.Maximum fuel economy is 45 MPG.
The overall weight of the vehicle will be 1021 lbs.The overall weight of the bike will be 580 lbs.
It can carry more weight.It will carry less weight than the Spyder.
More stable.Less stable.
One can ride it with basic riding skills.One will need to have enough experience of driving to ride this.
Safer to drive.Safer but less than the Spyder.


To compare the Can-AM Spyder and a motorcycle, we can take something Similar to Yamaha Naked as an example. Normally, the Motorcycle comes with a heavy engine because of the speed it needs to come up with.

Here, the Spyder will have a 1,330cc Rotax ACE triple-cylinder engine. Meanwhile, the Motorcycle of a similar category will have an 847cc triple-cylinder engine. Besides, the engine of the Spyder will give power of 115 HP or 85.8 kW at 7,250 RPM. Also, the torque of 96 lb-ft. Or 130.1 Nm at 5,000 RPM.

On the contrary, the Motorcycle will have a maximum power of 115 HP at 10,000 rpm and a torque of 87.5 Nm at 8500 pm. Here, we can see there will not be so many differences in power between these two engines even if they have different cc measurements.

Though the Motorcycle has lower cc than the Spyder, it will be able to produce more power because of the two-wheel and overall weight. Since the three-wheeler has more weight and the dimension is higher, the engine will produce less power for it even if it has more cc.


The Spyder will have a 6-speed semi-automatic transmission with the highest workability. On the contrary, the Motorcycle will have a 6-speed constant mesh transmission for better performance. In transmission, both of them have pretty differences.


Another specification is that they have a vast variation. As for the Spyder, one will get a 26.5L fuel tank meanwhile the Motorcycle will have an 18L fuel tank. That’s a huge difference in fuel capacity. However, their fuel economy will be something extraordinary.

The Spyder will give a maximum of 34 MPG fuel economy, while the Motorcycle will provide a maximum of 45 MPG fuel economy. As with the power differences between these two, that difference comes from the overall weight of these two vehicles.

Weight Capacity

Here is the most impacted difference between Spyder and Motorcycle. Because of the huge variation in weight, both vehicles have major differences in technical specifications. Specifically, the weight of the Spyder will be 1021 lbs. Meanwhile, the Motorcycle will be around 580 lbs. the Motorcycle is almost half of the Spyder.

It is because the dimension of the Spyder, along with other physical structures, is more than the Motorcycle. Also, an extra wheel in the Spyder makes that huge difference. Supporting their weight differences, they have different towing or payload capacities. The Spyder can carry way too weight than the Motorcycle.


When one is on the road, they are mostly concerned about safety no matter what the number of the wheel. Comparatively, the more wheel, the safer. With the Spyder three-wheel vehicles, the drivers will be more stable and secure on the road. However, the Motorcycle will not be able to provide the same stability as the three-wheeler.

The Spyder will provide so many safety features in their bike. Those are, 

  1. SCS or Stability Control System
  2. TCS or Traction Control System
  3. ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System
  4. DPS or Dynamic Power Steering
  5. Anti-theft system Digitally Encoded Security System
  6. HHC or Hill Hold Control

On the contrary, the Motorcycle will not provide as much security as the Spyder. However, one will get ABS, Electronic niceties, and some other basic safety features. Overall, the Spyder will always be ahead of any other motorcycle in terms of safety.


Some of the riders are concerned about the overall speed they will get from their bike. Usually, the weighty vehicles provide less speed. So, one can assume already that the Spyder will provide less speed than a two-wheeler. Normally, the Spyder will give a maximum of 56 mph (90 km/h) is permitted in Eco, Sport, and Rally modes. On the other hand, a motorcycle will provide a 210 km/h maximum speed.

Is Can-Am is safer than the Motorcycle?

In simple words, the CAN-Am spyder will be safer than any motorcycle on the market. The first and main reason for the Spyder being the safest option is stability. Because of the structure of the bike with a three-wheel, it becomes more stable than ever on the ground. Unlike a motorcycle, one will not have so much skill to keep the bike on the ground.

Because of the two-wheel structure of the Motorcycle, one will need to have a lot of skill to keep it stand. Besides, a simple loss of control will not cause any safety issues when one is on the Spyder. However, it will become a big issue on the Motorcycle.

One will have to learn about keeping balance while riding the Motorcycle. This is not with the Spyder because it is already in balance and stability. One will need to ride it without worrying about another fact. Therefore, the Can-Am Spyder is safer than the Motorcycle.

When should one choose a motorcycle over CAN-AM Spyder?

Indeed CAN-AM Spyder is the safest option. But there will be some circumstances when choosing the Motorcycle over the Spyder. Firstly, people leaving in an area where they have to face traffic more often need to go for the Motorcycle. Because the small dimension of the bike allows the driver to cross the traffic, however, with the spyder, one will not get that chance.

Besides requiring a lot of speed on the road to reach their destination as fast as possible, the Motorcycle is the option. Though the Spyder has a stronger engine, it will produce less speed. So, one may pick the Motorcycle in the described situation.


In any automobile store, people will notice both the CAN-AM spyder and the Motorcycle. Having these two will be good. However, both of them have a beneficial situation in different circumstances. In case one does not have much driving skill and does not require so much speed on the road, they must go for the spyder option.

However, the Motorcycle will not provide stability like the other one. They will be faster than ever. Also, one will feel the real experience of adventure on a long road with it. Overall, the decision is on the users regarding the discussion of the Can-Am Spyder Vs. Motorcycle.

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