2nd Gen Cummins Vs All, What idea should one have about this generation?

2nd Gen Cummins Vs All, this discussion will cover all the possible features and aspects of the 2nd generation of Cummins. Specifically, one will find two versions, 12v and 24v, in this generation which creates huge differences. The low performer vehicles will be in the category of the 12v, and the high performer vehicles will be in the 24v category.

However, the fuel system of the 24v will have some issues which may reduce the lifespan of the engine. But this area will provide the maximum performance in every aspect. Furthermore, one may look below to get detailed information on the topic.

2nd Gen Cummins

2nd Gen Cummins Vs All

After the breathtaking success of the first generation Cummins they have moved to the 2nd generation. Following the footstep of 1st generation, which was successful, was not easy for them. So, they have kept the 5.9L engine to remain at its peak the power. Moreover, the 2nd generation Cummins refers to the dodge diesel pickups between 1994 and 2002.

Specifically, one will find two variations in the second generation, Cummins. Both the variation will have tremendous power and performance for their users. One will have to know the deep specifications and differences between these two.

Before going any further, let’s have a look into the specification with an average statistical value of the second generation

2nd Gen 5.9L CumminsSpecifications
Engine DesignInline 6 Cylinder, 24 valves
BlockDeep Skirt Cast Iron
Cylinder HeadCast Iron
Displacement5.9 Liters or 359 Cubic Inches
Bore106.9 mm
Stroke124 mm
Compression RatioStandard 16.31 High Output 17.21
Firing Order1-5-3-6-2-4
Fuel InjectionDirect Injection With Bosch Fuel injection pump. 1994-1998 Bosch P7100 “P-Pump.” 1998.5+ Bosch VP44 Electric Rotary
Turbocharger1. Early 1994- Holset WH1C Turbo 2. 1994-1998 Holset HX35W Turbo 3. 1998.5-2002 Manual Holset HX35W 4. 2001-2002 Automatic Holset HY35W 5. 2001-2002 High Output Holset HX35W
Valvetrain1994-1998 Overhead Valve Engine (OHV) 2 Valves per cylinder 4 Valves Per Cylinder; 24v total
PistonsCast Aluminum
Transmissions1994-1998 47RH 4-Speed Automatic NV4500 5-Speed Manual 1998.5+ 47RH 4-Speed Automatic NV5600 6-speed Manual
Weight1150 Lbs Dry
Engine Oil Capacity12 Quarts or 11.4 Liters /w Filter
Governed Speed1994-1998 12 Valve 2,700 rpms 1998+ 24 Valve 3,200 rpms
Horsepower1994-1998 160-215 horsepower 1998.5+ 215-245 horsepower
Torque1994-1998 400-440 lb-ft 1998.5+ 420-505 lb-ft

Now let’s know the details of the two variations of the second generation.

12V Cummins of 1994 to 1998

The first option or variant of the second-gen Cummins is the 12V Cummins, which was in manufacturing from 1994 to 1998. In this, they have featured a desirable p-pump fuel injection pump. They have added an injector, a new big-size turbocharger in the second generation, to maximize the performance.

Amazingly, this addition of an extended instrument in the engine maximizes its quality and performance. Specifically, this one will reduce the emission rate of the car compared to the previous generation. His generation will take the experience to another level. Producing greater horsepower and torque, the driver will get the extreme adventure with this second generation. Let’s know more details about the 12v Cummins of the second generation.


Engine5.9-liter Cummins 6BT “2nd-Gen 12-Valve.”
ManufacturerCummins Engine Company
Production Years1994-1998
Displacement5.9 liters
Bore/Stroke Ratio0.85
Compression Ratio17.01
Firing Order1-5-3-6-2-4
Engine BlockCast iron
Cylinder HeadCast iron
Injection SystemDirect injection, Bosch P7100 mechanical injection pump
AspirationIntercooled Holset HX35 turbocharger
ValvetrainOHV, 2 valves per cylinder
Electrical System12 volt
Oil Capacity12 quarts
Fuel Typediesel
Horsepower160-215  HP at 2,500 rpm
Torque400-440 lb-ft at 1,600 rpm
Weight1,100 pounds
DimensionsLength 40 inches
Width 24.9 inches
Height 37.9 inches

Fuel Injection

The early second-generation Cummins introduced a new direct fuel injection method using a pump. Moreover, they have also changed the piston so that it can get better combustion to emission less carbon. Undoubtedly, the Bosch P7100 mechanical injection pump is the most crucial part of the system. It has made the performance better even in the low fuel flow.


Usually, the performance of the car varies from year to year and model to model. For the second generation first version, the performance will be the lowest in the beginning. However, they will continue improving their performance every year and every model.

Table: engine performance of 12v

1994-1995Four-speed automatic160  HP400 lb-ft
1994-1995Five-speed manual175  HP420 lb-ft
1996-1998Four-speed automatic180  HP420 lb-ft
1996-1998Five-speed manual215  HP440 lb-ft

24V 5.9L Cummins 1998 to 2002

The manufacturer identify this 1998 to 2002 2nd generation, Cummins, as a revised version of the 12v one. Though it gains the same body style, it gets a huge mechanical change to improve its performance. The manufacturer has replaced the P-pump with a rotary electrical VP44 injection pump. However, this injection pump is one of the common 2nd generation Cummins problems. Moreover, let’s know further details about this from below.


Engine5.9-liter Cummins ISB
ManufacturerCummins Engine Company
Production Years1998.5-2002
Displacement5.9 liters
Bore/Stroke Ratio0.85
Compression RatioStandard 16.31
High Output 17.21
Firing Order1-5-3-6-2-4
BlockCast iron
Cylinder HeadCast iron
Injection SystemDirect injection, Bosch VP44 rotary-electric injection pump
Aspiration1998.5-1999 Intercooled Holset HX35W turbocharger
2000-2002 Intercooled Holset HY35W Type D turbocharger
ValvetrainOHV, 4 valves per cylinder
Electrical System12 volt
Oil Capacity12 quarts
Fuel Typediesel
Horsepower215 – 245 HP at 2,900 rpm
Torque420 – 505 lb-ft at 1,600 rpm
Weight1,150 pounds
DimensionsLength 40 inches
Width 24.9 inches
Height 37.9 inches

Fuel System

With this series, they have taken a huge step in changing the fuel system of the Cummins of 2nd generation. They have introduced an electric lift pump to keep the pressure constant. However, this lift pump creates major issues in the system like engine failure. Because if thee engine does not get enough flow it breaks.


This is version is the improved version in performance than the previous one. That means this 24V will provide almost double the performance of the 12v one. For the second generation 2nd version, the performance will be the lowest in the beginning. However, they will continue improving their performance every year and every model. 

Overall, one will the highest level of performance from the 2001 year model which is Six-speed manual transmission providing horsepower of 245 HP and torque of 505 lb-ft.

Table: Engine performance of 24v

1998.5-1999Four-speed automatic215 HP420 lb-ft
2000-2002Four-speed automatic235 HP460 lb-ft
1998.5-2002Five-speed manual235 HP460 lb-ft
2001-2001Six-speed manual245 HP505 lb-ft

What is the maximum towing capacity of 2nd generation, Cummins?

One of the main purposes of buying a truck is towing things. Well, this 2nd generation Cummins truck will have a different towing capacity. Though the body style of the vehicles will be the same they will vary in dimension so does the towing capacity. Below is the table one will find the towing capacity of different models.

ModelMax Tow Capacity
regular cab 4×214,100 lbs
regular cab 4×413,650 lbs
quad cab 4×213,800 lbs
quad cab 4×413,400 lbs
regular cab 4×215,150 lbs
regular cab 4×414,700 lbs
quad cab 4×214,700 lbs
quad cab 4×414,300 lbs

What is the lifespan of the 2nd generation, Cummins?

Well, the second generation Cummins is considered to be the best performer truck with a heavy-duty engine. Specifically, this one will run for at least 300,000 miles until it requires a rebuild or any major repair. So, one can completely rely on and trust this second generation.

How to maintain the 2nd generation Cummins, before servicing?

One will have to take their Cummins to the workshop for a monthly servicing to check everything is fine. However, before taking it for servicing one needs to have some maintenance with the car. Those are basic and require no hardware and mechanical knowledge. The maintenance inspections are,

Maintenance Inspection monthly-Inspect all steering and suspension components for wear -Thoroughly inspect the exhaust system -Check all components holding oil or fluid for leaks. -Check your driveway for signs of any leaks -Inspect Brake hoses -Rotate your tires –Check all fluid levels -Check your tires for nails, screws, bulges, or other damage. -Drain water from the fuel filter


If one is looking for a heavy-duty and heavy towing capacity truck, they may end up in the 2nd generation Cummins. However, this generation has multiple options. Specifically, the 12v and 24v options will confuse people.

Though the performance of the 24v is far better than the 12v, the lifespan of the engine seems to have a drawback in the 24v engine. Hopefully, one has sorted out all their confusion with this 2nd Gen Cummins Vs All discussion.

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