Nissan Altima Speakers Size, which one will be perfect fit?

Nissan Altima speaker’s size will depend on the dimension and year of the model like other series. If one is planning to replace or modify the speakers they will need to know the size of the factory speakers. Well, the size will be different according to the year and body style of the car.

Specifically, they use a tweeter and full-range speaker in the Altima and there is no Subwoofer. So, the size will be according to the type of speaker they have used in the car. Hopefully, the information below will help understand the sizing properly.

Nissan Altima Speakers Size

Nissan Altima Speakers Size

Every manufacturer tries to design and manufacture their vehicles without any fault in any area including Nissan. They put great care into every single detail including the sound system to make everything perfect. However, some of the buyers or users always want more and want to modify some of the areas according to their wishes. The sound system of the car is not disclosed from the modification of the user.

Luckily, one can modify the Nisan Altima speakers of any year. However, they will need to know the size of the factory speakers if they want to do so. Because the manufacturer will not leave extra space for anything outside the factory size. So, if one brings anything bigger than the factory size then they will have to trim the place. In some cases, trimming will not help to fit the speaker.

On the other hand, being smaller in size than the factory size will also create issues. If one puts something smaller then they will get poor sound quality. Therefore, it is necessary that one find the perfect size if one wants to modify the sound system. Moreover, this task will require knowledge of the dimension of the car as well as the body style.

To find out the perfect and accurate size of the Altima speaker let’s inspect the dimension and body style of the models.

Table: the dimension of Nissan Altima of every generation to determine the speaker size.

1st generationWheelbase103.1 inches
Length180.5 inches
Width67.1 inches
Height55.9 inches
Body Style4 door sedan
2nd generationWheelbase103.1 inches
Length185.8 inches (2000–01)
183.5 inches (1997–99)
Width69.1 inches
Height55.9 inches
Body Style4 door Sedan
3rd GenerationWheelbase110.2 inches
Length192.3 inches (2005–06)
191.5 inches (2001–04)
Width70.4 inches
Height57.9 inches
Body Style4-door Sedan
4th generationWheelbase109.3 inches of the sedan
105.3 inches of a coupe
Length189.8–190.7 inches of a sedan
180.9–182.5 inches of a coupe
Width70.7 inches of  sedan & coupe
69.6 inches of hybrid
Height57.9–58.3 inches of sedan
55.3–55.9 inches of coupe
Body Style4 door sedan 2 door coupe
5th GenerationWheelbase109.3 inches
Length191.3 inches
Width72.0 inches
Height57.9 inches
Body style4 door sedan
 6th generationWheelbase111.2 inches
Length193.0 inches
Width72.8 inches
Height57.0 inches

According to the dimensional data table above we have different-sized Altima of two different body styles. Mostly, all the generation are 4-door sedan but the 4th generation have an option of a 2-door coupe. We can say that these will have an almost similar type of speaker size.

However, the year of the models is another fact that alters the speaker size and number. Because of the growing technology and availability of that technology at a low price, Nissan has used modern technology in their speaker too.  Let’s see the size of the speaker as well as the placement for the Nissan Altima.

Table: Nissan Altima Speakers Size

YearFront 1Front 2Rear 1Rear 2
2013 to 20226.5 inches3.5 inches3.5 inches tweeter6.5 inches3.5 inches tweeter6 x 9 inches
2010 to 20126.5 inches3.5 inches3.5 inches tweeter6.5 inches3.5 inches tweeter6.5 inches
2007 to 20096.5 inches3.5 inches3.5 inches tweeter6.5 inches3.5 inches tweeter6 x 9 inches
2005 to 20066.5 inches1 inches tweeter6.5 inches6 x 9 inches
2002 to 20046.5 inches1 inches tweeter6.5 inches6 x 9 inches
1998 to 20016.5 inches1 inches tweeter6.5 inches
1995 to 19975 x 7 inches1 inches tweeter6 x 9 inches6.5 inches
1993 to 19945 x 7 inches1 inches tweeter6 x 9 inches6.5 inches

We have covered all the years of Nissan Altima for the speaker size. They will find their model in between the information. Moreover, it is possible to fit the speakers if they are a little higher in size and have a place in the body. One can simply trim the place to enhance it. However, one must not do it without the help of any professional. If so they may end up damaging the car which will be unrepairable.

What is the color code of speaker wires in Nissan Altima?

It is important that one connect the right wire to the right station while installing the speakers. Otherwise, one will not get the sound they want. In some cases, they may end up with no sound from the system at all. To know and remember the wire, one can need to know the color code we have illustrated below.

Nissan Altima Speaker wire color codeWireColor
+12V DimmerPowerAntennaGreen

Which aftermarket speaker will be an alternative to the Nissan Altima speakers?

The speakers of the Nissan Altima are replaceable and modification able. One can modify the speaker as well as replace them if something is going wrong. In these sceneries one can use the factory speaker manufacturer like BOSS or JLB, otherwise, they can use any high-quality aftermarket manufacturer.

Specifically, Nissan Altima uses 2-ohm speakers in the system. So, one has to make sure they are taking 2-ohm speakers no matter what the brand is. However, for better and more comfortable sound quality, it is just that they choose a good manufacturer.  

Does the Nissan Altima have any Subwoofer?

From the first generation to the date they have not used any subwoofer in their Altima series. They have to use the full range and tweeter speaker but there is no record of a Subwoofer. However, they may add the subwoofer in the upcoming model. Though they did not yet make any statement about it, they may add like the other popular model Sentra. So, one can hope that they may add the subwoofer in the upcoming models.


If one is looking forward to modifying the speakers of their Nissan Altima or has to replace the existing speakers, they will need to know the exact size of the existing speakers. Because they cannot fit anything bigger or smaller in size replacing the factory speakers. 

Above we have illustrated all the information on the speaker size of the Altima along with the dimension. One can easily determine the aftermarket speaker size using the information of Nissan Altima Speaker Size.

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