Nissan Sentra Speaker Size, is it possible to customize the speakers?

Nissan Sentra Speaker Size will depend on the dimension of the car as well as the body style of the car. As for this series of Nissan, the size of the speaker is different from generation to generation. Specifically, they have used four different places in the front and back of the car to place their sound system of different sizes.

However, in a recent generation, they use modern sound system technology and increased the speaker. In their SR-style vehicles, they have used eight different speakers including a tweeter and subwoofer in the car. Want to know details? If so then read the information below.

Nissan Sentra Speaker Size

Nissan Sentra Speaker Size

Driving the car from home to work or work to home is not the only thing people do. Sometimes they just roam around driving their favorite car on the random street for refreshment or entertainment. While driving they love to listen to their favorite music. One of the favorite things of people become a long drive while listening to music. It relaxed the human body and mind and restore their mental and physical energy for the next work.

If the vehicle does not have that comfortable sound system then it will not be possible for them to enjoy that moment. Because what a good moment is without music! Enjoying the rain seating inside the car, or enjoying the moonlight night with a soft breeze, everything requires perfect music to make the moment full. 

Without a proper and perfectly fitted sound system, all the above moment is impossible. Because the car is a kind of closed box where one needs to design the sound system properly. Mostly, the size and features of the speakers need to be perfect so that they fit in the car and produce a comfortable sound.

Being one of the most commonly used cars Nissan Sentra, people often ask about the factory speaker size of these cars. Well to know the speaker size of the car, they have to first determine the dimension of their car. Because the placement of the speaker and the size of the speaker will depend on the dimension of the speaker. From the next segment, we will know the dimension of the Sentra for different generations.

Dimension of Nissan Sentra

Nissan started with their Sentra back in 1982 and continued. In that time frame, they have designed different generations of different dimensions. We have illustrated the size and body style of the Nissan Sentra of the different generations below to help find out the size of the speaker for them.

Table: Dimension of First Generation

Wheelbase        94.5 inches
Length167.3 inches  172.2 inches for a wagon
Width   63.7 inches
Height    54.5 inches 53.5 inches for a wagon
Body style2/4-door sedan 3-door hatchback coupe 5-door station wagon

Table: Dimension of Second Generation

Wheelbase        95.7 inches
Length168.7 inches for sedan 166.5 inches for a coupe 162.4 inches for hatchback 172.2 inches for a wagon
Width   64.6 inches for coupe, sedan, wagon & hatchback 65.6 inches for a sport coupe
Height    54.3 inches for coupe, sedan & wagon 52.2 inches for a sports coupe 55.3 inches for hatchback 54.9 inches for a 4WD wagon
Body Style2/4-door sedan 3-door hatchback 5-door station wagon 3-door hatchback coupe

Table: Dimension of the third Generation

Wheelbase        95.7 inches
Length170.3 inches 170.3 inches for Tsuru
Width   65.6 inches 65.7 inches 65.0 inches for Tsuru
Height    53.0 inches 53.9 inches 54.1 inches 54.4 inches for Tsuru
Body style2/4 door Sedan Coupe

Table: Dimension of the fourth Generation

Wheelbase        99.8inches
Length170.1 inches
Width   66.6 inches
Height  54.5 inches
Body style4 door Sedan

Table: Dimension of the fifth Generation

Wheelbase        99.8inches
Length177.5 inches
Width   67.3 inches
Height  55.5 inches
Body style4 door Sedan

Table: Dimension of the sixth Generation

Wheelbase        105.7inches
Length179.8 to 180.1 inches
Width   70.5 inches
Height  59.5 inches
Body style4 door Sedan

Now, we have all the dimensions of every generation of Nissan Sentra. We can see that the first and second generations have smaller to bigger dimensions with 2 to 5 door different body type vehicles. However, after that, all the generations have a four-door sedan or coupe. So, the speaker size and placement will be different for them.

Specifically, all the Nissan Sentra will have four different speakers in the whole car. Normally, two are in the front doors and the other two are in the rare deck. They have designed this in Sentra to maximize the comfort of hearing and create a soothing environment even if one is listening to high-base music.

However, the SR of Nissan Sentra will have eight-speaker starting from the 6th generation. In this system, they have added four more subwoofers of 6 ½ inches in the decks. Those will be available in the Apple CarPlay Standard and Android Auto Standard vehicles.

Mostly, they use the 6X9 inches Tweeter speakers of the Boss manufacturer in their Sentra. These premium quality speakers which are perfectly placed inside the car will produce the most exciting sound. Let’s see the location and size of the speaker’s details below.

Table: Nissan Sentra Speaker Size of Different Generations

YearFront door-1Front door-2Rare Deck -1Rare Deck-2Subwoofer
2013 to 2019 7th Generation6 x 9 inches1.5 inches6 x 9 inches3 inches6 1/2″ Subs on Rear Deck
2007 to 2012 6th Generation6 x 9 inches1.5 inches6 x 9 inches3 inches 6 1/2″ Subs on Rear Deck
2000 to 2006 5th Generation6.5 inches6.5 inches
1995 to 1999 4th Generation 6.5 inches6.5 inches
1991 to 1994 3rd Generation4 x 6 inches6.5 inches
1987 to 1990 2nd Generation6.5 inches6.5 inches
1982 to 1986 1stGeneration4 inches5.25 inches

What is Brand Nissan uses in their Sentra for speaker or sound systems?

The Japanese manufacturer Nissan is a mid-range and affordable manufacturer that designed excellent vehicles. In their manufacturing details, they put great care into every part of the car even the sound system of the car. To maximize the user experience they use one of the best sound system manufacturers, Boss. The engineers of Nissan and Boss design Vehicle Specific speakers to provide the best experience.

What are the types of Speaker the automotive industry use?

Every manufacturer uses a sound system in their manufactured vehicle. Because the sound system is a part and parcel of any car. Without it driving the car for a long time will be the most boring thing one can experience. Moreover, they use different types of speakers in their cars, some are small, some are big, and some will produce a high base. Therefore, the type of speakers users may get from their manufacturer are,

Types of Vehicle SpeakerCoaxial Speakers (Full Range). Component Speaker Systems (Full Range) Tweeters (Highs) Subwoofers (Lows)

Is it possible to customize the Nissan Sentra speakers?

Almost all the manufacturers use a high-quality sound system in their cars including Nissan. The collaboration with one of the best sound system manufacturers BOSS for their sound system. Engineers of Nissan and Boss work together to design and manufacture the best quality sound system in their cars.

However, if one does not like the system they can always customize it after buying the car. But it is not possible to order the car in Nissan with the modification. They will have to modify it by themselves in any workshop or as DIY at home. While doing so, they need to make sure of choosing the right size of the speaker with the right bass. Otherwise, the speaker will not fit even if they have to trim the place to fit the new speaker perfectly.

What is the 2001 Nissan Sentra Speaker Size?

The speaker size of Nissan Sentra for the year 2001 will be,

Speaker locationSpeaker sizes
Front Door2 ohm 6-3/4″
Front PillarsTweeter
Rear Deck Center2 ohm 6-3/4″
Rear Deck Corners6-3/4″


The sound system of any car can remove the monotony of a driver as well as the passenger during a long drive. Mainly, when one is driving alone, the sound system becomes the friend of that person who accompanies him or her on the long journey. Moreover, people sometimes do not like the factory speakers and want to modify them. That time they need the size of the factory speakers.

The different manufacturers have different sizes so does the Nissan. They have different sizes for Sentra too, the different generations of this series will have different sizes. Hopefully, the discussion above on Nissan Sentra speaker size helped find the right size.

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