Sohc Vs. Dohc, which one to choose?

Sohc Vs. Dohc, both of the engines will serve perfectly in a different situation. The main difference between these two is in the configuration and the performance. John is comparatively complex and provides better performance than the other one.

However, Sohc is less expensive though it will not provide the same power and smoothness as Dohc. Besides, this one is an eco-friendly option. Also, if one has any issue with the noise, they should avoid Sohc.

Moreover, one may look below to know apparent differences between these two engine configurations.

Sohc Vs. Dohc                     

One may have heard the motorcycle dealer talking about the engine that one is Sohc, and another is Dohc. Sometimesthe same manufacturer in the same model usesa different engine type. Well, both of the terms represent the same thing.

Expressly, Sohc and Dohc represent the valve configuration inside an engine head. The primary purpose of these two is to control the action of the valve. They are well known in the motorbike industry for their excellent performance.

Since they are the same thing and serve the same responsibility, how come they have differences. Though they do the same purpose inside the bike, they have pretty differences.

Firstly, the term Sohc means Single Overhead Camshaft, while the time Dohc is the short form of Dual Overhead Camshaft. Anyone can now guess the primary difference by the full name.

As for the Sohc, it usesa single camshaft to utilize the valve configuration. That single camshaft will operate both intake and exhaust valves at a time. On the other hand, the Dohc will use two camshafts for operating both intake and exhaust valves at a time.

For a deep understanding ofthe differences between these two, let’s have a detailed look inside the engine.


In physical appearances, both of them are different. The configuration of Sohc starts with intake and exhaust valves. After that rocker’s arms are placed on the valve and attached tothe rocker arms shaft. In between, there will be a single camshaft.

Intake and Exhaust valve         Rocker Arms        Rocker Arms Shaft      Single Camshaft

On the other hand, the configuration of Dohc starts with intake and exhaust valves. After that, cam followers are attached to the head of the valves. Finally, there will be two independent camshaftson both sides over the cam.

Intake and Exhaust valve         Cam FollowersTwo Camshaft


As we can see in the configuration, they have two completely different styles. So, the working principle of operation will be different. While Sohc has one camshaft for operating two-valve, the Dohc has two separate camshafts for the same work.

It results in more productivity and less noise for Dohc than Sohc.


Here is the crucial part of the discussion. Overall, the Dohc will provide better performance than the Sohc because Dohc produces more horsepower at less noise and work. That’s the reason the newestvehicles have this in the engine.

Besides, one will find that Dohc provides smoother performance compared to Sohc. If one is looking for comfort, then the softer version of the engine is essential.

Fuel Efficiency

Compared to Dohc in fuel efficiency, Sohc is the winner. Because of the ideal valve timing and excellent performance, it tends to use fuel at a large scale. Specifically, Dohc hasa double arrangement of valvesfor its two shafts.

When both shafts work together, more fuel enters the chamber—resulting in more power and burning off more energy.

Eco Friendly

Engineers have been trying to make econ friendly vehicles in this recent decades. Because of thegas and oil-powered cars, the environment is getting worse. Both Sohc and Dohc are eco-friendly. However, the Sohc is more eco-friendly since its burns less fuel.

Maintenance Cost

One can say maintenance cost is the downside of the Dohc and the good side of the Sohc. Since John has more valves, the maintenance cost will be more. Meanwhile, the maintenance cost will be less than Sohc, which is less complex and hasa less expensive motor.

It refers to a Single overhead camshaftIt relates to a dual overhead camshaft.
The single camshaft operates both intake and exhaust valves.One camshaft operates the intake, and the other one operates the exhaust.
One pair of the exhaust valve is attached to the engine.The engine has two pairs of exhaust and intake valves.
Less control on valve timing.More control on valve timing.
Produce less horsepower.Produce more horsepower
The spark plug is in the center of the cylinder.The spark plug is in the center of the combustion chamber
Provide less performance than the Dohc.Dohc provides excellent performance.
Less expensiveMore expensive
The engine will produce more noiseThe machine will not make much noise.
It is less flexible and smoother.More flexible and smoother.

Which will be better to choose in between Sohc and Dohc?

The answer will depend on the driver’s preference and what they are looking for. If they are looking for more power, the Dohc will be the better option because it produces more HP and provides more productivity.

Besides, this one is less noisy and smoother than the Sohc. If one is looking for an eco-friendly, reliable, and less costly engine, Sohc is the option. A vehicle requiring less power to operate will adapt the Sohc quickly and provide a dedicated service.

Is Sohc and DOHC interchangeable? 

Well, one can interchange Sohc and Dohc. However, this decision will be too costly. Changing the whole configuration of the central part of the vehicle will involve so much work and money.

Moreover, some of the manufacturers will provide two engine options. One can buy any of the options in the same model.


Choosing the correct engine type is the key to enjoying the ride in the vehicle. If one is a regular rider of miles on a different road, they will need Dohc because this configuration will provide more power with the smoothest operation.

For an urban driver with not so speed and movement, the Sohc will be a good option. It will be an affordable option with reliable performance. Hopefully, the detailed discussion above will help select the correct engine type for the following vehicle.

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