Toyota 2az Fe Vs 2ar Fe: What is the main difference?

2AR-FE vs 2AZ-FE, people often get stuck in both options since they are the genuine product of Toyota. When people need to replace their engine they need to choose the best option. Since not every engine is suitable for every model of Toyota, one has to choose between the specific one.

In that case,2AR-FE and 2AZ-FE is two option that people take into consideration. However, both of the engines are way too different from each other in the major specification. One has to know all the pros and cons along with the differences. Let’s have a look below to know all the differences between these two engines.

2az Fe Vs 2ar Fe                 

Toyota is one of the most known automobiles companies at this time. This brand is in the world for decades. Being one of the oldest cars and its equipment manufacturers, they have launched several engines from time to time.

One of their two best versions of the engine for Toyota Camry is 2az Feand 2ar Fe. When the time came that people need to replace the dead engines they often face confusion between these two. Resulting in them looking for the differences between these two.

The 2AZ-FE engine is released in 1980 and the 2AR-FE came into the market in 2008. So, one can imagine the differences between these two. The age gap between this two is over 20 years. That means they will be different in many ways.

As for now let’s see the specification differences in these two.

Production Year20081980
Cylinder block materialAluminumAluminum
Cylinder head materialAluminumAluminum
Fuel TypeGasolineGasoline
Fuel SystemFuel injectionSequential MPFI
Compression ratio10.4:19.6:1 or 9.8:1
ValvetrainDual Over Head CamsDual Over Head Cams
Displacement24942362 cc
Torque167-173 lb-ft (226-235 N m)/4,000-4,100138 lb/ft, 161 lb/ft, 162 lb/ft, and 165 lb/ft
Engine capacity4.4L2.4L
ApplicationsToyota Camry, Toyota RAV4, Scion TC, Lexus ES300h, Lexus GS300h, Lexus IS300h, Lexus NX300h, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Harrier, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Avalon Hybrid, Toyota RAV4 HybridToyota Alphard Hybrid, Toyota Estima Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid AHV40, Lexus HS 250h, Toyota Sai, Toyota Blade, Toyota Camry, Toyota Camry Solara, Toyota Corolla XRS, Toyota Estima

As we can see from the comparison table the two of the engine have so many similarities. However, they have some major differences. Those differences make both engines suitable for different situations.

Since 2AR-FE is the recent engine and has more power and better configuration, many models of Toyota like Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV4, Scion TC, Lexus ES300h, Lexus GS300h, Lexus IS300h, Lexus NX300h, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Harrier, etc. can use this, unlike 2AZ-FE.

To know what to choose between these two, people often look at two facts of the engine. Those are,


As for reliability for 2AR-FE and 2AZ-FE, the 2AR-FE is the most reliable one. Over the era, this engine provide excellent service. It turned on with knock sounds and stay in good health for years. However, the 2AZ-FE gained a bad reputation over the year despite being an extremely lightweight and efficient engine.

Oil Capacity

The 2AR-FE can store 4.4L of fuel. On the other hand, 2AZ-FE can store only 2.4L of fuel in it. So, it’s clear that 2AR-FE can hold way more oil. If one is looking for coverage of more hours then more oil is necessary. In that case, 2AR-FE is the option.

Which will be better for Toyota 2AR-FE or 2AZ-FE?

Both 2AR-FE and 2AZ-FE are the authentic engines of Toyota. One has come to the market long before and another one came to the market in recent years. Both of the engines have their pros and cons. However, the 2AR-FE is a good option comparatively.

Because this one contains up-to-date technology along with an increasing number in all the specifications. For example, this one can hold 4.4L oil which is twice the 2AZ-FE.

Also, the bore and stroke of the engine are more than the 2AZ-FE. All the increasing specification makes this engine a powerful and long-lasting one. So, if both engines are a match for Toyota one should go for the 2AR-FE engine.

This choice will last for a long time with more power. One can easily run this engine with comfort and reliability.


Hopefully, one has got all their answers regarding 2AR-FE vs 2AZ-FE. Both of the engines are reliable since they are the authentic engine of Toyota. However, they have some major differences that make the 2AR-FE one the better option.

2AZ-FE can hold less oil than 2AR-FE. Also, this one has less count in almost every important specification like bore, stroke, displacement, etc. In the case of reliability, 2AZ-FE earned a little bad reputation because of the old design of the engine. So, 2AR-FE is the best option.

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