What to do if riding Lawn Mower Won’t Start No Clicking?

The riding lawn mower won’t start. No clicking sound inside the mower. It is because there is something wrong with the mower. One has to find the reason for the problem and solve it if they want it to work. The cause of not getting a click sound can be many.

The most common option is the dead battery, a faulty solenoid. Moreover, some of the standard safety issues in the modern mower can be the reason. To know details about the possible cause and solution, one can look below.

Riding Lawn Mower Won’t Start No Clicking

The lawnmower is one of the popular gadgets for people owing a big lawn with natural grass. Mainly people having big yards front or back of the house. Usually, people having a big mansion have great property.

Besides, the golf course is full of natural grass. Also, many playgrounds like cricket and football are full of natural grass. Since grass is a natural element, it will grow big. Therefore, if one does not maintain the height or growth of the grasses, they will increase too big.

If they grow too big, it will be hard for people to walk on those. Also, it will be impossible to play on the ground or course if the grasses grow big. Besides, it will be hard for people to cut and maintain the grasses bear a hand.

Because the area is too big and a human can’t maintain the exact size. So this modern technology invented its magic in the form of a lawnmower to help with the situation. Using this lawnmower, one can chop, trim, grass lawn, fields, course, and garden within a few times.

It can do the work in 2 to 3 hours which will take the whole day for a human but not in good shape. This machine can trim all the areas in the exact size, which is also essential. Because in an uneven field, one cannot play their game. Also, it will look odd if the grass is not even.

One can buy a  heavy-duty lawnmower from the market because there are so many best options. Many renowned manufacturers are making lawnmowers. However, it does not matter how high the quality eventually, the performance will fade away with use.

Because it is not something perennial, it will lose its lifespan with time. It will not make a click sound when one turns the key to turn it ON. The reason for not turning ON and not making the CLICK sound can be many.

Initially, the most common reason for this phenomenon is the dead battery or poor battery. However, the cause can be many. It can be because of the break paddle, fuss, bad connection, and many more. So let’s have a look at the possible reason for not hearing the click sound on the lawnmower.

Dead Battery

The dead battery of the lawnmower is the most common reason for not hearing the click sound. In 10 cases, nine is for a dead battery. If the battery is dead or not charged, the mower will not start in any way. It happened when people did not change their batteries in a long time.

If not, it can be because one has left the ignition battery switched on, and it drained the battery completely. In some cases, the battery is not getting charged for other reasons. So one has to check what is happening in this case.

To check, one can turn on the electric device of the car. All the electric machine of the car is getting power from the battery. If they are not turning ON, the problem is undoubtedly in the batter.

In case the battery is the problem, the scenario can be two. One is the battery not charged, and another is the battery is dead. Initially, one can recharge the battery. If it is okay after getting arrested, then it is excellent. If not, one has to put the battery out of the mower.

What are the steps to replace a dead battery in a lawnmower for No Clicking?

Replacing a lawnmower battery is manageable, and at the same time, it’s hard. Because one has to check that the new battery is compatible with the specification of their mower, if the size and voltage of the storm are not a match, one cannot use the battery in their mower.

That’s why they have to pick the right one inthe first place. After that, they need to put out the old battery from its place, and they can do it at first, though. As a next step, one has to disconnect the battery’s negative terminal.

It is wise to disconnect the negative terminal at first. Because they may accidentally complete a circuit while working with the positive terminal at first, while removing the positive terminal, one must ensure they are not touching any metal component.

The next step will be removing the crossbar. Again, one can do the work without any tools. Now remove the battery. Have a look for any acid material on the surface. If it is present, clean it properly with an appropriate element.

Finally, install the new battery in the old place and reconnect all the connections correctly. Now lower the seat, try to start the mower, and listen to the Clicking sound.


Poor connection or damage in the connecting wire is another reason of riding Lawn Mower Won’t Start No Clicking. One has to recheck all the connections in the starting procedure of the mower.

Inspect all the connections and clean them with a wire brush carefully. Make sure all the links are tight. A loose connection can prevent the clicking sound and starting the mower. For more surety, one can put some grease oil or lubricant on the connection to clean the rust properly.

Safety Switch or Starting position.

The modern lawn is full of technology. Since the device containsa sharp blade that can cause a severe accident, the manufacturer used many safety procedures in the car because these will prevent the staring of the device if it is not safe.

The safety process of the car of full of the sensor. They will prevent the start and clicking sound by disconnecting the operational connection.

Which are the safety position of the digital mower?

The safety sensor of the digital mower is in a different place from the car. Let’s see their position.

Brake Switch: The brake safety switch is in the foot brake paddle. It commonly operates the brake safety switch.

Blade Switch: The blade control leaver of the mower operates the blade switch. If the car is not safe, it will not start. However, the blade position can be in different mower places according to its model.

What to do to double-check the safety and starting procedure of the lawnmower for not clicking sound?

Not all mowers have similar safety and starting procedure. It can be different from model to model. However, there is some standard way to check. Those are,


The seat of the mower has a weight sensor. When one sits there, the weight sensor gets triggered, and one knows someone is in the driving seat. If the sensor does not feel that the driver is here, it will not start. So if one tries to turn on the key by not sitting in the mower, it will not start.

Blade switch

If one trey to start the mower in the time they have already opened the blade switch, it will not start. Therefore, one must turn off the blade switch to turn ON the mower.

Brake Switch

If one presses the brake paddle before starting the mower or before turning the starting key, they will not hear the clicking sound.


A faulty solenoid is another not so common but happening reason. It will prevent transferring the oil and prevent the starting of the mower. If one is hearing the clicking sound, then the solenoid is okay. If not, and if the battery is working correctly, then the solenoid is the problem. In that scenario, one may have to change the solenoid.

How to replace the solenoid of a mower if there is no clicking sound?

For the job, one will need some instruments. Those are the basic tool like a socket wrench and a pair of gloves. However, the task is so easy that it will not be a problem for the user.

Initially, one has to access the battery area by lifting the seat. The location of the battery may be somewhere else. One can check the mower’s manual to find the battery if they are not sure of the location.

It is wise to disconnect the negative terminal at first. Because they may accidentally complete a circuit while working with the positive terminal at first, while removing the positive terminal, one must ensure they are not touching any metal component.

The next step will be removing the crossbar. One can do the work without any tools. Now remove the battery. Now remove the battery box by unclipping it from both sides. One can take a picture to remember which wires are connected to the solenoid.

At this point, disconnect all the wire from the solenoid. Now remove the mounting bolt attached at the front of the solenoid. It’s time to place the new solenoid in the same place. Now take help from the photo that has been captured to remember the wiring.

According to the photo, connect all the wires correctly. Make sure all the wire is the same as before. Also, they are connected tightly. After wiring now reattached the battery box and placed the battery in its position.

What are the other reasons that cause Riding Lawn Mower Won’t Start No Clicking?

We have already discussed the most common scenario that can cause no starting and clicking. However, there are some other issues that can cause this problem. Those reasons are uncommon, but they still happen. Those are,

Valve Lash                                                                                     

  The engine has four-stroke, using a valve for some specific operation. To run the machine correctly and to start the mower, it is necessary that all the valves are in the correct position. As for the valve lash, it is the gap between the valve and the valve rod. If it is too long or too short, the mower will not start.

Blown Fuse

If the mower is not starting and everything is okay, it must be the blown a fuse. One has to check it if they are not finding any problem anywhere.


What to do if riding Lawn Mower Won’t Start No Clicking is the common question people ask. With the blessing of technology, lawnmowers have become a piece of art and appreciation in recent times. It cut the grass of miles accurately with hours. However, sometimes it does not start and give a headache to the user.

To help with the queries, we have tried to cover all the details related to the issue. Hopefully, one will find all their answers here.

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