BMW Drivetrain Malfunction Repair Cost

BMW is a car brand with all futuristic functions and advanced design. Each corner of their cars is simply formed with high-tech features and accuracy. But still, they are not excluded from having any major or minor issues. Drivetrain malfunction is one among them. Through this article, you’re going to have a clear knowledge of BMW Drivetrain Malfunction Repair costs.

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Basically, the cost is not as much higher as it seems to be. In fact, it remains in an affordable and friendly range to go for. The drivetrain malfunction issue of BMW cars can be fixed with an average cost of $2,000 to $2,300.

BMW Drivetrain Malfunction Repair
BMW Drivetrain Malfunction Repair

BMW Drivetrain Malfunction Repair Cost

Entire costing comes with a total price of parts and labour charge. And it can either increase or decrease too.

Drivetrain Malfunction. What the thing is

It’s mainly an issue that comes from the engine or transmission system. In another way, the issue can be named as a systematic problem too. Most of the time, BMW models face this common problem.

While driving the car, it will show an error indication on the dashboard. Engine Control Module (ECM) helps to identify the problem. And all that means is the car is facing drivetrain malfunction issues.

Once the ride appears with this problem, the ECM limits both the torque and acceleration of the car. It helps to avoid any kind of major or minor incidents after being malfunctioned. Transmission failure can sometimes occur as a serious issue through this. ECM, therefore, controls it.

The Repairing Cost

Whenever the ride is under drivetrain failure, repairing is the only solution to get the thing done. But what about the cost? Well, the pricing is a great issue to observe. Have a look at the table below. It includes the entire repair cost of the drivetrain issue.

Items  Cost
Total parts  $1,800 to $2,000
Labor cost  $200 to $300
Cost in total  $2,000 to $2,300

This is the estimated cost to repair the issue. First of all, the price of parts is the essential one. As it’s an issue with the engine, different types of parts may require to do the process. And secondly, labor costing gets counted too.

While talking about the labor charge, the pricing sometimes can even get higher or lower. This is the average cost that has been given. In total, the replacement costs around $2,000 to $2,300.

The cost is averagely based on all the BMW models. Higher segmented models might need a few extra bucks along with this cost.

Terms that varies costing

Most of the time, repairing cost remains in the range. But it can come under some changes too. Moreover, the cost becomes higher or lower depending on some facts. They are given below.

Repairing area: Although BMW has their authorized servicing points available, the task can be done from aftermarket areas too. In that case, pricing comes under some changes.

The majority of the time, the pricing get increased for labor cost. It’s a so-called engine issue. That is why the technicians charge extra along with longer times. In addition, being a luxury brand, BMW requires better attention and care. And that’s one of the great reasons for having higher repairing costing.

Cost of the parts and availability: Almost all the parts for repairing belong to BMW. That means they’re high enough in price than any other brands. Since they’re not much available in aftermarket selling points, they can price too much higher.

Sometimes, the price is double the actual rate. Being not enough available in the market is the main reason behind this higher cost. Getting done the problems under authorized service centers is the best choice to go for.

Facts that cause drivetrain malfunction

Although BMW is loaded with a high-graded and performing engine, drivetrain malfunction is an obvious thing to follow. Some great reasons result in the drivetrain failure. The following ones are included.

  • Default fuel injector system
  • Low-quality fuel usage
  • Fuel leakage of Transmission
  • Damaged catalytic converter
  • Faulty or old spark plugs
  • Error fuel pump
  • Damaged ignition coil
  • Problems in the CV joint
  • Broken down Timing Chain
  • Higher raving and acceleration
  • Insufficient radiator or coolant water

Default FI system: The malfunction issue can be faced for having a defected Fuel Injector. Long time usage with less maintenance makes them bad to perform.

From this issue, the engine starts to blow misfires with slow power delivery. And it appears as a serious malfunction in the drivetrain later.

Low-quality Fuel Usage

 This simple issue turns into a great problem within a few times. Since BMW models are known as luxurious ones, they require pure and best fuel all the time. Otherwise, the ride will not deliver any good performance.

A malfunction in the drivetrain will be the final consequence. That is why using a minimum of 92 rated petrol or octane is mandatory for the ride. And thus, it will not make any problems at all.

In opposite, low-graded fuel issues can be solved too. All that need is the fuel cleaner. It’s known as the Octane booster too.

By using it, the fuel will be cleaned up from harmful elements and carbon. Apart from that, the engine will remain reliable, fresh, and free from any malfunctions.

Transmission Fuel Leakage

This is the efficient fluid or lubricant that remains in the transmission system. Transmission fuel helps to lubricate the entire system for a steady and useful movement. Having the leakage can even make serious drivetrain malfunctions too.

That is why; periodic maintenance of the dipstick can simply avoid the problem. A dipstick will help to measure the fluid level. Besides it, the level of fluid can also be measured. And this is how the problem can be avoided.

Having vibrations or annoying sounds during gear shifting can also indicate the leakage issue. Once the transmission system comes with a lower fluid level, the gear will become tough and noisy for shifting. Changing the transmission fluid is the only thing to avoid this issue.

Damaged Catalytic Converter

The entire emission system along with performance depends on a perfect catalytic converter. Decreasing the level of emission with smoother sound providence is the main task of this object. But unfortunately, a damaged or jammed catalytic converter can affect drivetrain issues.

As exhaust gases have free flow outruns, the jammed catalytic converter will make great pressure on it. And it results in a serious malfunction in the drivetrain.

Changing or fixing the converter is the only way to solve the problem.

Faulty Spark Plugs

As much as the rides get used, spark plugs have disturbance in performance. They mainly produce current and flow in the engine through making sparks. Moreover, spark plugs control the entire operating system of the car.

With faulty spark plugs, it becomes quite impossible to start up the engine in a sober way. Apart from starting, the engine will make noises, mismatch in raving as well as misfires.

According to some users and mechanics, the spark plug issue is the most common thing that causes drivetrain malfunctions.

Although a faulty or old spark plug can be repaired sometimes, it will not appear enough worthy. Changing the spark plug instead of repairing is the best decision to go for.

Error Fuel pump

The fuel pump works as the supplier that delivers fuel to the injector from the tank. Whenever the ride appears with a malfunction sign, the fuel pump is another important thing to check up.

Frequent low fuel running is the main reason for having the faulty fuel pump. Having this issue, the ride will not respond accurately and perfectly. Even if it gets highly accelerated, the vehicle will not appear with that level of performance.

Fixing or replacing the fuel pump can easily let the problem solved. And it will work perfectly as like before.

Infected CV Joint

It is also known as one of the most crucial items for the drivetrain. As a matter of fact, a good condition CV joint can deliver the finest performance. It works as the connector between the Transmission and the driving wheel.

Having any major or minor impacts on the wheels can affect the CV joint. It can later hamper wheel alignment and make an issue in the drivetrain. That is why; checking up on the CV Joint within a particular time is so much important.

Broken Down Timing Chain

We all know what a timing chain does. It lets the crankshaft and cam have easy movement. But a damaged or broken timing chain can result dangerous. Instead of having the malfunction issues, it can appear as a serious problem. Therefore, perfect lubrication of the timing chain is an essential thing.

When the chain is perfectly lobed, it has less chance of making any kind of disturbance in the engine. Though the problem can be fixed through lubing, a lengthy used chain mostly requires replacement.

Damaged ignition coil

This is another great reason for having misfires in the engine. As the ignition coil remains attached to the cylinder, it can make a great issue for the engine.

An inappropriate connection with the cylinder causes a damaged and affected coil. And it can also result in a great threat and issue to the drivetrain. Since the function is complicated to fix, changing is the only way to solve the problem.

High rave and acceleration

No matter if the car has any internal problems. But higher raving with rough acceleration can be a great reason for the malfunction. Continuous higher raving crosses RPM limitation that makes a good pressure in the engine.

Although BMW is made with the finest quality and durability, a lengthy high acceleration and raving can result in serious engine issues.

Insufficient Coolant water

Last but not the least, a lower level of radiator water can let the malfunction signal turn on. The radiator with lower water level means, it will heat up more frequently within a short run.

It will hamper the drivetrain system in the same condition. The engine control module (ECM) will light up and appear the problem. A regular and timely checkup of the coolant water is the only way to solve this problem.

The DIY process costing

Drivetrain malfunction is a serious issue with the engine. So on it will require better and more skilled hands to repair. But some confident and innovative BMW owners have believed in their own. That is how the DIY (Do it yourself) process comes to mind.

While discussing the expense, the price will cost the same as like before. But the labor cost gets deducted. In final, the total cost lasts around $1,800 to $2,000. The pricing of the parts is the only thing that gets counted. No labor cost, no additional charges at all.

Signs of having Drivetrain Malfunctions

A BMW model will not break down without having any problems. Whenever it does, there are probably some issues in the engine. Here you can observe the symptoms that are related to drivetrain malfunction. Luckily, the finest made ECU of the ride helps to find out these problems.

  • Having vibrations during running
  • Acceleration doesn’t response similar to like paddling
  • The vehicle is misfiring and making more emissions
  • The engine goes off while shifting the gear
  • Collision of gear with the transmission system
  • Visible engine light (shows the internal engine problem)
  • Require a lengthy process of starting up

All these issues indicate the drivetrain malfunction problem of the car.

Solving the problem

Even though the problem seems major, it can be done to perform by following some legit steps. Expert researchers believe that following all these steps will perfectly help to fix the problems.

Restarting the engine: Put the car in an idle condition for 10-20 minutes after it is driven. Switch off the entire function and then restart it. Thus the vehicle will have the reset drivetrain malfunction system.

Checking the engine: Pull up the bonnet to find out any unusual thing. As you drive the car, you are surely known about the functions and condition of the engine. Assure to have a good observation of the parts that contain any liquid or fluid. That can be the great reason for having malfunctions.

Using tactics for a checkup: Since it’s a checkup on your own, having a checkup tool can be enough beneficial. Any BMW ride can easily go through an engine checkup by using the OBD scanner. It contains some codes that will help to find out any internal problems. This scanner performs with the finest and best accuracy for the vehicle. Except for that, this is the final and the best way of finding out and solving the problem.

DIY or Service center repairing. The best one to go for

This might be a foolishly asked question. But still, it’s quite legitimate and worthy to deliver the answer. Repairing the malfunction issue is perfect and costs low whenever it gets done by expert hands. But that is not always get seen for the fixing.

But the repairing under an authorized place appears much more worthy and perfect. Above all, the owners don’t have to worry at all. Nonetheless, it costs higher to repair. But it ensures the best level and quality of work.

Considering the entire thing, repairing under malfunctions issue under authorized and expert service center is the best thing to go for.

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Final Verdict

Hope you guys have completely gotten the idea about the BMW drivetrain malfunction repair cost. That’s definitely a serious issue and requires quick actions to solve. Avoiding the defected drivetrain can result in huge destruction to the engine.

None of the BMW owners will love to have these problems at all. Fixing the issue rather than ignoring is the best choice to go for.

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