BMW Z3 vs. Z4

A classy roadster and a perfectly designed sports car. That is what BMW has been providing for a long time. And these are the Z3 and Z4 models from the previous time that comes under this segment. You will be benefited by following this discussion. And it will find out the distinctions and compare between Z3 and Z4.

Usually, both these models come in different natures. The Z3 model has been made under the true roadster variant. It has no similarity with the Z4 as the Z4 has a sports car design.

The Z4 has better performance, better braking, and more reliability than the other. Both of them have good distinctions in the design too.

Z3 vs. Z4. The main differences

They belong to the BMW family. But there are some great factors available that make them different from each other. Those are based on the performance, features, and some other things. It will be better to elaborate on all these factors below:

PointsBMW Z3  BMW Z4
Manufactured times1996-20022003-2008
Car typeConvertible RoadsterConvertible  
Engine1.9 liter, 4-cylinder engine3.0 liter, 6-cylinder engine
Maximum power232Hp258hp
Maximum Torque300nm @3500RPM400nm @440RPM
Transmission systemBoth manual and automaticManual and automatic with paddle shifter
Top speed225Kmph    250kmph
Acceleration0 to 60 in 8.2 seconds0 to 60 in 6.0 seconds
Fuel Tank capacity55liters51liters

These major differences show that the Z4 comes with better engine performance and rating than the Z3. Besides, it was launched just after the Z3 model. So it can be called the updated version in that case.

In general, all these factors belong to both models’ first version. They have come under good changes later. Latest Z3 and Z4 have gotten some good changes too.

So which one is better? The Z3 or Z4

Both these models are best in their segment. As a real fact, they have very good demand in markets too. So choosing a particular model as the best one is quite difficult.

Anyways, there are some additional factors available in them. And they will help to find out the better one in an easy way.

Design and shape

BMW Z3 is a completely compact car with a smaller shape. For that reason, this model can go from any narrow place and have easy parking ability. Besides being small, it comes with another roadster, coupe, and convertible style.

The Z4 has a better-looking design but is not as compact as the Z3. In reality, it’s a large-sized car that delivers better comforts with better space. Long riding or trips seems very easy and relaxing with this model. Like the other one, the Z4 comes in coupe and roadster options.


These German-built models have some finest built inner areas. Both the Z3 and Z4 models are top graded in this factor. Stylish finished leather in beige and black colors makes these rides look great and premium. No chances get seen in the interior for both of them. Except for the sizing, the Z3 comes under a small space.

Since it’s a two-seated roadster, the sizing looks gorgeous with the interior leather and design. The Z4 got more room, so the interior will surely look better and more standard.

Sizing is the only thing that makes the difference. Interior design and quality remain similar in both.


Practical performance varies a lot rather than the bookish one. Nonetheless, there are not many distinctions between the listed chart and the practical experiment. The Z3 may come with high-performing ability and power. But the Z4, as an updated variant, performs slightly higher.

Better engine capability with better torque and acceleration is the main reason behind this outcome. And it is not only available in this particular model. All the other Z3 and Z4 series almost follow a similar thing.

The Z4 variant comes with better speed and torque most of the time. Having more power and torque in the engine is the advantage of the Z4 engine.

Fuel economy

Better fuel economy relates to better demand. That is what both Z3 and Z4 can deliver. Z3, in that case, makes a good deal. It can provide an average range of 10-12kmpl. An economy and friendly mileage feedback from a roadster for sure.

Coming to the Z4, it consumes around 8-9kmpl on average. That’s certainly not much higher in rate considering the performance. But still, the Z3 takes the lead for having a friendly fuel rating and performance.

Transmission system

Z3 is the model from the previous time. For that reason, it comes with a manual transmission system in stock condition. The first variant was available with a manual system only. But Z4 is only available with the automatic transmission system.

Professional car riders always have faith and confidence in manual shifting. They’re accurate, economy friendly, and deliver maximum power. Z3, that is why it can be chosen as the best variant to go for.


Everything seems perfect and preferable when the pricing is friendly. Luckily, both the models come with affordable pricing to go for. Comparing them, the Z3 costs lower than the other one. A standard Z3 will cost around $25k to $30k with all the typical features.

Z4 price is a little bit higher. But judging the entire function, quality and performance, the pricing is quite good and friendly to purchase. And a standard base Z4 model will cost around $50k for purchasing. That means the Z3 takes the lead in having a friendly costing.

Z3 vs. Z4. Positive and negative sides

No matter how the rides are, they have some good and bad sides to observe. Z3 and Z4 are similar in that case. They have some legit ups and downsides too.

The most beneficial thing about the Z3 is that it has a smaller size and shape. For that, riding the car appears very easy and requires less effort. Above that, parking requires less room and space. And that is why; it feels quite handy and friendly to drive.

Another great advantage of the Z3 is that its prices are low. Having the cheap price, a lot of BMW fans can easily fulfill their demands. And the pricing with performance collaborates as a value for money term.

The only downside of the Z3 is that it has a weirdly-looking design. And the statement has come from few persons. As they believe, Z3 comes with a longer front area with almost rear axle placed seats. As a result, it appears with a longer nose with a fubsy tail part. The design looks quite peculiar. And that’s the only downside of this ride.

Coming to the Z4 starts with the convertible sunroof. Having proper enjoyment with the open roof is possible in this ride. In addition, the vehicle has bigger space with a better wheelbase.

While running, it looks muscular and attracts attention. Just like the look, it has gotten great power too. On-road, performance appears almost as similar as a sports car. Moreover, it is also known as a convertible sports car instead of a coupe or sedan.

The best one to go for

While making the decision, both these models are completely perfect and worthy of choosing. Budget-friendly, powerful engine, and well-finished design. That is all to get from these models.

From a superior observation, the Z3 can be chosen for having a low price with a power transmission system.

The Z4, on the opposite, is also selectable based on the design and performance. But it will cost higher. The remaining things are completely dependent on users and their requirements.

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Final Statement

Both these old-school models have made a good hype in the market. Anyone between them is good to go for sure. You make drifting, a daily usage, or long run; the Z3 will match your taste.

Z4 has higher-performing nature and design. And it’s surrounded by its larger body and bigger wheelbase.

The Z3 vs. Z4 BMW car models comparison was a great achievement. Hopefully, it will maximize your thoughts and ideas about these two models.

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