BMW M3 vs. M5: What is the main difference?

When the fascination is with luxury cars, BMW is a common name that comes to mind at first. Through this brand, lots of users have satisfied their fancy necessities. But there are two well-known models under BMW that play the role of competitors. Hence, the comparison will take place between BMW M3 vs M5.

If you’re obsessed with all BMW models, fulfill your knowledge by observing this discussion.

BMW M3 vs. M5
BMW M3 vs. M5

Key Specification of M3 and M5

Both these models come under the luxurious sedan segment. But they have differences in features, pricing, engine capacity, and other factors.

The chart below will elaborate on all these facts in sequence.


Point  BMW M3BMW M5
Vehicle type  SedanSedan
Engine2979cc, 6 Cylinders Inline 4 DOHS Engine4395cc, V-shaped 8 cylinders, four valves DOHS Engine
Engine Type3.0litre Twin Turbocharged4.4 liter V8 Twin Turbocharged
Maximum Torque550Nm @ 2400 RPM750NM @ 1800 RPM
Maximum power445bhp @ 7000 RPM617bhp @ 6000 RPM
Average Mileage10.2 kilometers9.5 kilometers
Maximum driving range(top fueling)620 kilometers589kilometers
Transmission SystemEight gears automatic drive featured with Torque converter, paddle shifting, and sports modeSeven gears Automatic drive with sports mode and paddle-shifting
SuperchargerTwin TurboTwin Turbo  
Driving patternRear-wheel driveAll-wheel drive
Average Mileage17 in city 25 in highway15 in city 21 in highway
Fuel TypePetrol and OctanePetrol and Octane
Fuel Tank Capacity57.0Gal68.0Gal

Size Dimension:

Point  BMW m3BMW M5
Total length  4671mm4983mm
Total height  1430mm1479mm
Ground clearance122mm122mm
Total width  2038mm1904mm
Wheelbase  2810mm2980mm
Kerb weight  1635kg1932kg
Bold weight2100kg  2435kg
Front track size1580mm  1620mm
Rear track size1602mm1595mm  
Total Doors           4          4  
Total passenger capacity           5             5

Braking System:

Point  BMW M3BMW M5
Antilock Braking SystemAvailableAvailable
Front brakeDiscQuick responsive disc
Rear brake  DiscVentilated Disc


Point  BMW M3BMW M5
Top speed  250km250km
O to 100 kmph in4.0 seconds3.2 seconds

These are the key features that are available between both models.


The BMW M3 is a sport-categorized Sedan that comes from the M series. It is featured with 6 cylinders 2979cc engine that produces a maximum speed of 250km.

This model comes in two different color variants of Sao Paulo Yellow and Alpine white. A total of 13 optional colors are also available in it. True BMW fans always had a soft corner for this model.

Standard design, sharp headlamps, and premium ground clearance let the riders feel more energetic on roads. The best thing about the M3 is its next-level handling.

It probably has the best biting on the road during cornering or speeding. The perfect and responsive braking ability has been an efficient combination with it.

Positive Sides

  • One of the best models with the finest handling
  • Provides the best level of safety
  • Aggressive performance
  • Premium finished interior
  • Outstanding riding experience

Negative sides

  • Lower warranty period from the company
  • Stiff riding experience in sports mode
  • Lower ground clearance
  • Polarized grill design(may not look beautiful for some users)


This is a complete beast in sedan look. M5 is the next and updated model under the M series. It’s a torque machine that produces 750nm as the maximum!

Eight-speed transmission systems let this ride reach from 0 to 100 kilometers within 3.2 seconds. Besides it, the M-sports series exhaust system delivers an aggressive roar to the ride whenever it moves on the road.

Talking about the design of the M5, it looks more outstanding and stylish rather than the previous models.

Laser-shaped headlamp with upgraded grill design look premium and looks like a sports car. And the smoky tail light with perfect visibility left with no chance of having an odd look.

M5 has surely made a good impact among the users with this updated version. Speed, performance, braking, and economy are enough to perform with this outstanding model.

Positive sides

  • Tremendous power with acceleration
  • Rear Wheel Driving delivers enjoyable riding
  • Provides superior experience in sports mode
  • Responsive handling
  • High-performer brakes quickly respond during speedy cornering times

Negative Sides

  • 8-speed transmission system decreases potential speed
  • Overpriced
  • Not enough worthy design

Additional Specs

All these terms are not enough to elaborate both these models in detailed ways. Additional distinctions are likely to be more effective for individual identification. Have attention to them.

Interior design

M3 appears with a standard look and shiny vibe from the inside. Everything starting from the steering to the rear seat is formed with premium leather coating and smooth finishing.

The middle area placed functional touchscreen display in the dashboard makes it feel premium and look better. Apart from that, the room and enough cargo space in the ride let it feel like a perfect sedan with better touring capability.

Talking about the M5, it comes with better space and room rather than the previous one. Being an updated version, this is the expected feature from this model. The rest of the function appears similar to the M3.

In short form, it can be called the refresh edition of M3 based on the internal design.

Level of Performance

Although the M5 seems powerful in engine performance, it runs as similar to the M3. And that’s the biggest drawback of this model.

It has been explained earlier that M3 comes with a 3.0 litre twin-turbo inline-six cylinders engine. M5 comes with better engine performance. 4.8 litre v8 twin-turbo engine under the hood might appear as a fast machine.

Practically, both models can reach 250kmph potential speed. A powerful 6-speed transmission system with rear-wheel driving mode lets the ride perform equally like the M5.

The 8-speed transmission system of M5 is the main reason behind its slow speeding. But it can offer both the manual and sports mode to the users. So it’s definitely fun to ride and experience.

Separate Chassis type

M3 comes with a shorter wheelbase, better aerodynamic features, and weight distribution in front size. For that reason, it feels aggressive to drive by the extreme riders.

Even if the differences are legit, both these models look similar in their side-by-side rows. It’s hard to find out the size and length distinction in the bare eye.


Better handling means better control ability on any road or surface. Handling mostly depends on suspension quality. Both M3 and M5 have different shock absorbers in their front areas.

BMW has featured these models with Adaptive M series suspensions. But the M3 comes with Strut type front area placed suspension, whereas the M5 has wishbone multi-link upfront suspensions.

So the M3 delivers mild handling feel on the road. The least amount of vibrations from the road with superior balancing is what the M3 offers.

M5 also performs similarly in practical ways. But it has few lacking control and stability like the M3.

Braking system

Braking for both models is comparable as for their similar nature. Luckily, the M3 and M5 are formed with ventilated disc brakes and dynamic brake control. For that reason, the rides provide next-level braking ability.

M5 comes with better braking ability with an additional feature. The responsive cornering brake control ability perfectly works whenever the car goes for high-speed cornering.

Computerized stabilization stops the car from getting overturned during cornering times. And it completely works on wheels by measuring the speed.


No matter how it feels to ride, price is the only object that enables purchasing. In that case, both these models have goof differences in cost.

M3, with all the great features and performance, comes with affordable pricing. And it costs around 70,000 dollars. As from the expert’s recommendation, the pricing is fair enough and worthy to choose from.

M5, on the other hand, costs higher than expected. And its standard variant pricing starts from 1,03,000 dollars!

Being an updated version is the main reason for this high pricing. Though it comes with a more powerful engine with better space, spending 33k for these simple features is not a wise decision to choose. That is what the expert riders believe.

Some extra features of M3 and M5

Some common features get seen in both these car models. They can be considered as the typical ones too. Standard voice reorganization system, Bluetooth, sunroof, touchscreen control panel, front area sports seat belt are those features that are available in both models.

2018 M3 featured an LCD screen, power memory seats, parking assistant, blind-spot monitoring, and lane departure warning indication.

2020 M5 featured, Dual LCD screen, power trunk, 12-way passengers and driving seat, parking assistant, lane departure warning indication, cooled front seat, and adaptive cruise controlling ability.

Legit Terms to follow for selecting the best one

Following the terms can lead to the best vehicle model. And they’re based on the overall element of each ride.

Power Delivery

M3 and M5 have similar power delivery on the road. M3, as the old variant, still gives a head-to-head performance to the M5. In fact, there is not a single bit of difference in terms of power and performance.

Even though the M5 comes with a powerful engine, it has not had enough capability of taking down the M3 during chasing. So for some better benefits along with power, M5 can be the one to choose.

Fuel consumption

A bigger engine will require more fuel. And that is the nature of M5. It consumes more fuel rather than the M3 for both city and highway rides.

But luckily, it remains almost near to the M3 version in terms of mileage. For a little bit of financial saving, M3 can be chosen as the one to ride.

Better interior

An updated variant will surely deliver better room and space from the internal area. M5 has done the same thing. It may come with a similar-looking interior as the M3. But the inner space is quite big.

M5, therefore can be chosen for a relaxing and better riding experience.

Better braking

None of these models will appear worthy enough without perfect braking. BMW always tries to deliver the best level of braking to their users. So do, the same thing has been applied in these models.

ABS braking system with ventilation disc brakes makes no compromise while slowing down the car. Two of these models are formed with a similar braking system. Nevertheless, the M5 consists of a cornering braking system. For this great reason, M5 is the best one to go for.

Advanced Features

M5 definitely comes with better features than the other one. A dual display setup with heated sporty seats and all wheels driving mode indicates its better functions.

Users who are obsessed with the feature will feel the M5 version is much more worthy than the other one.

Safety and security

There’s no compromise in safety and security for any of these models. In a true word, any of them can be selected if safety is the only requirement.

The entire vehicle is loaded with necessary safety features. In terms of performance, they accurately go against any kind of incident or issue.

Driving comfort

Using a luxury sedan car with less comfort means wasting money. But fortunately, both these models worked perfectly against comfort. Although the M5 delivers better interior space than m3, the M3 is much known for its performance.

Professional riders claim that the M3 comes with a smaller 5 inches wheelbase. For that reason, its lower ground clearance perfectly forms up with the suspensions.

Thus it makes the ride accurate for any road or surface. Riders either cruising or speeding intention will enjoy the vehicle on the road.

Value for money

M5 is completely mismatched with the M3 in terms of pricing. M5 is the updated variant of the M series. But it has upgraded with a few objects. Since having a bigger sized engine, it performs almost similar to the M3.

With a simple upgrade, a pricing gap of $33,000 is not a worthy decision to choose. For those who require the updated model with a better transmission system, the M5 is simply made for them.

Talking about m3, it might be the old modeled one. Considering all the features and performance, it’s probably value for money to choose.

BMW headliner replacement cost is not as much higher as it sounds. Have a visit to the link and clear your doubts.

Final Statement

The car models of BMW are simply amazing. Aren’t they? M3 vs. M5 was one of the great comparisons that our expert team believes. And there’s no doubt that the upcoming models will also have a head-to-head competition with each other.

Chose attentively and according to your necessity. You can either go for 2018 modeled one or make a seat in the newest 2020 version. None of them will disappoint you with their performance.

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