How Much Does BMW Headliner Replacement Cost?

A car’s headliner doesn’t require any fixing or maintenance until there is an issue. When they start to make unusual sounds or loss their adhesiveness, replacing them is the best choice to do. But the cost is different for each model. In this regard, today’s discussion will talk about BMW headliner replacement cost.

So the cost is not fixed all the time. It depends on two different entities. One is the car model, and the other one is labor costing.

A typical headliner for BMW comes with a $100- $300 average cost. The pricing varies on the car model and service charge.

 BMW Headliner Replacement
BMW Headliner Replacement

BMW Headliner

The headliner simply indicates the ceiling of the car. It is also known as the covering for upper side metal. The interior roof area gets adjusted with the headline by using gluing or other fixing objects. Fabric is the main material of the headliner, making it soft, smooth, and premium in its nature.

Headliner from BMW performs a similar role but at a better level. Avoiding any heating issues and making a noise-free driving experience is the main task of the headliner.

Aside from that, the headliner helps to hide additional wiring and lines of the car. BMW headliner comes in a black color pattern most of the time. Grey, brown, and silver are some other color modes that the company offers.

Replacement Cost of the Headliner

Replacing the headliner mainly causes it when it starts to sag. Expect it. Annoying internal noise is another great reason for the replacement.

Besides these issues, the headliner requires changing when it loses its adhesiveness. So the cost of replacement depends on the car model and multiple repairing areas. A typical headliner of M4 Alcantara costs around 2,500 dollars. Though it’s a premium package, the majority of other headliner models seem low than it.

Therefore, the basic costing is available between 100 to 300 dollars. Sometimes, the pricing can get even higher or lower too. And some legit factors are the main reason behind the pricing.

Facts that make an impact on the cost

Although the replacement cost appears in a range, some issues make the changes. And for that, the cost sometimes gets higher or gets down to lower. And the reason behind it is, fixing under the professionals.

Replacing the headliner is not a difficult task to perform. But the aesthetic car lovers feel he is worthy. In fact, they have quite a confidence in expert hands.

As BMW is a luxurious segment car, they are very professional and concerned about the users. And that is why the repair shops from BMW costs higher charges than any others. Just like the costing, they deliver better services to their customers too.

Secondly, the quality of the headliner plays a role in the pricing too. A premium quality headliner probably costs higher than the other ones. If the replacement takes place between a standard headliner and premium, there will be a good difference in the pricing.

Fixing the Headliner

So the headliner seems to be saggy or noisy for the replacement. But the fixing depends on some other reasons too. First of all, the condition of the headliner is the most important object for replacement.

If an example is given, a headliner of the BMW might have simple cracks on it. There can be a little bit of sagging from the particular area. In that case, it will be more economical to fix the exact area. As the rest of the parts remain perfect, there’s no necessity of changing them at all.

On the other hand, the headliner with less adhesive may not require any changes. It can be fixed by using glue or sticky gums instead of replacing them. A little glue expense can avoid more transactional necessity.

Headliner Replacement in DIY method

Consulting with a professional repair shop about the replacement is the best decision. But the cost can be decreased by an innovative procedure.

In point of fact, it can be very beneficial and affordable. All the thing needed is,

  • The perfect-sized headliner
  • Repairing kit
  • Any kind of glue or the stapling gun

All the models of BMW have proper part availability at every place. So the preferred is easy to find out for the car. And the entire headliner part will cost around 25-30 dollars.

Secondly, repair kits are easy to get as they are available to everyone. Using these kits will deliver a smooth and easy finishing to work. And it is also very essential for the job.

A staple gun or glue is the only thing for attaching the headliner to the roof. Though they’re different in price from each other, they perform better. So there will be costing around the maximum of 15 dollars.

But staple gun doesn’t appear so much worthy. And it’s because of the visibility. Whenever using it onto the headliner, the stapled pins will remain visible. That will surely deliver a cheap look to the interior.

Gluing up the headliner is why a wise decision to go for. No chance of having any external stains or markings at all.

An entire DIY replacement process is so affordable. There is no extra service or additional cost at all. And in final, it will cost around 50 dollars to complete the task.

Reasons behind the headliner damages

Sagging or tearing up is a common issue of the headliner. Even if the BMW headliners are made with good quality material, they follow a similar nature too.

The main reason behind sagging is, that the headliner loses its adhesiveness from the internal area. It’s because of the heat from the sun and long-time usage. And whenever the stickiness is gone, it makes the headliner to sag down.

Tearing up the headliner is another great reason for damage. Long time usage causes it. Using the headliner for long times can reduce its performance. As a result, some minor cracking gets visible in it. Replacing the headliner is the only option to pursue at that time.

Professional vs DIY replacement. The perfect one to choose

There are good differences between them. Pricing, quality, and efforts are the main distinction. Professional replacing is surely far better than the other one. The replacement gets done by skilled hands. That means high-quality work assurance.

But any of these repair shops require better charges. Labor costing is the main costing. Despite having more pricing, there is a worry-free replacement surety by the shops.

The DIY process, on the other hand, might not appear to be enough standard-level work. As it gets done in home areas, the job gets done under unprofessional hands.

That is why there’s less chance of having a smooth work finishing. But the main thing is, they cost very low to do the whole task. There’s no labor costing or any hidden charges at all.

So the DIY process can also be chosen for its great affordability and economic cost.

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Final Words

The cost of a BMW headliner is affordable and easy to perform. No difficulties to face during the process if you have proper knowledge about it.

As a matter of fact, it will be a valid decision to read out this entire discussion. It may let you perform the task on your own. Wish you good luck in choosing the right headliner for your ride.

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