BMW 328i vs 330i? What’s the difference between a 328i and a 330i?

BMW has lots of models and series available to them. Among all, BMW 3 series is one of the most selling series in the market. And whenever it is the Series 3 version, two are the most popular engine types that come to mind. And today’s article is also based on that. It will describe some key features, specs, and performance ability between 328i vs 330i.

If you have a similar fascination with these engines, you’re in the right discussion.

Making a short word distinction between these two engines. The 328i delivers better power and throttle response than 330i. On the other hand, the 330i makes an aggressive and loud exhaust sound. Some practical analysis declared that the 330i makes more power on-road on the road rather than the 328i.

So the statement will be justified through some other descriptions.

BMW 328i vs 330i
BMW 328i vs 330i

4th Generation 328i vs. 330i specification

Both these engine models have been providing their contributions to the market since 1999. As the 328i is the first variant of the series three-engine, the 330i is its upgraded version.

Although they appear similar enough, detailed specifications will help to explore in a better way.

BMW 4th Generation E46 328i and 330i are featured with:

Specs           328i         330i
Displacement  2739cc2979cc
Torque280nm in 3500RPM300nm in 3500RPM
Power  193Hp231Hp
Max speed  236kmph247kmph
Cylinder  Inline 6Inline 6

The chart shows that the 330i model comes with better power and performance. They are the first variants of 328i and 330i engines. 1998-2002 was the entire running period of both in market.

But some experts claim that the 328i models before the 2003 periods come with better power and handling ability. In reality, it works the same. For that reason, professional car drivers are still devoted to the previous model 328i engine.

Besides, 330i models after 2003 times appear similar. These models were later maximized with smooth handling, more power, and performance. In short, 328i models before 2003 and 330i models after 2003 are the best ones.

5th Generation 328i vs 330i

5th generation of 328i and 330i have been manufactured and launched in the market between 2006 to 2011 years. BMW had an intention to deliver a reliable engine with low pricing to their users. The 5th generation, therefore, had made the debut.

The company declares that this generation delivers the most reliable engine on the market.

In terms of performance, the 330i takes the lead. It can deliver a better intake system comparing the other one. And it has more engine power (30hp) than the 328i. That means it can offer better performance and power on the road.

With that, the first manufactured 330imodel in 2006 is very much refined and budget-friendly than 328i. But later of the time, all their models come with higher pricing.

Even though the 328i 5th generation was not as much powerful and refined as the 330i, but it was very affordable and cheap in rate. Still, the reliability and pricing have attracted a lot of users.

6th Generation 328i vs. 330i

BMW G20 and G21 are two models that come under the 6th generation. Where the 328i was manufactured from 2012 to 2016 times, the 330i model is still going to perform in the market.

This time, these models come with all maximized features. A stylish and upgraded interior, more power, and tuned engine let the users feel curiosity for it.

Following the chart below will help to understand all the facts in a better way.

Specs           328i        330i
Manufactured time2012 to 20162018 to present
Engine displacement1997cc1998cc
Cylinder type  Inline 4Inline 4
Engine power  245hp258hp
Maximum power180 at 6500Rpm190 at 6000Rpm
Maximum Torque350nm at 4800Rpm400nm at 4500Rpm
Max speed250kmph250kmph  
Fuel economyIn city 21 In highway 25In city 20 In highway 24

The specification from above shows that both these models are almost similar in their performing ability. Although 328i had a limited manufacturing time, the 330i is still ruling on the road.

Both of them contain almost the same type of engine. There are some differences between their power and torque. But their potential power is almost the same.

So, there are not many differences between them except for a few horsepower and torque. Pricing is a little bit more expensive than the previous generations.

And it is for the upgraded interior and features.

Major differences between 328i and 330i

The best and most efficient part of both these models is that they are so compact and reliable. In terms of their usage, they can be performed with benefit and necessity.

But the key distinction that separates them is that 328i has a lower weight ratio along with a better steering rack. As a result, it can make the nearest competition with 330i.

On the opposite, the 330i got more power with better features. Still, it sometimes gets defeated by the older 328i variants with a good distance.

Entire Comparison

As 328i had last till 2018, the 330i is the replacement of it. It is still available under Series 3 with some differences. The latest 330i model now has great demand in the market for some outstanding features and performances.

Facts to follow for choosing the right one

When two different models make a comparison, some practical facts make it easy to describe. There are some legit factors available that will help to find out the best model between these two.


Power is one of the most highlighting things that users require from the rides. Both these models come with almost the same type of power and performance.

Having the bookish idea, 330i appears as the better powerful one than 328i. But on-road performance appears almost similar for both of them.

If it gets observed from the previous times, the 328i and 330i run the same. For that reason, any of them can be chosen if power is the only requirement.

But somehow, the 330i will figure out better power and performance rather than the 328i.

Better throttling

Responsive and accurate throttling from a car is the finest thing that a user can demand. 328i, in that case, is the best choice to go for.

Smooth and accurate throttling with comfortable steering gives a buttery feel to the ride. Talking about the 330i, it also provides a better riding feel from the steering. But not as much as the other one.

Exhaust note

They might come under the Sedan segment. But can perform better loudness from the engine. Usually, the 328i makes a mild sound that makes it a silent one on the road. And it behaves like the typical sedan models on the road.

But the 330i is different in sound. It’s greatly known among users for its aggressive sound and loudness. Hearing the exhaust note, it will be hard to believe someone about its segment.

It works like a sedan but behaves like a sports car. So those who are obsessed with better sound performance, the 330i model is the preferable one for them.

Higher Intake System

A higher intake system means better airflow and performance for the engine. And it helps to increase the efficiency of the ride on the road. 330i is the model that delivers a better intake system to the car.

Fortunately, all the models under 330i work the same. 328i comes with a good intake system too. But it doesn’t perform as much better as the 330i.


330i started its journey in 1999 and still delivering performance in the market. 328i is not great enough in that matter. The company discontinued its production back in 2016. Depending on that, few models now come with the 328i variant.

However, the 330i, with its yearly launched models are, perfectly controlling the market. A new model requirement can be accomplished by having the 330i variant.


The 330i variant was made with the best reliability. And it’s declared by the company. All the necessary things that the majority of the users demand from a sedan car are perfectly available in this model.

Apart from that, the engine has been perfectly tuned for budget-friendly and better mileage feedback.

Considering overall features, the pricing has been set so that it can be maximized for reliability with enough friendly pricing.


Pricing matters a lot to go for the required vehicle. There are good pricing differences between both these models. The earlier launched one cost around 18k to 35k dollars, depending on the model years.

But the 330i costs a little bit higher. A standard range starts from 30K that can last up to 45k dollars. Pricing comes with differences because the 330i is the upgraded variant.

Nevertheless, 330i is the only choice to go for. This model is still getting used and available in the market.

Despite having a low cost, a 328i can’t be purchased from the market. Discontinued manufacturing is the main reason behind it.

So which one can be called the best? 328i or 330i

Both these models are good enough for their performance. Therefore, choosing the best one is not an easy task to perform.

328i is the first variant under Series 3. And it has delivered great positive feedback among the users. Smooth performance, powerful engine, and better throttling experience have never disappointed the users. But what makes a drawback is, it has been stopped from manufacturing.

Yet, some sedan lovers with a lower budget find out about the used 328i models. Keeping the availability aside, this is the best one to go for.

The 330i, on the opposite, has gained a few extra features. And a majority of the factors are almost similar to the previous one.

In addition, it comes with excellent exhaust sound and the best reliability. But the pricing can make a good issue to go for it. 330i costs more just because of the latest features and the futuristic designs. Keeping the pricing side, it is also the appropriate one to go for.

2018 BMW 330i vs 320i

BMW has plenty of models available to them. Series 3 comes with several verities. 320i is one of them.

It is featured a 2.0-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder engine. That can produce a maximum of 200nm of torque with 180hp. Two different transmission variants let the users choose differently according to their necessity.

It is almost similar in efficiency compared to the 330i. Except for the engine performance, safety, interior, and external designs are back from the previous edition.

The only thing that a 320i can offer is a little bit of better fuel economy with the moderate leveled engine. 330i makes better speed with raw exhaust notes and better top speed.

For safety, both these variants come with maximum safety. Auto dry brakes in both models help to stop their rides in any condition. A total of 8 airbags into the entire ride deploys at an accurate time to provide the best protection.

Above all, 320i and 330i also can be formed up by their driver assistance packaging. And it means the ride is ready to roll with the finest protection and security.

2022 BMW 330i

The 2022 edition 330i has left the 328i too behind. And it is now formed with high-tech features and design. For the engine, it follows almost the similar one as before. 2.0 liter 4 cylinders turbocharged engine delivers 255 maximum horsepower with 295nm of torque.

The eight-speed automatic transmission system with a rear-wheel driving pattern makes it a perfect sedan for the road. From the internal area, the car looks so perfect and standard for the users.

A bigger room with enough cargo space lets its job done perfectly against any tour plan or bigger family usage. On the front side, the 8.8 inches multiple functional touchscreens all the information about the car and external areas.

When all the things seem perfect, fuel economy is the only thing to observe. But the machine delivers 26MPG in the city and 36+ on the highway. Being a luxury and fast Sedan, it has enough fuel economy too.

Having all these great qualities and specifications. The 330i latest edition has created a good impact on the market.

BMW F30 328i vs 330i

F30 is a model under the 328i variant. If it gets compared with the typical 330i, it comes with better horsepower. Although their engines are almost similar, the F30 328i contains 7hp extra than the 330i.

Albeit the power is not huge, it let the F30 328i lead to the road.

User’s recommendation

There are lots of users available for both these models. Some of them have replaced their 328i with the 330i. On the other hand, some users still will go for the previous model for the performance.

Since they’re almost similar to their performance, a group of users will recommend the 328i for better handling ability and power.

330i will be recommended by the users too. By those who love to show off their Sedan with a sporty sound. Hence, both models are preferable to choose and select.

BMW N52 vs n54 engine is a hotcake topic nowadays. Don’t forget to hit on the link. You’ll be amazed to see the entire discussion.

Final Statement

Hopefully, there is nothing left to explain about the BMW 328i vs 330i model. Our skilled team members have shared all their research and ideas through it.

If comfort riding and better reliability with superior performance are what you expect from a car, the 328i is the right one for you.

330i is made for the showoff kids that make no compromise with pricing. Rather than choosing a high-priced one. They are both worthy of selecting for you and your family members.

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