What’s the difference between tesla P85 vs. P85+?

Tesla Company has a variety of car models to them. Each of them has individual demands among the users. P85 and p85+ are two models with almost a level of demand. But there’s the best one to choose between these two. And it will be done as a comparison.

So let’s start from the beginning.

There’s no major difference between the two of these models. Wheel sizes are the only thing that brings distinction. The P85+ comes with a bigger and better wheel size than the P85.

tesla P85
tesla P85

The distinction between P85 and P85+

It’ll be better to explain both these models through the comparison chart. And the chart will help to know both these models individually. Let’s have a better clarification through the chart given down.

Facts  P85P85+
Production year  2012 to 20142013-2014
Maximum engine power601nm601nm
Maximum speed210km210km
EPA range  256mi265mi
Engine power  350kw350kw
Wheel size  245mm265mm
Wheel typeNon-Staggered wheelStaggered wheel

So the chart shows that all the specs completely match each other except for the wheels. The P85 model comes with the typical wheel size from the previous times.

P85+ as the updated variant holds some differences. And that is why; it comes with a bigger wheel size.

The P85+ is 20mm bigger in size than the previous one. In addition, it has better width of about 3-4 inches. This simple upgrade of the car provides better performance and range rather than the previous Model.

P85 Model

This is known as Model S to Tesla lovers. The company launched this Model back in 2012 as a luxury sedan. Model S is featured with 416hp electric power that can produce 310kw,

This five-seater has contributed to the market from 2012 to 2014. 85kw of battery capacity makes it a better performance inroad for a long time. Although being a sedan, it can make a quick acceleration of 0-100 within 4.4 seconds!

Model S aka P85, has created a good impression among the users. It has an affordable maintenance cost, economy mileage, and better power delivery.

P85+ Model

tesla P85+ Model
tesla P85+ Model

This one also comes under the Model S segment. And it can be named the refresh version or The Performance Plus Package.

Updated versions come with good changes most of the time. But the P85+ was not enough sophisticate comparing to its old Model.

However, it had a production time between 2013 and 2014. P85+ also played a good impact on the market. Similar specs and features to the previous Model are the main reason behind it.

In fact, it entirely matches up with the previous Model, except for the wheelbase and engine location. P85 was available as a front-engine car. But Tesla has given the same engine at the rear area for better-performing ability. And it is not the only thing that makes the difference between P85 and P85+.

The P85+ comes with staggered wheels and bigger sizing. That means it has a better range covering ability with smooth performance.

21 inches of tire size delivers a slightly bigger size than the previous one. So bigger tire size means better performance and handling.

Facts to follow for selecting the best one

Things become tough to explain when both entities appear the same. A similar issue gets seen between these two car models. Finding out the best one is a complicated decision for their similarity.

But some valid factors will be helpful enough to find out the best one. And they’re given in the following:

Better performance

Better performance means better speed. In that case, the p85+ can perform better. Both these models might perform at similar top speed. But the P85+ can perform a little bit better as it has a rear-ended engine. P85+, therefore, is worthy of choosing performance.


P85+ takes the title again. Because Tesla has launched its power performance package with better handling. Staggered tires of p85+ let the riders feel very much comfortable while driving.

Users who have the requirement for better handling can surely go for this Model.

Affordable Price

The P85+ is no longer holding the title. It’s usual to have a higher price for the updated variants. So do the P85+ has followed. But there are not many differences between these two variants except for the wheel sizes.

But there is a good pricing gap of about $7000. So going for an almost similar performing vehicle with additional bucks may not appear worthy to some users.

External Space

Some users claim that P85 offers a better room rather than the plus one. There’s an objection to whether this statement is legitimate or not.

But the majority of users that switched from the previous one to the upgraded version have the same complaints and thinking.

The classic P85, therefore, take the lead.

Dual motor function

The dual-motor operating system is one of the best creations by Tesla. Unfortunately, the older P85 doesn’t come with dual-motor capability. It has been placed into the upgraded Model. So it is better to choose this efficient feature.

Riding experience

The older one delivers a raw power but a slower acceleration. But it remains the same in terms of power.

The updated version, on the other hand, delivers quick acceleration and power delivery. But it doesn’t make any aggressive feel like the old one.

So which one can be considered the best?

Both these models have been explained with the finest research and experiment. The P85 is affordable, fast, and comfortable. On the other hand, P85+ is better in handling, upgraded wheel type, and pattern. But it has the downside of high price.

Both these models are compact, efficient, and suitable for daily usage purposes.

If you have no budget issues with the finest quality requirement, the P85+ is the best choice.

Aside from that, if an affordable ride with almost similar level functions is a necessity, the classic P85 Model is perfect for you.

There’s a great necessity to know about every part of the Tesla car. Tesla Model 3 Windshield Size will fulfill the necessity of knowing.

Final Words

P85 vs. P85+ both are good enough to choose as your permanent ride. Neither the p85 nor its updated variant will be a bad decision to choose.

Our skilled researchers are done with their explanations. The owner’s preference is the only thing that is left for choosing any of them. Budget shortage can deliver the classic one. And standard upgrade intention can bring the updated one home.

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