What is batter LLumar CTX vs 3m Crystalline?

Protecting the car windows was never an issue to ignore. Whenever the necessity of window tinting gets revealed, some highly demanded brand names come to mind. For that reason, our skilled researchers will make a comparison today between Llumar CTX vs 3m Crystalline.

In a practical observation, both of these brands perform almost the same. They have a similar heat blocking ability too. But the Llumar performs better against heating, whereas the 3m can easily avoid glaring.

LLumar CTX vs 3m Crystalline

Llumar CTX

Llumar is a very common name in the world of window tint. It is a thinner film that gets attached to the car windows, household windows, and other applicable areas.

This window sheet is mainly made of ceramic that easily avoids any scratches. The higher optical clarity of the tint makes it the best protector against the sun. Extreme sun heating can be ignored at a sufficient level. Apart from that, a high or low level of glare is nothing against this window tint.

Being a high performer, the Lunar CTX widow tint comes with dual lines.

Metalized Tint: That helps to eliminate UV rays and heating. And the other one is,

Advanced Nanotechnology: That avoids any signal interferences.

CTX has a great performance in the car windows. Once they get fixed, riders don’t need to have any sunlight or heating issues. While UV rays seem harmful, the CTX can block 99% of UV rays from heating up the car.

There is no chance of having any heating issue in the driving or passenger seats. A mild and cool inner temperature makes the rider satisfied to drive ahead.

Positive sides of Llumar CTX

  • Comes with 99% UV ray and heat-blocking ability. So there is no chance of having damage in the interior.
  • Easily avoid scratches by the scratch-resistant ability
  • Multiple layers work as the protector against extreme weather or situation
  • High-quality material makes it very durable and tough to use
  • Easy to customize and suits almost every type of car

Negative sides

  • It is darker than the other models. Sometimes, a darker windshield may create problems while driving.

3m Crystalline

3m is another popular yet demanded brand for window tint. They are known for high-quality and heavy-performing tinting films. Crystalline is the latest variant of the company with upgraded lining.

This is mainly a film with multiple layers of around 200. All these ultra-thin layers let the tint deliver superior protection against heating.

On top of that, Crystalline has a better UV ray blocking ability compared to other ones. Using it for the windshield, riders can have perfect visibility under extreme sun heat too.

Except for use in the cars. Crystalline window tint can also make household areas secure and safe. Private workplaces or security concerned persons have a good benefit through using this film for their windows.

Positive sides of 3M Crystalline

  • Has the maximum heat blocking ability of 99%
  • Solar energy gets ignored by almost 60%
  • Multiple layer formulas avoid tearing and stay strong
  • Natural lights seem enjoyable as it helps to avoid additional heating and glare
  • The best heat avoider compared to other models

Negative Sides

  • Provides less attention in decorative or stylish purposes
  • A little bit more expensive than other tints

Major Distinctions between CTX and Crystalline

Showing nature along with positive and negative sides is not enough. Here is some major difference between these two window tints. Read them out before installation so that users don’t have to worry about them.

Level of Protection

Window tints are mainly get used for protection. They applied to the car windows. So that no heating or glare can damage the interior along with the person, in that case, both these tint film models play amazingly. However, both of them have similar heat-avoiding abilities. But the Llumar CTX works better for reflecting UV rays.

On the other hand, 3M Crystalline can reduce glare better compared to the CTX. Therefore, both these window tints can be called almost similar to the protection.

Company Policy

Both these brands are well known and highly demanded in the market. So do their manufacturers. On that account, they both come under a lifetime warranty.

That means the manufacturers are quite confident about their products and qualities. When company policy is a matter of concern, any of them can surely be chosen.

Adhesive level

These window tints get attached to the windows through their adhesive part. A good amount of adhesiveness relates to better and longer-lasting gripping. CTX and Crystalline both perform best for sticking with the window. And once they get attached, there is no chance of falling, even in extreme situations.


Tinting the windshield sometimes appears as an important process. It can help the rider to reject reflections from other vehicles during the night times.

Having sufficient black layers in both these models, they can perform great to avoid reflections. And that is why; riders will not have to face the bright light from the front area that may hamper their eyesight.

Easy installation

Installing the window tint is not an easy job. In fact, some companies recommend that users get the job done through their expert mechanics.

Fortunately, both these brands come with professional installers. But still, they are quite easy to install on their own.

Security and Privacy Purpose

Some individuals among the users apply these window tints for their security purpose. And guess what? Both these are efficient for that situation too.

These window tints are very much useful for protecting the interior of a car. Except for the automobiles, they keep the home free from intruders’ observation too.

But the Lumar CTX in that case stays forward. That is because; it is a little bit darker than the 3m Crystalline. Better darkness means better security and privacy.

Home Decorative Item

Both these models have a mass using ability. Household areas also come under its efficiency. All the windows of the housing area with some reflective décor items can be formed by any of these films.

Since the Lumar CTX comes with better glossy finishing and external appearance. It will surely suit the household things and decorations.

Window tints have a good demand to use in Tesla cars. Just like their verities of wheels. Check out our latest blog about Tesla model Y 19 vs 20-inch wheels. This comparison will help to find out the exact wheel that you require for your ride.

Final Statement

Llumar CTX vs 3m crystalline. There is nothing left to explain about them. If you’re willing to buy a protector for your car windows, choose any of them. They’re affordable, convenient, and durable for performing.

 The 3M Crystalline works great on the windows. Whereas the Llumar CTX is featured with an all-premium vibe. Go for the perfect one, according to your necessity and budget.

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