Suntek vs Xpel Discussion

Paint protection film or the PPF gets used in the cars. For holding the glazy vibe and protection. Suntek and Xpel in that case, are two different brands that provide the finest quality PPF. For some valid necessities, today’s discussion will make a comparison between these two.

Stay till the end to gather good knowledge about them.

So basically, suntek has a thin nature but provides better shininess. On the other hand, xpel has a great protecting ability with better thickness. Both these protecting films are efficient in their performance and quality.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) is mainly the protective layer that gets placed into the car. The entire body of the car gets protected through the layer. That keeps it safe. It’s a wrap for the entire car body that helps to avoid road debris or any kind of flying rocks.

Suntek PPF

Suntek aka Llumar, is a similar brand in the market. That is why. If anyone gets asked Llumar instead of Suntek, it will appear the same.

The Suntek PPF has a good demand in the market for its rich and shiny feel. The majority of users believe that it can easily make the car look more gorgeous and premium rather than the other ones.

It has an outstanding level of transparency along with a glossy look too. No matter what type of elements there is. The Suntek PPF can easily avoid all and let the car feel premium and shiny.

One of the best things about this film is. It comes with standard hydrophobic properties. That enhances its quality and looks along with a clear coating on the surface.

Stickiness level of Suntek

A great thing to like about Suntek PPF is. It has a less powerful adhesive. This is a great reason to like this PPF with lots of users. And the reason behind the liking is. A lower level of stickiness helps to lift up the layer without having any damage to the car.

Besides providing low damage, it requires less pressure too.

Clarity and Shininess

The orange peel of Suntek let it feel premium to the cars. Besides, it has the perfect amount of shininess no matter what the color is. And the best thing about its shininess is. This film never delivers any yellowish vibe into the car that gets seen in others.

For this great reason, the Suntek PPF has a good demand among the users.


Xpel is a very well-known name among users. They are having some great contributions to cars for a great long time. Compared to the other brands, Xpel has better quality and is loaded with the latest features too.

The stickiness of Xpel PPF

When it comes to stickiness, Xpel doesn’t make any compromise at all. That is why; it has a strong adhesive level that is hard to remove. But there is a great issue in using the strong stickiness.

Whenever the film gets removed, there will be a chance of having sticky stains on the body. Besides that, it may appear difficult to remove the stains too.

Clarity level of Xpel

Xpel may appear enough glossier in the body. But it has not as glossy vibe as the Suntek. The clarity level seems perfect to the body and lets it shine under light.

It comes with a better level of orange peel. That is why the level of durability and glossy reach the next level of performance. Besides of the performance, it may not appear clean enough too.

 If an example is given, the Xpel film in a white-colored vehicle will surely deliver the perfect durability and clarity. But the orange peel will change the entire color and remain visible to the appearance. Therefore, it will lose its appearance.

Usage of Software

None of these films come in a built-in formula as they get used to all types of cars. They must have to go through the individual cutting process according to their design and shape. Using the software for cutting, therefore, is an essential thing to observe.

For Suntek PPF

Trust is the verified software for Suntek. It can deliver maximum car models and concepts to go through an accurate cutting process. Apart from that, the friendly auto-nest feature of this application. Helps to take even the last square area for cutting. For that reason, the film requires very low cost and saves the material.

For Xpel PPF

Xpel, on the other hand, lets the thing be done by using the DAP software. It can deliver an accurate design in the film that perfectly matches up with the car. For that reason, the film appears almost invisible in the cars and still performs the best. But the software requires costing for each cutting. That may become an issue for some users.

The Perfect PPF to Chose

Both these PPF brands are good in their overall performance. Luckily, both these models are suitable enough to use and apply. Their quality and durability are similar too. But one of them is probably better than the other one.

Suntek is a rich film without its natural formulas. It has a glossy finishing and better stain resistance ability too. Besides, it helps to remove the contaminants in a faster way too. Even an old car simply looks like the new one by using the suntek film formula. It can provide that level of performance.

For high-quality glossy finishing and the best clarity, Suntek is surely the best choice.

Coming to the Xpel Film. It has a self-healing formula that hardly gets seen on other brands. For that reason, there is no chance of having a single amount of fading or spots in the paint.

Above all, it has the strongest adhesive pattern. It makes the film remain stable and strong in the body for a long time. In opposite, it becomes quite problematic during the removal times too. There might be some removing marks in the body for the Xpel PPF. This is the best PPF that provides a maximum amount of glossiness and shine. Unfortunately, there is a low level of clarity for the orange peel vibe.

The Suntek PPF can be called the best one with all the factors and relevancy. However, it doesn’t have the latest formula or nature like Xpel. But it has the accurate and legit features that are available in a perfect pain protection film.

Final Statement

Vehicles won’t last long if they don’t get maintained properly. And that is why; paint protection films make the task easier. Suntek vs Xpel, both are suitable for your cars. If you own a dark-colored ride, choose Xpel as the protector and stay free from worry. The orange vibe will not damage the appearance.

And if you have a light-colored ride, Suntek is the best one to choose for your vehicle.

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