Tesla Aero Wheels vs Sports Wheels

Tesla Company put their hard and soul efforts into all models. Wheels are one of those attempts. As the sports wheels are ruling in the market from previous times. Aero wheels have made their debut in the market.

Choosing the best one for the users won’t be easy unless they follow this comparison between Tesla Aero Wheels vs Sports Wheels.

Suppose the basic distinctions get highlighted. Aero wheels are the better one in allover performance. It got a bigger size, more power delivery as well as good running range.

Tesla Aero Wheels vs Sports Wheels

Tesla Aero Wheels

Model 3 of Tesla usually comes with the Aero Wheels. These wheels are better performers rather than the other ones. That is what the company believes.

Tesla Aero Wheel Size Chart

Size  18 inches
ColorMatte Black  
Bolt Size  5 X 114.3
Offset  8.5”+ 40
Center bore sizing64.1mm
Total weight9.8 kg without aero cover and 10.45kg with aero cover
Applicable TireMichelin Pilot Sports

These are basically the regular wheels of Tesla with some upgrades. The aero cap is the main attraction of the wheel. It has a very unique and standard appearance. A covered sidewall body with a gorgeous rim is the main specialty of this wheel.

For this uniqueness, it has 10% off upgraded performing efficiency. Eighteen inches sized wheels are the proper ones that get combined with the aero caps. And lastly, form as the aero wheels.

The efficiency of Aero Wheels

Although they are the previous wheels with aero caps, they perform better. And the best part of this wheel is, that it can surprisingly increase the running range.

It works into the road by making a smooth whirling of current. So that the tires do not have to face any barriers, and let it go cut out the windy pressure. For that reason, the vehicles achieve better running ability with faster spinning and running forward.

The company has featured this wheel with solid gripping and noise-avoiding ability. So using them in any kind of area seems perfect and suitable.

Aero wheels come in great combination with the wheels. And that is known as the summer package. High-quality tires from Michelin make the wheel feel worthy on roads. Except for the summer times, the combination works great even on wet and slippery roads too.

Although the aero caps make the job done efficiently, these high-quality tires have some contributions too.

Sports Wheel

This one comes for the Model 3 and Model Y of Tesla. Sports wheels have a good demand among the users. It comes with stylish color finishing for the internal area. Thus it looks very beautiful and shiny in Tesla Model 3.

Sports Wheel Size Chart

Size19 inches  
ColorsGlossy black, silver, satin black, and grey
Offset size+35  
Pattern of Bolt  5 X 114.3
Central bore size64.1  
Recommended TiresPirelli Sottozero 3

The 19 inches tire suits up with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in a great look. It has a total of 4 different colors that let the users choose differently.

As the company recommendation, the Pirelli tire makes a great match with the wheel. And it can be used for any type of area with great benefit.

The efficiency of Sports Wheel

The performance of sports will is beyond imagination. In fact, the majority of Tesla users have positive thoughts about this wheel. However, they require a particular tire size of 19 inches. But the wheel never let off the tire from its performance.

Especially the winter times. Some other wheels may appear with some difficulties. The sports wheel with its tire performs smoothly with the maximum gripping.

No matter how the road goes. Even if it is slippery, snowy, or frozen. The sports wheel still performs like the professional one.

Moreover, Model 3 and Model Y owners from wintery areas never have to feel issues with these wheels. All the rides have a responsive and smooth acceleration by having their sports wheels. And that is why; its performance is not ignorable.

Terms that make the differences

Both these wheels are made with superior features and qualities. On top of that, they are the best ones in their individual sectors.

Hence, some legal factors will take the dissimilarities.

On-road performance

It has been described earlier. Both these wheels are the best performer differently. Aero wheels have better performing ability on different roads.

Even though there are no changes in the wheel, the entire task gets performed through its aero cap. However, the caplet the wheel goes through the wind by delivering better smoothness.

For that reason, the wheels make higher rotations rather than the other ones. And thus its performance gets increased.

The sports wheel, in that case, performs almost similarly. Wheels perfectly catch up with the tire as well as its sidewalls. The least chance of losing grip or brake failures.

Feedback of Range

Aero wheels have come into the market with a superior intention. Maximizing the economy, therefore, is the best part of this wheel.

Tesla has claimed that the aero wheel can deliver a minimum of 10 miles of extra range. This may not look effective enough. But it has an effective contribution among the whole Model 3 users.

Coming to the sports wheels. They have a friendly behavior with Tesla 3 and Tesla Y models. The sports wheel is mainly made for performing in winter areas.

In short, the sports wheel works on average with perfect range according to the area.


Hearing it, the first thing that comes to mind is colorful wheels. Tesla users are usually not obsessed with their wheel colors. But some users find it an important factor to observe.

Luckily, the Sports wheel comes in some color varieties. And each of them is standard to suit the tires as well as the cars.

Aero wheels may not have different types of colors. But its premium black coated finishing can attract anyone’s eyeballs. On the side of that, the color looks richer and more premium compared to the sport one.

The Best Wheel to choose

Neither of these wheels comes with less efficiency. Therefore, finding out a particular one seems quite difficult.

One of them can deliver a better range of miles that no other wheel models can perform. Asides from that, the other one can perform its best in every situation.

So choosing the right one totally depends on the users and their intentions.

If there is any confusion about which charger to use for your Tesla, have a look at this comparison Tesla Charging 110V vs 120V. You’ll certainly find the answer.

Final Verdict

Tesla Aero wheels and sports wheels are both successful achievements of Tesla. Hope that the comparative discussion was enough helpful and informative.

Our experts always think about the right choice for you and your beloved ones. So go for any of these wheels according to your budget. Let your ride look better and perform the best.

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