What will be the Tesla Solar Panel Size for charging the battery?

Tesla Solar Panel Size will be fixed for a specific number of panels and power rating. In case one require a certain power, they will have to check the size of the solar panel for that power. Knowing the size is important to check if they have available space.

Moreover, a specific size needs to fits perfectly on that specific open rooftop. Because the solar panel will need direct sunlight to generate power or electricity. Furthermore, look into the details we have discussed regarding the topic to find out the perfect size.

Tesla Solar Panel Size

Well, Tesla is an electric vehicle that requires electricity to operate. In a regular car, we use oil or gas to operate it. Some hybrid cars have batteries and gas, but with Tesla, there is nothing but electricity. One will not see any gas pipe in the back of the car nor any gas cylinder or engine. , all the operation of Tesla is driven by electricity.

That means one will have to put electricity in the tesla system for driving it as fuel. Like other cars, users will have to recharge the battery of the car. Similarly, one will have to pay for electricity like oil or gas. People often have the myth that maintaining Tesla bearing the electricity bill is so much. To help with their confusion, we will suggest they have a visit in Does Tesla Increase Electric Bill.

There, one will get information on the amount of electricity different models of Tesla consume. Also, they will get the idea of possible electricity bills they will get using a tesla. Back to this topic, solar panels will help them decrease their electricity bill. We all know that solar is infinite renewable energy that is eco-friendly and affordable.

Considering the concern and needs of their customer, Tesla has come up with the solar panel idea. They are manufacturing different sizes of solar panels for charging their separate model at fast speeds and low prices. , the consumer will have to decide which size they want to form the size chart of Tesla. Moreover, users will get a solar panel of,

SizeNumber of panelsPower ratingTypical roof area covered
Small124.8 kW260 sq. ft
Medium249.6 kW520 sq. ft
Large3614.4 kW780 sq. ft
X-Large4819.2 kW1,040 sq. ft
Table: Tesla Solar Panel Size

Here, we can see Tesla has four different sizing for their solar panel. The first one is a small size with 12 panels and a 4.8 kW power rating. Also, this one will cover 260 sq. ft. of the roof of the users home. For a little bigger size, one can go for the medium size with 520 sq. ft. roof coverage and 24 panels. Tesla battery will get a 9.6 kW power rating from this size.

Another popular size is the large size with a 14.4 kW power rating. This one will have 36 panels which will cover 780 sq. ft. of the roof. The largest option of the solar panel is the X-large. This one will provide 19.2 kW of power. However, this one will need a 1040 sq. ft. roof to set 48 panels.

One can choose any size they want or need from that sizing option. However, before selecting the panels, one must need to check that they will get sufficient space to set over their rooftop. To get enough energy, those panel needs direct sunlight the whole day. The more sunlight those will get, the more energy will be produced. That’s why setting up the panels on the roof is necessary.

Therefore, before selecting the panel, users must know how much energy they will need. Also, how much open space they have on the roof that has direct sunlight.

What will be the cost of a Tesla Solar panel for a different size?

The price of the solar panel Tesla will be different according to the size. Moreover, the place of the buyers will impact the price for distance and shipping costs.

System sizeSizeWattageTotal Price
Small260 sq. ft4.8 kW$9,647
Medium520 sq. ft9.6 kW$19,294
Large780 sq. ft14.4 kW$28,941
Extra-Large1,040 sq. ft19.2 kW$32,588

According to the illustrated data in the table, one will have to pay $9647 for the small size 4.8 kW panel. The pricing will be more if the size is large. For the largest option of tesla solar panel which is 1040 sq0 ft. one will have to pay around $32,588.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tesla solar panels?

Undoubtedly, the tesla solar panel idea is one of the best services that manufacturers can give to their customers. With a tesla solar panel, the user will get reliable and sufficient energy to charge their car. Also, they will get an instant online quote and a mobile app by which they can monitor the panels always. Besides, they will provide a great pricing option with a logical guarantee.

However, the customer service for the solar panel option is not so fast. Because they will need to come to the house, it requires time to get their response to repair the panels. Also, one will not get the powerwall battery system with the panels. They will have to buy them separately.


Charging the Tesla solar panel is an efficient and wonderful option. One will have to pay fewer electricity bills with that system. Also, it will be eco-friendly and affordable. Using the solar panel will minimize the load of electricity on the state. However, one will have to be certain about the size of the panel.

Moreover, users must know Tesla Solar Panel Size before buying one because it is necessary that they have enough space for those panels to set up. Hopefully, one has decided the size they will need reading this article.

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