Tesla Model 3 Wrap Cost

If you have a Tesla Model 3, you may not compromise on its maintenance. Wrapping the car will come to mind among all the issues. But do you know how much it costs? If you have a similar curiosity as others, this article is surely made for you. And it will highlight about Tesla Model 3 Wrap cost.

Usually, there is a variety of costs for wrapping the Model 3. Different patterns, colour mode, quality, and related objects control the pricing.

The standard wrap cost for a Model 3 stands between 2,000 to 6,000 dollars. The budget can either increase or decrease according to the variation of the wrap.

What is the Wrap?

The wrap is one kind of protection applied to the car at its external part. In short, the wrap plays the role of a protector of the car. Besides being a protector, it works for customization too. An additional layer of PPF (Paint Protection Film) gets applied to the car.

Different looks with strong protection are the main efficiency of using the wrap. Thus, there are different colour models available in this sector.

Tesla Model 3 Wrap

Wrapping is the best thing to modify a car. Meaning that it can be applied to all types of vehicles. Tesla Model 3 is why getting more demands of getting wrapped. Premium look, uniqueness, and frequent colour changes are the best parts that the wrap can offer.

Tesla Model 3 gets customized by matte-finished PPF most of the time. It looks amazing in the car rather than in its stock colour grade. Apart from that, there’s no compromise about protection and durability.

Costing of the Wrap

Wrapping the Model 3 with some great layers looks amazing. But it’s not free of cost. Some coatings require so much cost that; a simple four-wheeler can be purchased! Model 3 doesn’t leave out this cost too.

So the cost of wrap depends on quality and variant. A lot of wrap models are available to suit the car. Some of the most common wrap variants are given along with their costing below.

Wrap ModelsCosting  
Vinyl Wrapping  $3,000- $3200 on average
PPF Wrapping  $5000- $8000 on average
Individual Parts wrapping  $1,200- $1,800 on average
Customized WrappingDepends on market demand and quality ($6,000- $9,000 approx)

The entire wrapping cost has been categorized according to its verities. Since vinyl is the most common one, it requires an average cost of 3,000-3,200 dollars.

This is the regular wrap costing of vinyl and remains limited.

PPF wrapping, on the other hand, costs huge! Five thousand dollars is the minimum cost for PPF wrapping. And it lasts till 8,000 dollars or more.

Higher protection and better duration is the main reason behind this cost. PPF may appear so eye-catchy as the other wrap models. But it has the finest protecting ability that no other wraps can offer.

Some users have different tastes and thoughts. That is why individual wrapping gets seen too in Tesla Model 3. And the cost is set at an average rate between $1200 to $1800. The pricing can either increase or decrease regarding the usage amount or area.

All these are typical and common wrap cost as well as their types. But the customization cost most expensive rather than the other ones.

Customized wrapping indicates the different wrap models, colours, and formats. For that reason, they get printed and created individually. They are completely different from the typical models.

So the pricing has lot differences than rest of the other ones. The lowest cost of customized wrapping even crosses the PPF wrapping. Six thousand dollars is the starting cost for a Model 3 that can last for 9,000! In some cases, the pricing can be even higher too.

Applicable Wrap Variations for Model 3

If the question gets asked about verities wrap models for Tesla, there’s no exact answer. That’s because Model 3 can be done to wrap with different models.

There is no limitation of designs for applying to the ride. They can be colourful, matte, glossy, faded, retro, vintage, and so many others. A customized wrap can be the best example of it.

Here some common wrap models have been given below. And they mostly get used in the Model 3.

  • Metallic Matte Silver
  • Standard White
  • Glossy Chameleon
  • Matte Black
  • Satin Black
  • Metallic and Matte Blue
  • Dragon Fire Red (Glossy)
  • Hurricane Grey (Matte)
  • Glossy Cyan
  • Matte Gunmetal
  • Military Green (Glossy)
  • Glossy and Matte Camouflage (Customized Wrap)
  • Glossy Pearl  

These are the common and well-known wrap models. Lots of different models are available too.

The usefulness of Wrap in Model 3

Tesla cars are not cheap. Especially when it is a Model 3, there should be no compromising in the preservation. And that is why wrapping is a very much needed thing.

The Protector

It’s very important for the fancy users who are obsessed with their vehicles. Wrapping will work as a protector against any damage. Flying rocks, debris, and harmful Sunrays are some common figures that affect the car. While the actual colour or quality of the car may get infected, wrapping observes all of them. And also, let the car stay in its built-in condition.


Nothing can be greater than having a stylish and gorgeous look on the car. And that is what the wrap does. Model 3 looks simply outstanding, just with a color-coated layer.

 Innovative riders get seen with the modification for a great number. They let their rides go through multiple wrappings for different periods. And thus, the appearance looks great, very unique, and standard.

Friendly with Personality

Some users apply to wrap in their Model 3 with some intentions. They believe it is a promotional policy. The majority of them are businessmen or investors. Putting a particular wrap model in their car reveals their identification.

Moreover, they promote particular items or brands through these unique and innovative ideas. The car gets a look. The owner has done the job.

Group riding

Having group rides is a common thing. And whenever there’s any occasion or automobile shows, group riders do nothing but match up to their rides.

It’s even getting seen in a group of Model 3 owners. All their rides suit up with similar customized wrapping with their group names. They together look fantastic and attractive on the roads. And the riders don’t require going through any permanent wrapping costs too.

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Final Statement

Tesla Model 3 Wrap cost is not fixed and certain. These costs can either increase or decrease depending on the area or shop. Whenever the car gets taken to a premium shop, there will surely require a good cost.

In opposite, you can do the same thing in local shops or areas with fewer expenses. It’s all now up to you. Find out the proper wrap model like your imagination. Enhance the look and protection of your beloved ride.

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