Tesla wall connector vs nema 14-50

Charging your EV is very much essential for flawless performance. That is why a suitable charger selection is mandatory. Tesla wall connecter vs nema 14-50 are two different charging elements. Having a great necessity of exploring, both these charging models will go through the best clarification.

The main distinction between these two chargers is. NEMA 14-50 is an affordable one that requires a long charging process. Whereas the Tesla wall connector delivers fast charging but costs high. Except for these factors, there are some other differences available too.

Tesla Wall Connector

Every EV lovers know about the wall connector. And when it belongs to Tesla, there’s good popularity among the users. Tesla wall connector helps their vehicles to charge up in a faster way with much accuracy.

Although there are lots of charging stations available at different places, Tesla users can easily charge up their rides from the nearest stations. But the wall connector gets used for household purposes.

Here are the features that have been given that get found in the Tesla wall connector.


Wall connector works just great for the Tesla cars. There is a 110volt capacitive adapter available with this wall connector. It can deliver a maximum of 44miles, ranging from an hour of charging. The output of 48amp makes the job easily done for the vehicles.

Using Ability

This charger can easily connect with home electricity. Besides using for home purposes, it has a brief contribution from any store and workplace too.

Effortless connecting process

Fortunately, the wall connector from Tesla is just amazing to connect and use. Just a simple connection with a wi-fi network, and the charger is ready to go. All the related information with firmware update requirements works easily and just in time.

With updates, all the latest features will be seen too.

Multiple Charging Systems

This is the functional nature of the wall connector. And it works to run even a typical power station. For this outstanding feature, four wall connectors can be installed easily with a single circuit. Nevertheless, the charging time and process will remain similar.


Although the charger belongs to Tesla, it can be used for any other EV model. Level 2 standard charger is the main reason behind it. Tesla wall connector contains the same function. Therefore, it has this efficient performance.

NEMA 14-50

The 14-50 plug from NEMA can deliver similar performance as the Tesla Wall Connector. It comes with a single piece of neutral and ground and dual hots. Any kind of plug with 50amp is easy and perfect to connect with the NEMA 14-50.

When charging the Tesla cars, Nema 14-50 is a game-changer. It can perform similarly to the Tesla wall connector that users demand.

Luckily, the Nema 14-50 comes in a charging process with great performance. It generates similar charging as like wall connector.


With Nema 14-50 adapter and the mobile connector, a Tesla can be charged up to 30miles per hour. This is the standard variant of charging. Other EV models have differences according to their specifications. A total of 240volt of power is sufficient and worthy enough for use in the Tesla models.

Using Ability

The 14-50 adapter doesn’t come in a plug-and-play mode. All it needs is the connection with a mobile connector and then power up the vehicle. Though it sounds a bit difficult, the practical performance is easy and convenient.


As it is a plug, there are no difficulties in using it. That is why; it can easily suit any kind of circuit. Any EV models are easy to perform through this 14-50 adapter. So overall, the 14-50 adaptor is quite impressive and efficient to use for Tesla.

Which one is best? Wall connector or 14-50 Charger

Even if they both provide the same efficiency. Some major facts help to choose a single model.

Talking about the level of performance first, the Tesla Wall connector has a faster charging ability than Nema. While Nema has a maximum power delivery of 30-37 miles per hour, the Tesla connector does it for 44miles in an hour.

14-50 requires an additional mobile connector to let the task be done. But the Tesla one is so easy to use. Just plug in the socket and connect with the ride. It is that easy.

The wall connector gets the title for having a clean and easy environment. Because the other one requires long wiring issues that do not look suitable. But the wall connector comes with a wire that remains connected only with the powerbox.

But the most important fact that brings big distinction is the purchasing cost

14-50 adapter is quite impressive and worthy of using. That’s because it has stable performance and accuracy; moreover, very affordable.

The wall connector from Tesla might provide better performance as well as faster charging speed. But the main issue is, it costs more than the other one. The wall connecter requires ten times more cost than Nema!

But still, Tesla Company recommends their products for the rides if a short statement is given. For those who require better-charging speed with superior performance, the wall connector is the best choice. Pricing should not be an issue in that case.

And those who love to perform their task within affordable pricing and almost the similar performance. 14-50 adaptor from Nema is for them. It may not produce a fast charging method. But an entire night charging time can do the same.

Collaboration of Wall connector with 14-50 Adapter

This will be the best charging combination with the wall connector. And it is granted by the company. There will be a 25% faster-charging ability from the combination of both these elements.

For maximum performance, it will perform around 40amps of power. This means that charging any modeled electronic vehicle will be possible through this efficient combination.

Preferable models

Both these elements can make a superior performance. Fortunately, all the models of Tesla are perfect for charging up with this. Moreover, the other standard electronic vehicles are also applicable and easy for charging up under this charger set.

Final Verdict

All the doubts are crystal clear between Tesla wall connector vs Nema 14-50. It’s now up to the user and their demand. Both these chargers are great in a word. There are certainly not any issues with using any of them. Chose any of them according to your intention and budget and let the ride charge up.

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