What will be the Tesla Headlight Replacement Cost?

Tesla Headlight Replacement Cost will vary according to the model and version of the car. The older model will cost less, and the newer model will cost more. Also, the older version that came as a first-generation will cost less.

However, the newer version of headlights with projector headlamps and other features will cost more. One can always choose the older version of the headlight, even in their new model. It will not be a big deal. Furthermore, one may look below to know more about the headlight replacement cost tesla.

Tesla Headlight Replacement Cost

Initially, headlights aim to provide light when one is in the dark. Imagine driving the car at night to way back home or anywhere. Without the headlights, it is impossible. Also, headlights will be the life savior on the tricky roads outside the city.

That’s why it is so much more than just giving light. The lights will ensure safety when one is on the road. Besides, the headlights work as a signal from the other driver. One far from the other car will know the width of the car, and he will be sure how much space he needs to spare for the other car to cross.

As for the tesla headlights, they will serve so much more than the regular headlights. The statement headlights are for lights has become a myth with the Tesla headlights. However, they are not ever ending. Those headlights also have a limited lifespan, and one will need to change them after them.

Well, the replacement cost of tesla headlights for models X, Y, S, and three will be quite similar. Also, the cost will be more than the regular one. Normally, tesla headlights can cost around $1000 if one brings the authentic one. The labor and service charge will be added because replacing it at home will be foolish. Overall the cost will be around $1200 to $1400.

One may think that why the tesla headlights are so expensive. Of course, there is a reason for that. Because it will not only work as a brightness provider in the dark, those will be the eye of the car in autopilot feature or self-driving feature. Also, the driver will not know if there is an obstacle like an animal or rocks on the road because of the dark. But the headlights will detect that obstacle and take the initiative to avoid an accident.

Tesla is updating their recent X, Y, S, and three models with the latest headlights with all those features. Now, tesla models Y and 3 have adaptive headlights. Those lights will follow the curve of the road, and those will give a more solidified vision of the road.

Besides, these updated models will provide a more powerful and defined beam with a square pattern. These beams will be more visible and less reflective. Also, one will be able to see a more detailed vision in the dark. In addition, setting the beam into the high beam and automatic will take the experience to another level.

The beam will automatically go high to low according to the light outside with that feature. Also, those will automatically turn ON or OFF according to the driver’s presence. That is so much to get from headlights, but tesla makes it possible that’s why it’s so expensive.

What will be the tesla Model S Headlights Replacement Cost?

The headlight cost of tesla model S will differ between the old and the new versions. After 2020 tesla has done some major changes in their headlights that increase the price. Back in the old model, the headlights will cost around $300 to $400 without the labor charge.

However, the replacement cost of the recent tesla model S with the upgraded headlights will cost more than $800.

What will be the Tesla Model 3 Headlights Replacement Cost?

Tesla Model 3 was launched back in 2017 with the amazing headlights enabling excellent performance and an autopilot feature. However,Tesla has changed the headlights of model 3 in recent date. So, the replacement cost for both of the options will be different.

For the old version, the replacement cost of the tesla model 3 will not be more than $700. But the upgraded version of its headlights of tesla will cost around $1200.

Who is the manufacturer of Tesla Headlights?

Tesla is one of the big electronic giants. However, they do not manufacture every part of their car inside their manufacturing plant. They do bring some of the parts from some renowned manufacturers. As for their headlights, they reported that they brought those from another electronics giant HELLA.

HELLA is a German automotive part supplier that has been in the market for decades. Headlights are not the first business deal between these two giant manufacturers. Moreover, the FSD of tesla connected with the Headlights is from Samsung. This manufacturer is manufacturing the Full Self Driving chip or HW3 for tesla.

Are tesla headlights LED?

Initially, tesla started its journey with LED headlights. However, they have changed the headlights of a new version of models three and Y with projector headlamps. They make that decision out of users’ needs. Moreover, we believe they will continue upgrading their headlights, unlike other vehicle manufacturers, because the headlights of tesla are an important part.


Replacing the tesla headlights is a big deal. Because those lights will not only provide light, their responsibility will be a lot more than this. Moreover, the tesla headlight replacement cost will be less than the older version. But the newer version, like model 3 and Y headlights, will cost more.

It is because of the technical features and benefits the manufacturer will provide in their tesla. Users will get many more new features and benefits with the new version of headlights.

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  1. Tesla put a cost estimate of $ 1585.50 U.S. in the parts list I ordered. I did not order service, only parts. My Tesla S 85D is a 2015 model. The lamp works prefectly! Only the plastic lens is broken. I am searching for a much more rational price. I have an excellent paint & body shop to do this work, close to home, and he is eager to do this for me. He does not need the job.

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