Tesla Screen Replacement Cost, will it be so much?

Tesla Screen Replacement Cost will depend on two options, the older and the newer option. Tesla launched its first screen with its first-generation and continued with the features. However, they have changed some features and added some new features in their updated version of Tesla.

If one goes with the old version of the screen, they will have to pay less money. However, the new version of the screen will be quite expensive compared to the old one. Looking for more details information? Then the reader should have a look below at the illustrated details.

Tesla Screen Replacement Cost
Tesla Screen Replacement

Tesla Screen Replacement Cost

People who have encountered Tessa even once, even if virtually, will know the importance of its screen. It is the big touch screen in front of the driver. One may think it is for entertainment at first glance. However, it is the part by which humans interact with the Tesla. Drivers will command the car for different work like folding the side mirror or adjusting the headlights with that screen.

Though tesla claim that their product is extremely durable and unbreakable, this screen is quite vulnerable. Getting hit by any heavy object can break the screen. However, one can still operate the screen with the broken glass. But that is not recommended because one can end up cutting their finger.

Well, if one wants to replace their tesla touch screen for models X, Y, S, and three the cost will be similar. Because Tesla uses the same screen in all their model. So, the cost of replacing Tesla’s screen will be,

Table: Tesla screen replacement cost for the old version.


Moreover, Tesla has brought some changes in their new Tesla. Recently, in 2021 they have upgraded some of the existing features of the old Tesla. In those upgrades, the screen is one of them. In that case, those who have brought the old version can get an appointment to install the new screen in their Tesla, paying for that.

However, this service will be available for Tesla Model S, and X. Tesla Model S and X owners can go to the tesla app and make an appointment for the installation. As for the other, they can still replace their broken screen with the new tesla screen. In that case, one will have to pay extra.

Table: Tesla screen replacement cost for a new version.


Overall, the choice is to the owners and their requirements. The total cost will vary with the alternative option, like going to any workshop without Tesla’s service station. They can also buy the screen from any third party for less cost, which is not recommended, though.

Is it possible to drive a tesla with a broken screen?

The touch screen of the Tesla is literally replaced every button of the car. One will have to command the car for anything using the touchscreen, which is wonderful. However, some critics claimed that because of the touchscreen command using Tesla became accidental. Drivers will need to have a dedicated mind to the screen, which makes them vulnerable and cause an accident.

So, some of the researchers took the initiative to test Tesla. They have broken the tesla touch screen and started driving the car. Well, it is a piece of good news for the tesla lover that one can smoothly start, drive, and park tesla even without the touchscreen. Yes, it will lower the usability and functionality of the car. But it is totally declaimed that Tesla cannot be driven without concentrating on the touchscreen.

Therefore we can say that one can drive a tesla with a broken touchscreen. However, one cannot command the car for additional features like entertainment, adjusting the mirror, and so on.

What features will users get from the new Tesla Touchscreen?

The new touchscreen that Tesla launched with their new version of their existing model will be better. That screen will be smoother than before, and also it will be more responsive than before. It will load any webpage and image faster and clear. Increasing the functionality, one will get more features with it, and those are,

PerformanceMore responsiveSmootherFaster browsing
AudioDisplays BluetoothAccess to internet radio and music station
EntertainmentVideo StreamingNetflixYouTubeHuluTesla TheaterKaraoke TRAX
GameGraphics-intensive Tesla Arcade gamer gamepad compatibility
Wi-FiSupports 5GHz Wi-Fi networks LTE capable modem
Driver AssistanceEnhanced Driving VisualizationFull Self-Driving Capability Computer
SecurityA recording system is enabled from the front, rear, and side cameras for Sentry Mode and DashCam view when the car is in auto-driving mode.

What is the lifespan of a Tesla Touchscreen?

Every part of Tesla comes with a pretty long lifespan. Moreover, the touchscreen of Tesla will be more durable than a smartphone. Tesla has claimed that its touchscreen will stay for five years. However, with proper care and not so rush use, the screen will be used for more than that time.

One will have to make sure they are not forcing on it. Also, users are not hitting the screen with anything. Since the screen is glass and vulnerable, a medium hit can break the screen. Moreover, even if the screen is not broken, one will have to change it if it is not smooth and fast responsive.


The touchscreen of Tesla is one of the most important parts that people ignore. Users tend to still use the screen even if it is not so responsible. However, the tesla owner must replace their touchscreen if it is not working smoothly. Also, it becomes mandatory if the screen is broken.

Well, the Tesla screen replacement cost will be different for two versions of the screen, the old one and the new one. If one is going to replace the broken one with the old version, the cost will be less than the newer one.

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