Tesla Model 3 12v battery replacement cost

Batteries are the main operating element for a Tesla. Imagine if you’re in an emergency. Just powered up your Tesla Model 3, but there is no response from the Battery. A lot of pressing the power button still makes no changes.

Your Battery is gone and requires replacement immediately. No idea about the Tesla model 3 12v battery replacement cost? Don’t you worry? Just stay with the article till the end. You’ll get all the ideas.

Generally, the typical cost for the replacement remains between 0 to 300 dollars. Pricing has differences depending on the car model and condition. Authorized warranty times make good changes in the pricing too.

Tesla Model 3 Battery

It’s not obvious to have a detailed idea about the batteries. Talking about the Tesla Model 3 comes with a Lithium-ion Battery.

350v powered battery can produce a maximum power of 400v for performance. Plus, it can deliver 350k.m of the highest range in every charge for the car. The long-range variant can provide 580k.m of maximum distance with a single charge.

That’s great power output from a sedan car.

Even if these are the major batteries of the vehicle, there is a necessity for a 12v sized battery too. And it helps to turn on the touchscreen, interior lights, and windows. In this regard, it can be called the secondary Battery for the vehicle.

Replacement cost of 12v Battery

Replacing is the only solution to perform when the Battery is completely gone. Besides, it makes the ride feel responsive like before. There is no chance of facing a dead battery situation from a remote area. But the replacement cost is not fixed. Multiple sectors under the replacement make pricing different.

So the cost of a 12v battery for all the models remains under $300. There is a low chance of increasing the pricing.

On the other hand, a similar battery with a warranty will require no cost for replacement. In short, it can be done for free.

The Standard Replacement Cost

All four models of Tesla come under battery replacement. It is, therefore, can be mentioned as a standard cost. But there is no fixed costing available in them.

Pricing mainly depends on the models of the car. That is why; the cost is maximized to $300. This is the highest cost that a 12v battery needs to replace.

Costing Under Warranty

All the cars from Tesla come with limited warranty periods. A battery replacement policy is granted in the agreement too. Users with battery replacement necessity within warranty will require no costing.

There is neither any pricing for the Battery nor the labour cost. Tesla provides a brand new battery to replace the old one to the users.

Replacement under Official vs unofficial modes

Replacing a 12v battery for Tesla is an easy job. But there can be some good differences in finishing the work. On the opposite, a perfect replacement often delivers better performance too.

As Tesla has its mass servicing points available, it is the best decision to have services under them. They probably have the best technicians and skilled workers.

Users with warranty periods need no transaction for the replacement. The company will provide them with free coverage several times. Users with multiple battery replacement necessities can perform the task under no transaction.

No warranty means zero free services. So whenever the warranty period gets expires, there’s no chance of claiming any cost-free services.

Users with battery replacement necessities require financial transactions at that time. And the pricing is set on total battery cost and labour cost.

Unofficial services, on the other hand, require transactions all the time. There is no chance of having any cost-free utility even if the car is under warranty.

Having an unofficial replacement cost can be beneficial too. Tesla is known for its high pricing services.

Replacing the Battery from outside areas will make the pricing low and affordable. Above all, users can easily bargain about the pricing if necessary.

The tendency of having unskilled workers with low graded working performance. These are the only issues that can be seen under unofficial replacement.

12v Battery Durability

While it comes to long-lasting, 12v batteries are great to perform. Tesla Model 3 is perfectly installed with a 12v battery. The company has claimed that each of these batteries lasts a minimum of two years to a maximum of five years.

Although their warranty period is limited to 2 years most of the time, these 12v batteries can last better than the expected time too.

Reasons for replacing the Battery

Though the replacement is heard as a simple task, it is not simple enough to perform. Replacing a battery means refreshing the entire system.

The entire working process will run with a new power supply related to better performance, responsive actions, and accurate range. Some great reasons make an impact on the batteries and their replacements.

  • Defected fuse issues
  • Error voltage regulator
  • Frequent charging
  • Lengthy misuse

These four are the main reasons behind the replacement. Except for them, some other minor issues can be another great reason for having a defective battery.

Model Y 12v Battery

Like the Model 3, Model Y comes with a 12v battery. Tesla has recently launched their 12v lithium-ion Battery in the market. And it is applicable to use in Model Y.

Older variants were available as the lead-acid models. And li-ion battery has made the revolution among them.

Model Y 12v Replacement Cost

The new version has just made its debut in the market. So the expected cost is not revealed yet. But the older lead-acid variant follows a similar nature.

It also has unstable costing that is based on different working areas. But the average pricing for the replacement remains between $100 to $200. Additional parts and the labour costing are the actual pricing.

Cost of the 12v Battery

The replacement cost might look simple for its low amount. But a 12v battery can require more pricing and cost purchasing. A typical 12v battery for your Tesla Model 3 can cost around 500 dollars.

However, this is the average pricing range according to the areas. The price can either increase or decrease.

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Final Expression

Hearing about the Battery, the cost seemed too much, right? But in reality, it is not as you thought. Just put the labour and alternative parts charge. And the Tesla Model 3 12v battery replacement cost will be good to go. Eventually, keep in mind no compromises about battery health. Let it stay stable and active to perform for long times.

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