Tesla Model 3 tire size

Measuring the sizes of the wheels is a piece of cake. Just like the effortless identification, they’re crucial for the rides. Knowing about the Tesla model 3 tire sizes can be informative and helpful. Stick with us till the end, and you’ll be benefited.

A lot of sizes are available for Tesla Model 3 tires. Each of them is made for some particular reason, along with the size of the rim. And the sizes for 2017 to 2021 models.

Model 3 Tire

Model 3 from Tesla is one of the finest creations of them. Affordable pricing, great range economy, and gorgeous look are its nature.


 The typical Model 3 variants come in 235/45R18 sized ones from Michelin Primacy in terms of tires. This is the universal 18 inches sized tire. And it gets used in most of the model 3 variants.

Talking about the secondary one, it comes with 19 inches of sizing. 235/40R19 is the diameter. It has almost the same nature except for the 19 inches of bitts. ProContact Continental RX is the name of the tire.

Tire Sizes according to the model and Year

Model 3 from Tesla comes with five different models every Year. 2017-2021 is the manufactured duration of it. That means all these models have separate tire sizes available to them. Let’s start from the beginning.

Tesla Model 3 2017

This one is known as the long-range variant. It comes with a maximum power output of 283hp and 287ps. Available tire sizes of the 2017 model are,

Tire size  Rim SizePSI
235/45R18  8.5jx18 ET402.9
235/40R19  8.5jx19 ET352.9
235/35ZR20  8.5jx20 ET402.9
235/35ZR20 (92Y)8.5jx 20 ET402.9
235/35ZR20 (92)9jx20 ET402.9

Tesla Model 3 2018

2018 has a mass variant available in it. A total of three different editions are available in this model year. They are;

  • Long Range
  • Long Range AWD
  • Mid Range

Long Range

Tire size  Rim sizePSI
235/45R18  8.5jx 19ET402.9
235/45R19  8.5jx 19 ET352.9
235/40R19  8.5jx20 ET402.9
235/35ZR208.5jx20 ET35  2.9
235/35ZR20 (92Y)9jx20 ET402.9

Long Range AWD

Tire Size  Rim SizePSI
235/45R18  8.5jx 18 ET402.9
235/40R19  8.5jx 14ET402.9
235/40R19  8.5jx 19 ET352.9
235/35ZR20  8.5jx 20 ET402.9
235/35ZR20  8.5jx 20 ET352.9

Mid Range

Tire SizeRim Size  PSI
235/45ZR188.5jx14 ET40  2.9
235/40ZR198.5jx 19 ET40  2.9
235/35R208.5jx20 ET40  2.9

Tesla Model 3 2019

A total of six versions are available in this model. And a majority of them come in different tire sizes. The variants are:

  • Long Range (346 HP)
  • Long Range (456HP)
  • Long Range (283HP)
  • Mid Range(283HP)
  • Standard Range(283HP)
  • Standard Range Plus

346HP Long Range

Tire Size  Rim SizePSI
235/45R18  8.5jx 18 ET402.9
235/40R19  8.5jx19 ET402.9
235/40R19  8.5jx19 ET352.9
235/35ZR20  8.5jx20 ET402.9
235/35ZR20  9jx 20 ET402.9

456HP Long Range

  Tire Size  Rim SizePSI
235/35ZR20  8.5jx 20 ET352.9
235/35ZR20  9jx 20 ET342.9
235/35ZR208.5jx 20 ET352.9  
245/35ZR208.5jx 20 ET352.9  
235/45ZR208.5jx 20 ET402.9  

283hp Mid Range

Tire sizeRim sizePSI  
235/45ZR188.5jx 18 ET402.9  
235/40ZR198.5jx ET402.9  
235/35R208.5jx20 ET402.9  

Standard Range Plus

Tire SizeRim SizePSI  
235/45R188.5jx 18 ET402.9  
235/40R198.5jx ET402.9  
235/40R198.5jx 19 ET352.9  
235/35ZR208.5jx 20ET352.9  
235/35ZR209jx20 ET402.9  

Standard Range (283hp)

Tire Size  Rim SizePSI
235/45ZR18  8.5jx18 ET402.9
235/40ZR19  8.5jx19 ET402.9
235/35R20  8.5jx20 ET402.9

Mid Range (283HP)

Tire Range  Rim SizePSI
235/45ZR18  8.5jx18 ET402.9
235/40ZR19  8.5jx19 ET402.9
235/35R20  8.5jx 20 ET402.9

2020 Model 3

2020 has gotten a good demand in the market. And for that reason, this version is available in three different variants. They are:

  • 456hp Long Range
  • 345hp Long Range
  • 283hp Standard Range Plus

Long Range (256hp)

Tire sizeRim sizePSI  
235/35ZR209jx20 ET 342.9  
235/35ZR208.5jx20 ET352.9  
245/35ZR208.5jx20 ET352.9  

Long Range (346Hp)

Tire Size  Rim SizePSI
235/45R18  8.5jx18 ET402.9
235/40R19  8.5jx19 ET402.9
235/40R19  8.5jx19 ET352.9
235/35ZR20  8.5jx20ET402.9
235/35ZR20 (92Y08.5jx20ET352.9

Standard Range Plus (283hp)

Tire sizeRim SizePSI  
235/45R188.5jx18 ET402.9  
235/40R198.5jx ET402.9  
235/40R198.5jx ET352.9  
235/35ZR208.5jx ET202.9  

2021 Model 3

The latest one comes with different tire sizes from the previous one. And it gets seen in a total of three different variants.

  • Long Range (456hp)
  • Long Range (346HP)
  • Standard Range Plus (283Hp)

Long Range (346Hp)

Tire SizeRim SizePSI  
235/35ZR208.5jx20 ET352.9  
235/35ZR209jx20 ET342.9  
235/35ZR208.5jx20 ET352.9  
245/35ZR208.5jx20 ET352.9  
245/35ZR209jx20 ET342.9  
245/35ZR20 95Y9jx20 ET342.9  

Standard Range Plus (283Hp)

Tire SizeRim SizePSI  
235/45R188.5jx18 ET402.9  
235/35ZR208.5jx20 ET402.9  
235/35ZR20(92Y)8.5jx 20 ET352.9  

So these are all the tire sizes available for Model 3 versions. Each size has the distensions according to their required performance, better control and Range.

Tesla Model 3 Sports Wheel

The sports wheel of Tesla is the best one among the entire wheel models. And it makes a good combination with the tire that makes it the performer.

Pirelli tire with the required sizing makes a good fitment with the wheel along with the car. The best thing that sports wheels offer is that they can offer the best braking and smoothness in wet or snowy areas.

Apart from that, the braking appears responsive and quick to the road. It easily suits almost all the wheel sizes for every car model for easy fitment.

Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel

When both tires and wheel perform similarly, it can deliver the finest performance on the road. And that is what the Aero wheels offer. The efficient hub cap suits the ride from every angle and provides the best smoothness.

Compared to the other models, it makes a smooth and better acceleration for any road. On the other hand, an aero wheel can be considered the best wheel with all-sized tires.

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Final statement

If anyone gets asked about Tesla Model 3 tire size, the answer will be easy to deliver. Make sure you have the perfect tire size so that it suits your ride easily and delivers the maximum braking. Happy riding with your new pairs.

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