Which Tesla Model Y Wiper Blades Size will meet the safety protocol?

Tesla Model Y Wiper Blades Size will be specific for a specific year. One will have to attach that fixed-sized blade to their car. Otherwise, they will break the state’s legal requirements and safety protocols. Specifically, the size of the blade of tesla model Y will be different for the driver and passenger sides.

Moreover, the driver-side blade will be larger than the passenger-side blade. One has to bring the pair of the blade to make sure that they match each other to perform uniformly. For further details, one will have to look below at the details description we have illustrated.

Tesla Model Y Wiper Blades Size

Tesla Model Y Wiper Blades Size

The wiper blade is the small part of our car that we see over the windshield. It may seem least important, but it is not. As with many other parts of the car, wiper blades are important to have little attention. Mainly, with the wiper blades, the safety of the passenger and drivers is related when they are on the road.

Specifically, the wiper blades will provide perfect visibility over the windshield glass in any situation and weather. It will clean the dust and mud from the glass. Also, it will wipe the rain and snow perfectly and continuously when one is driving the car.

Imagine driving a car in the rain, even a little rain, without the wiper blades. The safety glass in front of the driver will get blurry within a few seconds, and one will no longer see what’s happening in front of them. That means the windshield glass will be no longer transparent to provide visibility. Resulting in a serious accident on the road.

However, one will have to follow specific protocols while selecting the blades that involve size, functionalities, and performance. While selecting the windshield wiper blades for their car, they must make sure the blades meet certain safety protocols and legal requirements.

Firstly, the wiper size must have enough dimensions or recommended dimensions that meet the legal requirement. It will ensure that the driver has a sufficient view of the road, traffic lights, etc. Secondly, the blades must clean snow, rain, dirt, dust, and anything on the windshield. Finally, the blade must not block the signal of the other cars from the driver.

As for the Tesla Model Y wiper blades’ size, one will have to be specific, as the protocol says. One cannot just pick anything they want. Specifically, the blade size for this model will be 26 inches on the left side. Moreover, the size of the blades for the right will be 20 inches. This size mismatch will perfectly clean the whole glass synchronize way.

Car modelDriver-side wiper blade sizePassenger side wiper blade size
Tesla Model Y26 inches20 inches

It’s not like one will have to buy the wiper blade directly from Tesla. One will find a different trustworthy brand for choosing the blades from. But the consumer has to remember that whatever the place they select, the blades must meet the legal requirement. Also, the blades must be 26 inches on the driver’s side and 20 inches on the passenger side.

Moreover, the blade must be made out of the recommended high-quality rubber. That material will be strong enough to wipe heavy snow uniformly. Also, those must stand in extreme cold and hot weather.

Along with the perfect material, the blades have to be noise and friction-free. The lower surface of the blade must be soft and smooth, which will leave no scars on the glass. However, the blade will be strong enough to remove heavy elements like snow and mud.

When will one need to change the Tesla Model Y wiper blades?

One may have confusion, specifically when they need to change the wiper blade of their tesla model Y. Normally, a wiper blade that works extremely hard will last for a minimum of six months and a maximum of twelve to fourteen months. Moreover, those will have some signs which will indicate that the users need to change them. Those are,

> Chattering sound while wiping the glass.

> Skipping motion and mismatch in synchronizing while wiping.

> Poor cleaning and reducing visibility by leaving moisture.

> Broken or cracked blade.

Is there any special requirement from Tesla for their Model Y blade size?

Well, Tesla has recommended that one can use the blade of any manufacturer. However, the blade should be extremely identical to the original blade. Also, they must not change the official size of the blade, which is 26 inches for the driver’s side and 20 inches for the passenger side. Also, they must select the recommended material for the blade.

They also recommend that users must change the blades of their car annually. Using the blades for more than that may cause issues and harm the windshield.


One cannot just use any type or any size of blade in their tesla Y model. Owners of model Y of Tesla need to select a specific wiper blade of a specific size. That blade will meet the safety protocols and legal requirements of a state.

People ask about the Tesla Model Y Wiper Blades Size following those requirements. However, this is not something complicated to decide or find. One will need to check the official website of Tesla for any size recommendation for their car. Hopefully, reading this article has helped people seeking information.

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