Tesla Model 3 Front Bumper Replacement Cost, what will be the ultimate consequence?

Tesla Model 3 Front Bumper Replacement Cost will depend on the range of damage, expertise, and labor time. In some cases, the cost will be minimal and affordable, but it may seem unreasonable because simple scares can cost so much that one cannot even imagine.

Moreover, if the damage is so much and requires a great deal of expertise, it will cost a fortune to the owners. Overall, one will have to buy the front bumper from Tesla and repair it in their certified workshop. May one look into the details below on Tesla’s body repairing to know more.

Tesla Model 3 Front Bumper Replacement Cost

Tesla Model 3 Front Bumper Replacement Cost

We know that Tesla is the future of the electric vehicle and automobile industry. With their technology and outstanding ideas, they have changed the industry forever. Now people are considering electric vehicles over gas-powered cars because of their features.

However, buying and maintaining a tesla is a real deal. Initially, the car cost so much, and people have to pay a lot of money to buy a car. After that maintaining the car is another expensive way to walk on. The misery starts at the point when one somehow gets into an accident and damages the car. One may have to pay a fortune to repair the damage depending on the damage.

When an accident happens, the first part that gets the most damage is the front bumper or the rare bumper. The damage can be minor to major. From a simple scratch to brutal damage, it will cost more than one even has imagined. Moreover, the replacement cost of the tesla bumper will depend on the parts, shipping cost, and labor cost.

Since Tesla discourages aftermarket parts, they sell their spare parts to preserve the authenticity of their vehicles. So, people have to go for the bumpers tesla sell. That will cost an extra charge for shipping. People living far from the tesla warehouse will have to pay handsome shipping costs. Besides, Tesla requires expert labor. That means the owners have to go for the workshop certified by Tesla, and of course, this will cost a lot more than average.

Initially, damage of simple scars or scars that damage the car’s paint will cost $700 to $1300. It will depend on the level of scars and the amount of work one will do. However, it is wise not to paint the scars. It will leave an uneven color tone that looks odd on the car.

Moreover, if one has serious damage to the front bumper, it will cost a fortune. One will have to pay $1500 to $2500 or so much more than this depending on the damage to the internal sensors. Unlikely, there is a record of tesla cost more than $5000 for replacing its bumper.

Overall, one will not find any cheap aftermarket parts option with Tesla for any of its mechanisms. Owners will have to specifically bring parts from Tesla with the high price. Also, they cannot trust the workshop, which is not certified by Tesla, because of the consequence of the wrong done.

Why replacing the Tesla model 3 bumper is so expensive?

Well, everything related to Tesla will be expensive for quite a time because one will not find an option for aftermarket parts at a cheap price. Also, the mechanism of Tesla is complicated and requires a high level of expertise to fix, which increases the cost too.

Moreover, the parts tesla sells as spare parts have a high-end quality. So, manufacturing those parts are pretty expensive. That’s why the spare parts are expensive to buy, along with the shipping charge. People living outside the manufacturing country of Tesla will have to pay a large shipping cost.

Does Tesla repair the front bumper of tesla model 3?

Well, not only model 3, but they do not repair the front bumper of any of their car. Along with this, they do not accept any kind of body repair. Because of so much workload, they have in their manufacturing area, they avoid taking body repairing requests. Instead, they recommend the nearby Tesla-certified workshop for their customers.

If one needs to repair their Tesla, they can call Tesla. After that, they will ask about the area of the user and recommend the workshops which are certified. Owners can then bring their car to that workshop and talk out the possible cost and time of the repair.

How can a workshop be certified by Tesla to repair body parts?

Getting certified by Tesla for repairing the body of Tesla is simple yet complicated. One will have to do some online courses first. After completing and passing the online course, they will have to go to the manufacturing area physically. Experts will teach them how to repair the different problems of Tesla practically.

That’s a lengthy but fun process to experience and learn. Any dedicated automobile engineer will enjoy the process and can be an expert on Tesla. After the process, Tesla will certify the workshop and the persons who took the course and learn practically.


Owners have to get a basic idea of the cost for every repairing part of Tesla. Because Tesla is really expensive to repair, moreover, one will not find cheap aftermarket options for Tesla. Also, there will not be so many workshops that can repair Tesla’s complicated mechanism.

As for the tesla model 3 front bumper replacement cost, it will depend on the amount of damage and the expertise of labor. If the damage is high, the cost will be high. Also, if it requires high expertise, then the labor cost will be much. Hopefully, readers have got the reason for the high pricing for repairing Tesla.

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