Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels, Are There any major differences?

Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels, illustrating this argument logically, one will find no major differences. Having the same width, construction type, and almost similar rim diameter, it is hard to have any differences.

However, the wheel with 20 inches rim will provide better traction, grip, and performance. Besides, the 19 inches wheel option will provide comfortable ride than any other option. Moreover, they will share some differences in the price too. Furthermore, buyers or users must look below to know more details on the Tesla wheels of model Y.

Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels

Tesla is one of the best-selling cars in the recent world. According to the market research, the popularity graph line of these cars will always go up. It is because of the wonderful features of the car. By buying any tesla model, buyers will get the best possible service with tesla.

Moreover, the tesla is different from the other regular vehicles on the market. So, all of their mechanism and parts are quite different. In the process, people often ask about the tier size of the car. Mainly, an owner of Tesla Y always gets stuck into the choice of 19 inches and 20 inches wheels.

Well, both of the tiers are almost identical. One will not find any differences seeing wheels at a glance since they have only one inches difference, it becomes hard to notice. Also, the width of these two wheels is the same, which is 155 mm. Besides, both of the tiers are all-season tires providing almost similar performance.

However, let’s see the differences between these two-wheel shares.

Table: Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels

Tesla Y 19 inches wheelTesla Y 20 inches wheel
It is called Gemini.It is called Induction.
The rim size of the wheel is 45 inches.The rim size of the wheel is 40 inches.
The sidewall of the wheel is 4.52 inches.The sidewall of the wheel is 4.02 inches.
The overall weight of the Gemini is 56.90 lbs.The overall weight of the Induction is 56.81 lbs.
Revolutions Per Mile will be 742Revolutions Per Mile will be 742 and 743.
The tier pressure of this wheel will be around 40 to 45 psi.It will have a tier pressure of around 40 to 45 PSI.
It will provide a smooth ride.It will also provide a comfortable ride identical to the other one.
For model Y, the 19 inches wheel is the most comfortable one.Twenty inches wheels will be comfortable but not more than the other one.
The grip of the wheel will be good.The grip of the wheel will be better.
The towing capacity of this one will be 3500 lbs.Same as the 19 inches, it will have 3500 lbs. towing capacity.
The price of each tier will be around $599The price of each tier will be around $649


The dimension of the 19 inches wheel is 255/45R19 for both front and rear. Besides, the dimension of the 20 inches tier is 255/40R20 for both rare and front wheels. If we demonstrate the dimension of the wheels, we have four-part.

Here 255 in both of the tiers indicates the width of the tier. We can see both have 255mm width, which means they have no differences in width. The second part of the dimension is the aspect ratio of the wheel. For the 19 inches, the wheel is 45, and for the 20 inches, the aspect ratio is 40.

That means they have differences in the aspect ratio by 5. The part denoted by the letter is the construction type of the tier. For both wheels, the letter is R, which means they have no differences in that.

The last part of the dimension is the rim diameter. For our two-wheel option, one has 19 inches rim, and the other has 20 inches rim.

Towing Capacity

As for the tesla Y, all the wheels it uses have similar towing capacity. Specifically, the wheel 19 and 20 inches option will have a similar towing capacity of 3500 lbs for a four-passenger car.


Overall, both of the wheel options will provide almost similar performance. They have great traction, handling, grip, and durability. As for the 19 inches wheel, it will perform well on the highway and city roads.

Comparatively, the 20 inches wheel will provide better grip and stability on the road because of that 1 inches difference. Also, the rough road or sharp object of the road will not harm so much of the tier because of the sidewall. That is also true for the 19 inches wheel too.

Since both of them are all-season tires, it is expected that one will get perfect performance in the summer and winter. Those will provide their best performance on the hot summer road, wet rainy road, and snowy winter road. Therefore, in terms of performance, both wheels are almost identical.


While driving a car, mainly driving a tesla, suddenly will prioritize comfort over everything. Because of the self-driving feature of the car, people often use it to have some time to relax on the free road. At that time, the smoothest performance of the wheel is expected. Somehow, the 19 inches wheel performs better than any other option in tesla model Y.

With that wheel option, one will feel like riding a unicorn in the air. However, the 20 inches option will provide quite smooth performance on both highway and city.

Tesla Model Y 19 Vs. 20 Inch Wheels, which one to choose?

This illustrates differences in 19 and 20 inches wheels for the Tesla Model Y. Because two of the wheel is almost identical in physical appearance and performance. However, the 20 inches wheel will provide better grip, traction, stability, and performance. So, if the drivers are looking for those features must go for 20 inches over 19 inches.

However, the 19 inches wheel is well known for the amount of comfort, specifically for the tesla model Y. one should go for the 19 inches option for the smoothest performance and maximum comfort.

Though the 20 inches will provide a better look, it will cost much more than the other option. Specifically, they have almost $100 differences per wheel price range. In case one does not want to pay any extra money for not-so-obvious reasons, they should go for the 19 inches option.

How many types of the wheel is available for Tesla Model Y?

Tesla Y is a popular model that has different types of wheel options. The most popular wheel option for tesla Y is the 19 inches and 20 inches all-weather or all-session wheel. They have almost similar dimensions and performance with a different price range.

Another option is the 21 inches summer session option, which has different front and rare wheel features. For the front, the aspect ratio is 40mm with 9.5 widths. On the other hand, the rare will have a 48mm aspect ratio and 10.5 inches width.

Tier NameTire SizeLocationOffset (mm)Width (in)SizeType
Gemini19″Front/Rear459.5255/45R19 XLAll Session
Induction20″Front/Rear459.5255/40R20 XLAll Session
Uberturbine21″Front409.5255/35R21 XLSummer
Uberturbine21″Rear4810.5275/35R21 XLSummer

What type of tier does the tesla model y come with their 19 and 20 inches wheels?

Tesla is very much sensitive with its selection of tiers. As for their 19 inches and 20 inches, wheels will provide the standard Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. Providing an extreme level of performance, this tier will be a perfect fit with many types of road and weather conditions.

However, one has another option in tier if they want to have a performance upgrade. The manufacturer will provide Pirelli P-Zero tires for enhancing the overall performance. Among these two wonderful options, one can choose any of the ones. Moreover, the price range will be different for these two different tiers.

If one is not a fast-forward river, they can go for the Eagle Touring tiers. Those will be enough for having adventurous driving experiences in all types of weather. Otherwise, the second option is always better.


Overall, in tesla model Y, the users can use any of the wheels from 19 inches and 20 inches options. Because they do not share any major differences by which one can jump to any strong point. Moreover, it is logically not possible to stand any strong differences.

However, users can choose one according to their priority. Though both of them will provide similar performance, the 20 will be better at some point. Besides, the 19 inches is the pick for the extreme amount of comfort. Hopefully, one has gone through all their answers from the discussion.

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