Hyper Dip Vs. Plasti Dip, which one will protect the rims?

Hyper Dip Vs. Plasti Dip, in this discussion, both the rim dips will be the winner depending on the user’s circumstances. However, the hyper dip is comparatively the best pick for the betterment of the wheel rims.

Specifically, the hyper dip will be more durable and easy to clean. The plasti dip will be less durable and a little hard to keep clean. On the contrary, the plasti dip will provide an easier application and more affordable price range. For more detailed information, be with us and part of our discussion until the conclusion.

Hyper Dip Vs. Plasti Dip

We are extremely familiar with dipping our fries in the cheese sauce which increases the taste. Fun apart, to keep the rims of the wheels of our precious vehicle, the best thing we can do is give a dip to the rim. While on the road, those metal rims witness the dust, mud, water, and snow. Those natural entities can harm the rim and cause rust in it.

To increase the longevity of the rims and keep it safe from rust, we can treat them with the best quality dipping. The dip will create a thick layer over the rim, which will be waterproof, rustproof, and weatherproof. This will protect the rim from any harmful elements and increase its performance and durability. Another amazing thing about dipping is that one will get an enthusiastic and elegant look.

When choosing one dip for our car, we will get more than one best option. This is cool because we can choose the best out of the bests. However, most of the time, vehicles users end up with the choice of hyper dip and plasti dip. Since these two are the best dipping option, users are always stuck in between these two.

Well, in this part, we will illustrate the differences if these two. It helps the seekers find the best possible fit for their car.

Hyper DipPlasti Dip
Less popular than plasti dip.More popular than a hyper dip.
Less slimy than plasti dip.Slimier than a hyper dip.
Easy to apply and remove.Easier to apply and remove.
It will provide a satin finish.It will provide a matte or flat finish.
The color will be slightly glossy and have a sheen to it.No sheen and glossy feel are visible in the finished product.
Smoother finishNotas smooth as the hyper dip.
Extremely easy to clean.Easy to clean.
It will last longer than the plasti dip.It will be durable but last less than the hyper dip.
Require less maintenance or care.Require more maintenance and care.
This one is expensive.This one is affordable or cheap.
Table: Hyper Dip Vs. Plasti Dip.


The hyper dip is made with thin material and less dense material. On the contrary, the plastiis of thick and more viscous material. Because of it, one will feel easier to apply the plasti dip, but it will cake up more dust than the hyper dip.


Comparatively, the plasti dip is easier to apply and requires less expertise. With the plastidip, one will not have to worry about the thickness of the first dip and evenness. One can just put a heavy layer at first, maintaining the harmony of the hand. 

However, with the hyper dip, one will have to be careful. While applying, they will have to move their hand faster from an accurate distance maintaining the harmony of the movement. If one does the hyper dip the same way they did the plasti dip, it will start falling and make an awful finish.


One of the most important considerations before dipping is the durability of the dip. Before making the section, one will have to decide how long they want the dipping. In case of more durability, they will need to pick the hyper dip.

If one is looking for something which will not be so much of durable, they must go for the plasti dip. It is proven that the hyper dip tends to catch the extraordinary black shade for the longest time.


As for the final look of the hyper dip and plasti dip, both of them will look incredible. The hyper dip will give a more satin finish with a glossy and sheer feel. It will reflect light and provide a classier look. However, the plasti dip will have a more matte and flat look with zero glossy feel.


While cleaning and maintaining a car, the most annoying part is the vehicle’s rim. That’s why the car owners look for the dip, which will provide easy maintenance and cleaning. As for the hyper dip and plastidip, the hyper dip will be a lot easier to clean and maintain.

Because of the less dense material of the dip, it will not attach the dirt in the body but rather will offer easy cleaning.


In the case of price, the better the expensive. Here, the hyper dip is more expensive than the plasti dip. One will have to pay around $20. Meanwhile, the plasti dip will cost $16 per can. Also, one will have to use more can with a hyper dip than plasti dip for the same rim.

Hyper Dip Vs. Plasti Dip, which one to choose for the rims?

Well, the choice or selection of dip between hyper and plasti will depend on the user’s circumstances. If one is looking for a less durable and cheaper option, plasti dip is their pick. Also, they have to make sure they are looking for a flat and matte black finish before choosing the plasti dip.

However, nothing will be better than the hyper dip for a more durable and expensive option with a glossy and sheeny finish. Overall, the choice of dip is on the users to make.


If one has a car that they are afraid of the rustiness of the rim, the reliable and more durable option they choose is dipping. Dipping the metal rim of the wheel will protect them from huge damage from rust and dust. Moreover, choosing one between hyper and plasti dip is not hard.

Specifically, for a less durable and cheaper option, they will have to pick the plasti. On the contrary, for more durability, they will have to go for the hyper dip option. Hopefully, they have got the points of Hyper Dip Vs. Plasti Dip.

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