Jaguar X Type Vs S Type, what is there to distinguish?

Jaguar X Type Vs S Type is a discussion on two of the most iconic trims of an iconic automotive manufacturer. Even though Jaguar was in operation not for a long time, they have designed and manufactured the best vehicle in its history.

As for the X-type and S0type trim, both of them are of different timelines having different body styles and dimensions. However, the S-type seems to have a more expensive option with more to offer. Furthermore, one will find every single detail on the topic below.

Jaguar X Type Vs S Type
Jaguar X Type Vs S Type

Jaguar X Type Vs S Type

A British multinational car manufacturer which is called Jaguar established a new identity for luxury vehicles. Specifically, the name of the brand is Jaguar Land Rover which was in operation until 2013. All the vehicles they have manufactured still have an impact on the automotive industry. Specifically, the X-type and S-type of this brand.

In detail, the Jaguar X-type is a compact executive front-engine lay outed car manufactured in the timeline of 2001 to 2009. With a different body style under the internal designation of X400 they launched the car as a modified version of the front-drive ford CD123.

On the other hand, the Jaguar S-type is also an executive car that debuted at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1998. However, they officially launched the vehicle in 1999 and continue with the production till 2007.

In case one is looking forward to buying any of these two options, they must know the differences they share. Because the distinction will illustrate the features properly and help the buyers make the right decision on their needs.

KeyJaguar X-typeJaguar S-type
Production YearFrom 2001 to 2009From 1999 to 2007
DesignerIan Callum, Simon Butterworth, Tadeusz Jelec, and Wayne Burgess under the direction of Geoff LawsonGeoff Lawson and Ian Callum
ClassCompact executive carMid-size luxury car or Executive car
Body style4-door saloon 5-door estate4-door notchback saloon
LayoutFront engineFront engine
Engine-2.1 L AJ20 V6 of petrol -2.5 L AJ25 V6 of petrol -3.0 L AJ30 V6 of petrol -2.0 L ZSD-420 I4 of turbocharged diesel -2.2 L ZSD-422 I4 of turbocharged dieselPetrol engines -2.5 V6 -3.0 V6 -4.0 V8 -4.2 V8 -4.2 S V8 Diesel engines -2.7 V6
Transmission5-speed manual 6-speed manual 5-speed Jatco FPD automatic 6-speed Aisin AWTF-80 SC automatic5-speed Getrag 221 manual 6-speed ZF S6-53 manual 5-speed Ford 5R55E automatic 6-speed ZF 6HP26 J-Gate automatic
Wheelbase106.7 in or 2,710 mm)114.5 in or 2,908 mm
LengthSaloon: 4,672 mm or 183.9 in Saloon: 4,716 mm or 185.7 in Estate    From 2006 to 2007: 193.41 in or 4,913 mm From 2002 to 2005: 191.10 in or 4,854 mm 2000-01: 189.3 in or 4,808 mm
WidthEstate: 70.4 in Saloon: 78.8 in or 2,000 mm Saloon: 2,000 mm or 78.7 inFrom 2006 to 2007: 71.6 in or 1,819 mm From 2002 to 2005: 71.6 in or 1,819 mm
HeightSaloon: 54.8 in or 1,390 mm Saloon: 1,430 mm or 56.3 in Estate: 58.4 in or 1,480 mmFrom 2000 to 2003: 55.7 in or 1,415 mm From 2004 to 2005: 56.0 in or 1,422 mm From 2006 to 2007: 57.0 in or 1,448 mm
Fuel Tank61L68L
Fuel consumption city14.9 L per 100 km18.5 L per 100 km
Fuel Consumption highway7.7 L per 100 km9.6 L per 100 km
SuccessorJaguar XEJaguar XF (X250)
Starting price$35,050$48,335

These are the basic differences between these two models of Jaguar. Specifically, one can start the distinguish from the price range since they share almost $4000 differences. However, the dimension of the S-type will be a little more than the other one. If one considers the fuel economy then X-type is the option one must go for. Let us know more about these two from below.

Jaguar X Type

Jaguar X Type Vs S Type on Engine and performance

One has already got some basic information from the discussion above about the X-type and S-type of the jaguar. Now, have a look into the technical specifications and differences in these two trims two be more specific on the choice.

Jaguar X-type

ModelDisplacementBore x StrokePower at RPMTorque at RPMTransmission
2.1 L V6 petrol2,099 cc or 128.1 cu in  81.65 mm × 66.84 mm157 PS or 115 kW201 N⋅m or 148 lbf⋅ft5-speed manual
2.1 L V6 petrol2,099 cc or 128.1 cu in  81.65 mm × 66.84 mm156 PS or 115 kW at 6,800196 N⋅m or 145 lbf⋅ft at 4,1005-speed manual  5-speed automatic
2.5 L V6 petrol2,495 cc or 152.3 cu in  81.6 mm × 79.5 mm194 PS or 143 kW at 6,800244 N⋅m or 180 lbf⋅ft at 3,0005-speed manual  5-speed automatic
3.0 L V6 petrol2,967 cc or 181.1 cu in  89.0 mm × 79.5 mm231 PS or 170 kW at 6,800279.3 N⋅m or 206 lbf⋅ft at 3,0005-speed manual  5-speed automatic
2.0 L diesel1,998 cc or 121.9 cu in  86 mm × 86 mm128 PS or 94 kW at 3,800331 N⋅m or 244 lbf⋅ft at 1,8005-speed manual
2.0 L diesel1,998 cc or 121.9 cu in86 mm × 86 mm130 PS or 96 kW at 3,800330 N⋅m or 243 lbf⋅ft at 1,8005-speed manual
2.2 L diesel2,198 cc or 134.1 cu in86 mm × 94.6 mm152 PS or 112 kW at 3,500366 N⋅m or 270 lbf⋅ft at 1,8006-speed manual
2.2-litre diesel2,198 cc or 134.1 cu in86 mm × 94.6 mm155 PS or 114 kW at 3,500360 N⋅m or 266 lbf⋅ft at 1,8006-speed manual
2.2-litre diesel DPF2,198 cc or 134.1 cu in86 mm × 94.6 mm145 PS or 107 kW at 3,500360 N⋅m or 266 lbf⋅ft at 1,8006-speed manual  6-speed automatic

Jaguar S-type

ModelEngine  DisplacementPowerTorqueTop speedTransmission
2.5 V6V6 – petrol2,497 cc197 PS; 194 hp at 6,800 RPM245 N⋅m or 181 lb-ft at 4,000 RPM228 km/h or 142 mph5-speed manual
V6 Dieseltwin-turbo V6 – diesel2,720 cc204 PS; 201 hp at 4,000 RPM435 N⋅m or 321 lb-ft at 1,900 RPM225 km/h or 140 mph6-speed automatic
3.0 V6V6 – petrol2,967 cc245 PS; 241 hp at 6,800 RPM293 N⋅m or 216 lb-ft at 4,100 RPM230 km/h or 143 mph6-speed manual
V8V8 – petrol4,196 cc286 PS; 282 hp at 6,000 RPM411 N⋅m or 303 lb-ft at 4,100 RPM227 km/h or 141 mph6-speed automatic
V8 S/CV8 – petrol supercharged or Eaton4,196 cc394 PS; 389 hp at 6,100 RPM541 N⋅m or 399 lb-ft at 3,500 RPM250 km/h or 155 mph5-speed manual 6-speed automatic

These are all one can consider before selecting one trim in between these two. Since Jaguar is a luxurious and trustworthy brand, one can be sure about the performance and quality of the parts of the car. Overall, one can choose the less pricy one or the pricier ones. because both of the trim will perform best in their place.


Hopefully, readers have found all the details they were looking for about Jaguar X Type Vs S Type. We have already mentioned that both of them are excellent options to choose from. However, it is always on the buyers to decide what they want.

Some may be looking for an affordable option. Moreover, some people will be looking for more performance and fuel economic options thinking about the long run. Overall, they can choose what they want without having any worry.

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