Mazda Cx5 2016 Vs 2016.5, Are there any major differences?

Mazda Cx5 2016 Vs 2016.5, this difference will illustrate the upgrade of the problems of 2016. If one has no idea what we are talking about, they should know the reason behind the decision of Mazda to upgrade 2016 in that short time and launch as 2016.5. We have discussed the reasons below for the readers to understand the depth of the discussion.

Well, the main difference they share is in the performance of the exterior and the mechanical system. Specifically, they have changed the engine and LED on demand. Moreover, one should have a look below to know more.

Mazda Cx5 2016 Vs 2016.5

Mazda Cx5 2016 Vs 2016.5

Before looking into the differences one will have to know the origin of these models of Mazda. Specifically, Mazda had designed and manufactured Cx5 to replace another two models of it back in 2011. After coming up with the design they started production and launched the model in the market back in 2012.

Moreover, the 2016 version of the Mazda CX5 is a crossover compact SUV designed for the best performance. First, they launched the model at an automotive fair and gained the attention of the people with the style. However, the performance of the car was not what they promised. Buyers and users start filing complaints about several issues with the car.

Specifically, they were having many issues with the daytime light of the car. That means one will not get enough visibility from the daylight system of the car. The issue was so bad that people were forced to change the system after 10k or 20k miles or even less than the mentioned time. But the problem is one cannot just change one LED, they have to change the whole system when it falls.

Another common issue filled by many users of Mazda is the windshield issue of it. The consumer has reported that their windshield cracked out of nowhere and without any reason. Apparently, this is another extremely expensive repair cost. Because the windshield attached has so many technologies involved with it.

The engine failure of the 2016 CX5 is a not-so-common but serious issue with the model. Man consumer had reported the issue on their CX5. According to their data, the trouble starting the engine, also at 55, 000 miles does not turn off completely. Also, the gear stopped at 17,000 miles along with a severe brake problem at 29000 miles. Specifically, from the different regions, more than 139 consumers reported the problems within a few months of the launch of the car.

After that much complaints, Mazda wisely decides to change the manufacturing design of the 2016 version. After that, in the middle of the production, they started producing vehicles after half of the year. It was history in the automotive industry that a manufacturer gives that much attention and value to their customer and customer’s choice.

Though the changes were not major or eye-catchy, the performance of the car get a huge makeover. After the update, all of the problems and issues get vanquished way. The manufacturer has added so many features which are absent in the previous model. Also, they have changed and upgraded the problematic vehicle into something amazing and made the interior space with a nicely developed cockpit.

The main differences one will have with the 2016 and 2016.5 versions are in the exterior and mechanical features of the car. Mainly, they have changed the windshield of the car with something amazing. Also, the new Mazda 2016.5 was more performative with the active predictive all-wheel-drive than the previous version. Even the performance of the system in the snow is more than ordinary. Moreover, with the development or upgrade of the engine, it provides more performance with more fuel economy than before.

Besides, the safety system of the newly updated car is something one can rely on blindly. With modern technology and specified design, it provides extreme and accurate performance. One of the most common issues in 2016 was the Led which they replaced with steerable LED headlamps. This one is extremely bright and reliable even in the daylight.

Overall, the differences between the Mazda 2016 and 2016.5 is not major or minor. They have changed the features that the users were widely complaining about in 2016. Moreover, they try to develop a more performative and reliable version than 2016 in 2016.5.

Are there any cons with the Mazda Cx5 2016.5 version after the update?

Even after the huge upgrade and the launch of the 2016.5 of CX5 it does not free from cons. The users will face some irritating issues with this model. Specifically, with only one 184 HP engine the driver will not get enough acceleration. Also, the adaptive cruise control of the system is not of full range even if they mentioned it is.

Though they have added a quality rare camera, there are no surrounded cameras in the car which is disappointing. Along with these issues, some users think the towing capacity of the car should be more and the price seems higher to them.

What is the sales rate of Mazda CX5 in different years in a different region?

The manufacturer start manufacturing the CX5 in 2011 and launched it in 2012. Also, they have launched it in nine different countries including Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada, and the USA. According to their database, they sold the described number of cars in different countries in the time frame.

yearUnited StatesJapanEuropeAustraliaChinaCanadaThailandVietnamMexico


The automotive manufacturer Mazda is a popular one in different continents of the world. They have a wide range of popularity because of their concerning attitude to their customer. The update of the 2016 version into 2016.5 is the proof of their concern.

Specifically, after the launch of 2016, the customers had complain about several features of the car. After that, without any delay, they have stop manufacturing the 2016 CX5 and did some upgrades, and launched it as 2016.5.

On the topic Mazda Cx5 2016 Vs 2016.5, we have illustrated all the possible and useful information above. Hopefully, it helped the readers and seekers to clarify their doubts.

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