275 60r15 vs 295 50r15 Tire Comparison chart

Tires are very sensitive things that require great maintenance. And it is only possible to achieve by using good quality tires. 275 60r15 and 295 50r15 are two tire variants that are very well known for use in all types of trucks.

Anyways, both these tires have a good difference in their entire diameter, aspect ratio, and many other things.

In this discussion, our skillful researchers will try to find out the perfect-sized tire between these two. Stay with us till the end, and clear all the doubts.

Tires for the trucks

Both tires are mainly made for use in trucks. Especially, trucks from Tacoma are the proper models that match up from both these sizes. For that reason, the size of their wheels comes in a common measurement for each of the tires.

As compared to the other tires, these two are similar. All the tread patterns, nature, and design contain typicality. But still, they mostly get used to the Tacoma trucks.

Comparable Factors

There are a lot of issues to observe while comparing these two wheels. And the principal comparison comes from their measurement and sizing. The chart below will show the bookish comparing objects.

          275 60r15           295 50r15
Total Diameter of 710mmTotal Diameter of 676mm
Gross width level of 10.8 inchesWidth level of 11.6 inches
The entire sidewall height of 6.5 inchesThe total sidewall height of 5.8 inches
720.5 revs per mile757.8 revs per mile  
A total circumference of 87.9 inchesCircumference of 83.6 inches

275 60r15 Sized Tire

This model is mainly gets used for the Tacoma trucks. It may have simple and typical sizing. But the aspect ratio of 60 percent makes the tire more durable and functional to use.

In addition, the universality of this tire can easily fit up with the trucks like none others. If the entire diameter gets counted in inches, it is for almost 28 inches. 10.8 inches is the entire diameter.

This tire is perfect for the wheels. That comes under 7.5-9.5 inches of width.

295 50r15 Sized Tire

It’s another good-sized tire for the vehicles. Compared to the previous one, it has some different nature and qualities too.

Measuring the diameter in inches, it has a total-sizing of 26.5 inches with 11.6 inches of wideness. The size of the wheel remains the same as the previous one. For that reason, this tire size has mass usage for the Tacoma trucks too.

This tire fits perfectly with the wheels that contain 8-11 inches of width. As for the bigger size.

The Proper Tire between these two

In a short explanation, both these tires are good. And they can easily fit with the trucks or the other vehicles too. But the proper one is a little bit tricky issue to find out.

While talking about the 275 60r15. It’s a typical-sized tire with a better aspect ratio. For this efficient ratio of 60 percent. It can easily deliver some positive on-road performance.

Perfect braking ability with traction and comfortable riding style are those factors that come from this tire size.

Coming to the second one, this tire is bigger in size than the other one. But still, it has less performing ability. The lower aspect ratio is the main reason behind it.

50 percent of aspect ratio with high diameter may create barriers. As a result, it may not perform similarly or better than the previous tire model. Fortunately, the tire doesn’t behave as it appears.

It has almost the same nature and behavior comparing the previous model.

None of them can be named the best one to use. They might contain different numbering. But can’t be separated individually according to their sizing. Some professional truck drivers also believe that both models are suitable to use for their different nature and qualities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of both tires

One of the tires is narrow. Whereas the other one contains a wide shape. So naturally, they will perform differently in various areas. As 295 50r15 is the narrow one, it will deliver some good advantages and disadvantages in the road.


  • They can provide good mileage on the roads
  • Quick accelerating ability
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Higher speed-gaining capability

And the disadvantages are

  • Poor level of gripping on the road
  • Braking doesn’t appear enough useful

The 275 60r15 on the other hand, is a tire with a wider design and surface. In short, it’s the wide tire for the vehicle. There are some good features as well as the bad ones that get seen in this tire. And the advantages are:

  • Provide better gripping and traction on the road
  • Quick and responsive braking at any area
  • Superior control upon the vehicle even in loaded condition
  • Larger ground clearance for easier roaming


  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Make the vehicle heavier to move
  • Decreased power for both initial and top-end

There’s no doubt left to express that, both these tires have some good and bad sides to consider. They are almost equal to perform with the vehicle.

The only thing that can come under any difference is, the bigger sized one will deliver an aggressive and higher look to the vehicle. Whereas, the short-sized one performs a friendly and typical look to the ride.

Speedometer Error Issues

In most cases, vehicles behave differently when the stock tires get switched with the new ones. Having a different speed rate is one of those issues.

Coincidently, none of these tires make any kind of systematic problems at all. Even if the shorter-sized tire gets replaced with the bigger one. There will be surely an accurate meter response.

For this useful advantage, the truckers have easy access to the tires. And they get considered under some modifying factors too.

Final Thoughts

Hope there are no factors left to discuss 275 60r15 vs 295 50r15. Both tires can be used for the trucks according to your requirement. They are really valued for money.

No matter how hard the area has to cover, it is confirmed that. None of them will disappoint the driver.

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